In China live animals are sold as keychains

  1. My favorite older coworker told me about how common it was for people to buy kids ducklings and baby bunnies as Easter gifts in the 1950s, and it lead to a lot of dead animals, because none of the families did adequate research on how to care for them. Back then they'd just let them die or release them into the wild, which is arguably worse. In the best case scenario, you've introduced an invasive population, which is bad for the local ecology.

  2. In Chinese the word for animal is 动物 (dòngwù) which literally translates to “moving thing” which is exemplified in this video with their regard to animals, smh…

  3. As a Chinese I’m fucking disgusted by the people who would do such a thing to animals. China is full of disgusting people.

  4. This is terrible on a completely separate level because buying these to free the animals would only result in the sellers having more money do this to more animals

  5. ... but it makes no sense, not even if you ignore the cruelty. I mean won't the animals die right away from suffocation and/or stress?

  6. I am assuming they saturate the liquid with oxygen and/or slow down the animals metabolism somehow. Totally inhumane under any circumstance.

  7. That's the point these Keychains aren't supposed to live long they claim they'll live 3 months but in reality they probably die less then a week.

  8. They traditionally do not recognize any responsibility for being caretakers of the environment and see nature and animals as a resource to be consumed without guilt. I understand we consume animals also, but we also recognize cruelty for what it is

  9. Yep. Not only extremely cruel but it also poses a great danger to the world with diseases caused by mishandling animals a la SARS and covid-19. It's really messed up to not have any clarity in what's going on over there unlike let's say a virus from Africa that can be tracked down and contained much faster.

  10. Some people will buy to free the animals … I would but that might make them more incentivised to keep this vicious cycle going.

  11. I wish I could pop all of those bags and set those poor animals free, it's pure evil to entrap something like that. What the fuck is up with China and animal cruelty? This is beyond sickening.

  12. There is no hell. We need to seek true justice here on earth rather than hope for some post-mortem judgment.

  13. Just wait till you find out what happened during the great Shanghai lock downs. They literally gathered every fucking animal whether it was a stray or pet and put then in bags that would later be thrown in a fire. That was the government by the way. It's even worse when you learn that the government were testing fucking fish and let those go, but decided to not test cats and dogs and threw them into a burning fire.

  14. I don't like the chinese version of Pokemon. not even noon and i'm done with reddit, and the rest of the human population again.

  15. How could anyone think this is cute or acceptable? We really do need to take action that makes us less and less reliant on China so that we can slowly cut them off. The semiconductor chips are a start. Lets keep it going!

  16. How messed up does one have to be to do this? It baffles me that there are so many people in the world who lack basic morals.

  17. That’s not even a few days worth of oxygen. How would anyone believe they would last 3 months??

  18. With the way animals are treated in china, it’s no wonder that new viruses and diseases were formed in the markets..

  19. China never had ANY respect for life. You can pretend they believe in Ying Yang blah blah but the reality is that they disregard any living being, including human life. And the sad part is that, as far as I know, no one punishes them so much to make them stop doing these crimes.

  20. I was a teacher in China for years. One day outside our school there was a man selling baby chicks who had been dyed bright colours, I thought how can this be allowed to happen? Later that day in class an adult student of mine told me how she had bought one of those chicks earlier in the day for her daughter and it had died within an hour or so. She only realized after how wrong it was to support this kind of inhumane business and to entrust her child with the life of another living being. The guy was allowed to sell these abused chicks because people were ignorant enough to support his exploitive operation. There just isn't enough awareness in the country about animal welfare and the vast majority of the population just view animals as objects. This is changing with younger generations, but stories like this still make me sad and angry.

  21. I used to work at a place in america that sold chicks every spring. We’d get a shipment of a few hundred newborn chicks and sell them over the course of a few weeks. Obviously not the same because we didn’t dye them, and this was a rural area where people bought chicks as pets and for eggs. Dealing with the weak and dying chickens and culling them was the worst part.

  22. How horrible would it be to carry a dead fish around in your jacket pocket? Apart from this being animal cruelty in the first place of course, fuck...

  23. What we have to do is not buy stuff from China. It's hard not too. And it's expensive. But when we do on mass. We stop their control. We stop their power. China is the enemy of western democracy.

  24. Considering this is china, I'm not one bit surprised. They suffocate for a week. Otherwise they would go straight to the frying pan.

  25. They've been doing this for a long time now, I remember being on the dark side of YouTube back in 2008 watching these type of stuff

  26. In a way, these chains are a pretty good representation of society. Taking advantage of defenseless creature to exploit for your own benefit/amusement until it dies.

  27. This is one of the most disgusting and saddening things I have ever seen. If you thought even for 2 seconds about the life that creature was about to live and what you were about to put it through, you would stop. Alas, the things people do for money and the idiots that buy them and spur them to produce more of them.

  28. Funny how people trying to figure out how this makes sense. It doesn’t. Because China. Don’t try to use logic

  29. This is barbaric as all fuck. I don't understand how a civilized mind could do something like this to another living thing. Makes absolutely zero sense.

  30. Reason 99th trillion reason why China is the most reprehensible, barbaric, and threat to human progress in modern history.

  31. ( A huge part of ) Mankind is the worst parasite in the entire ecosystem. We are the monsters, but we will never see ourselves like it because we live in this ego- and anthropocentric fuckdream, brainwashed by capitalism and greed

  32. Lmao no one is above this. This isn’t just a China problem. Western countries are just as awful, just less unapologetic about it.

  33. China has easily outpaced North Korea as the leader in torture and imprisonment of all species....who's looking to go for over for a little ...R&R..

  34. Wow, just what i need, a keychain that you can watch slowly suffocate and die in agony, then let it decompose slowly...

  35. The only people who buy these probably want to free the animals, but then that adds funding to trap more, my faith in humanity is gone again. Also this isn’t

  36. I will just never understand how there are so many humans that are just mindless voids with no compassion. I just feel like they’re a different species.

  37. China doesn’t give a fuck. Now mess with a panda and they’d be on you like a tank in Tiananmen Square

  38. If we're ever visited by an advanced alien civilization, I pray they don't possess the same lack of compassion for other living beings as China apparently does.

  39. that is so disgusting how could they treat these poor animals as a cute accessory and kill them in the process. can you imagine no fresh air no fresh water no food no space to move, they are living in their own filth, they are being tortured to death and people think its cute!? absolutely cruel and disgusting behavior

  40. Also Chinese are like the biggest buyers of illegal animal trade, because they believe in some stupid voodoo magic of using exotic animals.

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