American saying Healthcare shouldn't be free

  1. I'm Spanish, doctors get paid with taxes and we don't have to threaten them, they're actually happy to help, why do americans try to find flaws in a system that works in a lot of countries, a system that they refuse to accept because having basic human rights is SoCiAlisM

  2. Because we are dumb and spiteful. Plus too many people think they are temporarily embarrassed poor people who will be rich soon.

  3. There is a whole group of Americans that can only talk in unrealistic Strawman Arguments taught to them by right wing radio, websites, and TV. These contrarian Strawman Arguments, often said with a rapid talking style, gives them the sense of superiority they crave. They have no idea how dumb they actually sound and no idea how much they are being manipulated to do the bidding for the ultra wealthy.

  4. This is so insane I dont even know what to say. Why the actual fuck would you even bring a gun to a doctor? Or ANYWHERE.

  5. Libertarians love to say, if the threat of not paying taxes is violence, asking someone to pay taxes is the same as pointing a gun. It's silly but it's how they understand the world :(

  6. Trust an American to only think of scenarios that involve a gun and then tell everyone else that their way of thinking is wrong

  7. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Everything needs guns even random hypothetical situations I guess

  8. So he's against the idea of tax paying for health care. Everyone paying a small sum regularly so that the few who end up needing it are covered for the expensive care. But I'm guessing they are totally fine with health insurance being a thing

  9. For what it's worth, as an American myself, the second he said "so the dude pulls out a gun," I was like THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THAT WORKS YOU FUCKING MORON.

  10. To be fair, I’m American and I (and probably everyone I know) think this guy is crazy. You’re still right though, and we still have shitty healthcare.

  11. In Canada we don't even have to threaten violence anymore, that's all been phased out. Now they just chain the doctors to the actual beds, so that coupled with their implanted tracking device makes fleeing almost impossible

  12. It's just easier for us to understand that way. For example If you say that building is 50 meters away I have a difficult time conceptualizing that, It's easier if you just say it's 60 AR-15's away.

  13. “You don’t really think everyone deserves basic rights, and I’ll prove it to you. Imagine an imaginary person who wants everyone to have basic rights, but he can’t get his way so he starts torturing your grandma. Are you really going to agree with someone who’s torturing your grandma?”

  14. Conservatives are weird man. It's a whole squad of people who claim to follow this 2000 year old middle eastern dude while also doing everything he ever said not to do on a regular basis

  15. As an American this dumb motherfucker needs to be removed from the gene pool water housing and healthcare are all necessary to live thus basic fucking rights that should be free and guaranteed by every nation

  16. We also have "free" roads. I don't have to point a gun at anybody when I travel on a road that we the taxpayers pay for. I can't believe that people like the guy in the video exist. He's so confidently stupid. No wonder they vote for complete morons.

  17. Well the reason we don’t have guns in Australia is due to the peace agreement from the Emu Wars as the defeated side. The Emus owns all the guns now to prevent us from uprising.

  18. Canadian here, I just threaten to unleash my pack of geese if they don't give me health care. Then you have to spend a few hours trying to find the doctor because he's too scared to come out.

  19. Some of us would kill for free Healthcare....not you or other people. But just kill for it. I'm so tired of waiting in fear for my insurance to call and say "hey you're out in a month" I have nightmares about that

  20. Wife recently gave birth, followed by a five day stay in hospital. Didn't cost us a dime. Thank god I had my gun with me and pointed at them the whole time otherwise who knows what I might have had to pay for that kind of healthcare here in Australia. Guns get the job done!

  21. I'm Canadian, my healthcare is paid by my taxes so I know it's not "free" therefore I expect a service for which I've already paid for. The only difference between us and America is that our taxes partly go to healthcare and not to ballistic missiles.

  22. The irony that he makes an analogy that you have PULL OUT GUNS to get free healthcare. Dude, bringing guns into everything is not the leftist thing. No wonder he doesn't get how free healthcare works.

  23. Also love how he imagined free healthcare means doctor has to work for free. Like bruh you think police, firefighters, road works, and school teachers are all slaves that work for free?

  24. I never fail to understand how people don't know that this is literally how insurance works as well. The fact that the insurance pay outs are usually larger than the amount you have payed in on your plan should be the clue. They don't just take your money put it in a special box just for you, then open it up when you need it.

  25. Had to turn off his voice. The winners here are the huge health insurance companies that have the right, even after you pay to join them, to decide your medical care. Not the doctors, a clerk in some random office gets to say.. no. No u can't have an MRI, i don't think u need it, I don't care what your doctor says or prescribes. I am health insurance clerk and I know better than your doctor. No, you can't have drugs for your diabetes unless you pay 800 times what anyone else in the world pays. That's right it's a profit making concern.. health insurance companies, that force up the costs to improve their profits. Shareholders count, you don't.

  26. That was a really long and stupid way to say “I’m a heartless piece of shit that thinks poor people don’t deserve to live healthy lives”

  27. To make it worse he is literally saying I want to pay 10 times as much for health care just so I can deprive the less fortunate and punish them for being poor.

  28. This entire argument has so many logical fallacies it's painful to listen to. I wish they'd teach kids critical thinking skills in school.

  29. But its not free! Its just a single person wont have the responsibility of paying the crippling cost in full for health treatment they need.

  30. And even the Cock brothers study showed we'd pay less in taxes than we do in health insurance premiums and the government won't be looking proactively for ways to deny us necessary healthcare and the doctors will get reimbursed at higher rates than they do from insurance companies. Oh wait, bet that assclown doesn't even have health insurance so he doesn't want to pay for it through taxes either. He wants the rest of us to pay higher insurance premiums when he gets sick or seriously hurt and can't afford to pay for it.

  31. Americans think only American doctors get paid? And doctors in countries with socialised healthcare just don't get paid?

  32. This video raises questions about the American education system if this moron can't understand what free healthcare entails.

  33. Do you know what your taxes do, dude? The doctor is being paid by the state and wouldn't refuse you healthcare if they could provide it. This says all you need to know about Americans when guns are the solution to every problem, even hypothetical ones!

  34. $5 says this jerk doesn't have health insurance so if he ever gets seriously sick or in an accident, the rest of us will have to pay for it.

  35. The same could be said for our military, public school, highways and anything taxes pay for. Why is he singling put healthcare? That is how our society works.

  36. Reasons the word free should not be used. People are fucking stupid. Say it as it is, a public service like fire and police. We all pay for it via our taxes.

  37. This is why Americans are lookedat as fucking idiots. A few bad apples ruin the bunch I'm sorry you guys deal with people like him, health care is a basic human right. Fuck that guy

  38. I've heard some arguments before but this was more story time with a random "and then pull a gun" for dramatic effect more than a logical argument...hilarious.

  39. Americans don’t know how to construct reasonable arguments about even the most basic economic problems without involving guns. They can’t construct those arguments without creating ludicrous straw men arguments either.

  40. Honestly, just start the nuclear war. I can’t fucking take it anymore, humans are a cancer. Hit the fucking reset button.

  41. Well technically the guy who doesn’t want to pay is already paying, and I’m assuming the guy doesn’t have an taxable income because if he did he would see he was already paying for someone else’s healthcare.

  42. Being a tax payer in the United States, I would thrilled if my tax dollars went to providing healthcare to someone in need. This dude is a twat

  43. Most American thing ever: bring guns and slavery into an issue involving public service provided freely in most countries around the world.

  44. Exactly. In a way those serving in the military and health services have the same goal, protecting their citizens from harm.

  45. The problem with truly stupid people is that they're always convinced they are the smartest ones in the room and that you're an idiot if you do not agree with them.

  46. Government takes Healthcare care make it "it free" with our taxes. Reallocate some funds from out defense spending. We dont need to be spending more the next 7 countries combined, maybe just 5. Also people need to pay taxes. Its your buy into society we all need to work together for our country to work. Yes the rich should pay more with less weaseling around loop holes.

  47. you don't even have to reallocate funds, the additional tax burden would be lower than what americans pay for healthcare now anyway

  48. But what if the gun is pointed at the corporations that are taking the tax money that can pay the health care provider to provide the health care for free saying ' hey what are you doing stealing money from the people while still charging us for yr products when we can use that money to pay for health care?'

  49. Reminds me of the episode of The Office where Michael joins an Improv group and he keeps trying to use a gun in every scene.

  50. Just wait until he hears that the governments of every other nation pays for healthcare and that’s why it’s free or cents of what the US will force you to pay for hundreds of dollars.

  51. Holy shit this red hatter dude is so fucking way off. I know nobody who's not happily paying their taxes and enjoying a life with free health-care.

  52. Everything should be free. You should be able to go to grocery store, fill a cart and walk away without paying. The job you do should also be done without a salary.

  53. So basically when you drive your SUV on a public freeway that needs to be updated every 3 years because the average American car is way too large you hold road workers hostage to do all of that work for free? BTW guys keep in mind what the republican party does next, they are trying to dismantle public schools too. Watch out for "schools can only be private" arguments from these idiots in 20 years.

  54. I prefer the system here in Sweden over America, but stop calling it free healthcare. It is not free, we pay enormous taxes. It should be called tax-funded healthcare, not free.

  55. OK... Healthcare cannot be "free" as someone has to pay for the doctors and surgeons and nurses and hospitals and drugs etc. but paying for it out of taxes allows everyone to win. Everybody gets paid and everybody gets "free" healthcare! It's really not that difficult.

  56. 100% and just about everyone that wasn't universal health care says this is what should happen. Hell raise my taxes to pay for universal health care, I would rather pay more in taxes then worrying about going bankrupt because of some medical issue to no fault of my own. We all pay and share fire and police resources, but the second you mention paying and sharing health resources it's the biggest issue in the world.

  57. I love how his whole scenario isn’t that we pay taxes and our taxes should pay for it. It’s that I walked up to some random old man with a gun and was like TREAT ME BITCH! 😂

  58. It's not like taxes are a thing that we all have to pay, that are designed specifically for purposes like free healthcare!

  59. according to my goverment tax web site the portion of my income tax only 1080 american dollars whent into health care thats basicly all that i would have to pay other then a small entrance fee meanwhile americans pay 500 dollars a month in insurance and still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the hospital when they need to stay in a hospital for a week

  60. Fuck, this argument is so dumb. If you don’t have universal healthcare - which is basically everyone paying some of their tax into a pool to pay for healthcare - then you have to rely on health insurance. Which is … exactly the same thing, except the really poor are left to die. This is the one thing that the US needs to admit it got wrong and fix asap.

  61. No no, I pay for healthcare, I just pay it through my taxes so that when I need healthcare it's free at the time and I don't even slightly ever really have to worry about how the fuck i will pay this doctor.

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