How do I prevent Firewalla updating in the middle of my Zoom calls?

  1. From what I can see on my logs, the last update was on June 22nd, and there hasnt been an update before that for a while...What are you looking to find out you are getting updates?

  2. Yeah, everyone's uses and maintenance periods are different. If this causes the network to go down, then obviously we should know and/or be in control of it.

  3. As users we must be able to decide when to update, I cannot hate more that a tech device does auto updates. There are other scripts running, system maintenance, backups, syncs etc… and firewalla is a dependent device middle of all of these. I cannot hope for the best and leave all under firewalla auto update window time and also not knowing the date when it will happen…please allow users to choose when to update.

  4. Not sure why you're being downvoted... I'd like to see more information how the box decides to update.

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