Firewalla Gold Plus (4 x 2.5Gbit) Pre-Sale Starting 8/23 8AM Pacific Time

  1. Fantastic!! I assume outside of the 2.5 Gb ports that the hardware is identical to the Gold Rev B?

  2. The board is a newly designed board to handle the quad 2.5Gbit I/O ... it is closer to the Gold Original than Rev B. The CPU is J4125, same as the Rev B.

  3. So this unit has 2.5 gig ports but can it process those packets on the WAN side they fast with basically the same CPU?

  4. Will you all be taking trade-ins and offering credit? I just bought my FWG not too long ago? I mean might be beneficial for many. Just a question.

  5. Any reason for not going with the n5105? Is the cost that much different? The main reason I'd see is 10nm vs 14nm is I would imagine intel on the 14nm can't be long for this world plus small performance gain.

  6. The reason for 4125 is avaliability + cost + heat. This means, in addition, to have the CPU route 2.5 (or more) gigabits, it will have to stay warm and if we want 1 million of those, the price won't go up like crazy. We hope the pre-sale will help to give us quantity, so we get a bigger discount + avaliability of parts in the future at a reasonable cost. (otherwise, there will be a REV B, REV C, and REV D)

  7. My email is already on the list. How do I get the “super early bird discount coupon”?

  8. A little disappointing that the Wireguard speed hasn't increased since the gold. Is that because it's the same CPU, and that's the limiting factor?

  9. well, we wish too ... this way we don't have to deal with chip shortage. But ... from our survey, only a small amount of users are willing to support this. Meaning, there isn't much $ behind even to start the project.

  10. Will our credit cards be charged on 8-23-22 or just pre-authorized and charged in full when the unit officially ships?

  11. This is somewhat like crowdfunding, your credit card will be charged immediately after the order. You can get a refund at any time before the unit is shipped to you. And even after that, you also have the standard 30 day return period after receving the unit.

  12. Will these be available globally? When I tried to order the WiFi module for Gold, it said it doesn’t ship to UAE. Wondering if that will be the same for Gold Plus

  13. Oh, no, I just saw this! I missed the 8/19 window! Regardless, looking forward to purchasing this soon! Thanks for making this version of the Gold!

  14. I have previously bought the Firewalla Purple (two of them in fact) in the past and I liked it so much I bought this new Firewalla Gold Plus too to upgrade. I wish Firewalla would add/change a few things though:

  15. If anyone is upgrading from FWG to FWG+ and wants to sell your FWG - message me! I have a Purple now but might do an upgrade.

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