Firewalla Country of Manufacture

  1. Folks...all this stuff is manufactured in asian countries. There's basically no platform you can by for computing, embedded or otherwise, that doesn't have a supply chain tied at least partially to components manufactured in China and Taiwan.

  2. Definitely a legitimate question, but let's look at this the other way... show me an alternative that isn't.

  3. Can I just say that this is a product geared towards SOHO applications? I'm very unsure what real or tangible threat exists in such a use case. If you're needing FIPS security, probably this isn't fulfilling that requirement.

  4. Funny thing about FIPS…I haven’t checked what the exact hardware is in the platform, but this thing could probably pass at least FIPS Level 2 (I’ve worked to get hardware though FIPS and CC) even without a TPM chip. Most of FIPS is about gardening the OS side and using FIPS approved cyphers, like the FIPS form of OpenSSL. There’s some crypto boundary issues that need to be accounted for…but lots of embedded hardware has FIPS.

  5. If anyone has a problem with it being made in China… That’s so far beyond hilarious. I wonder where similar thinking people believe their “secure” phone, laptop, thermostat, CAMERAS CAMERAS CAMERAS are made 😂😂😂… your car computer? The chips in the biometric login at work? China.

  6. I’m curious that now you know it is made in China, will you still buy Firewalla products or go with other brands, and which brand will you choose?

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