100 sleep score

  1. Well I hit a 100 readiness score after battling a 101 fever night and getting no REM sleep. HRV was 17. If I ever hit 100 sleep it will probably mean no pulse. Lol

  2. Mine yesterday was 10 exactly and I really liked the “0 minutes” part 😅 (I hardly ever sleep more than 7)

  3. It took me weeks to consistently sleep 8hrs a night even with 10 hrs allocated. I've yet to even hit 9hrs. Even improving my average sleep time 1.5 hours my average sleep score went down to like 72. Why the fuck is it so hard to sleep.

  4. The best I have ever had is 92 in the last 3 years, and that was only twice. I don’t understand their algorithm for determining this and it seems to not match how rested I feel.

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