Republicans not understanding that you have to multiply the stimulus by the population.

  1. kevin sorbo is famous for his intellect they same way Mahatma Gandhi was famous for his stand-up comedy routine.

  2. Besides it wasn't just money we gave to Ukraine. It is mostly weapons purchased from US arms makers so kind of military industrial stimulus. Our own infrastructure would be better, but hey the Ukrainians need our help.

  3. Yeah, it isn't like Ukraine spent the money on hookers and beer. They bought weapons. Also, spending money on hookers and beer is better than giving tax cuts to the rich so they can buy stock.

  4. You are so right. It’s not like just Ukraine benefited, lots of American made arm dealers did as well. Helping the local economy and the American economy as a whole. So short sighted and ignorant from conservatives

  5. They only have love for Russia because of a certain orange oompa loompa looking Wannabe fascist was absolutely in love with Russia when he was in office.

  6. The way i see it is why give billions to anyone when we have so many major issues that could be resolved. The whole world is just one big mess

  7. Because people only really care about an event while it’s in the spotlight. Ukraine needs help right now. Let’s give it to her. Tomorrow it could be any other place, but what are we if we don’t help each other? Especially in the most dire of times?

  8. And we all took that $600 and quit our jobs to retire to luxurious villas in the south of France. Because we're lazy and we have a poor work ethic.

  9. Why even try on a subreddit that's named benshapiro though, seems a bit like a lost cause to me

  10. I hear that, and fair point. If I’m honest it’s because it’s the only conservative sub that hasnt banned me lol

  11. Also yeah, I’m probably not going to change any minds, but I want to start something. Wether that’s a dialogue driven towards change, or just pissing racists bigoted conservatives off and making their day worse. Either way at least I’m doing something

  12. I mean a lot of people didn’t get the stimulus check. I didn’t qualify just because of how much my parents make even though I’m living independent from them. It was bullshit

  13. One would think even somebody as batshit stupid as Kevin Sorbo would eventually get tired of falling flat on his face, and made to be an absolute tool with every social media post he makes.🤷‍♂️

  14. 40 Billion….Why is the only option always to throw money at it…Russia is out there punking NATO and they just punked the USA with Brittany for a 9yrs sentence, basically saying we have the leverage. How is the country we’re suppose to be laughing at military wise still making us look stupid.

  15. They're not pulling us over that 9 year sentence. It's strictly illegal there, should they have done a distribution sentence? No. But she knew it was illegal and did it anyway. When in Rome as they say.

  16. The US spent more on Ukrainian assistance in several months than 5 yrs of the Afghanistan War. For years now Ukraine has been known as the most corrupt government in at least Europe, if not the world. But when anyone has reservations about it or wants to ask questions it goes right to "oh, you're a Putin lover!". Perhaps we should have weighed the risks of dumping $800B into the economy a bit longer as we are witnessing now. The takeaway should be perhaps we shouldn't be so caught up in throwing money at a concern before robust open debate and leaders aren't so afraid of political ramifications.

  17. I thought they were now against the stimulus checks because that caused they inflation (well the checks Biden sent, not the ones sent.)

  18. as i recall i recieved 3 stimulus checks, not many did you recieve.?. and yes it did take 6 months for the govt to decide to grant stimulus checks the 1st round..

  19. Imagine watching the economy spiral into the ground because of current policies and think giving more money to hide out illegal research into viruses in Ukraine wont be exposed is the play to make things better at home.

  20. Do you know what multiplication is or did you even read the whole post? Otherwise you wouldn’t have said such a stupid thing.

  21. This is such argument in bad faith especially when that happened during Trump administration when republican repeatedly vote against any more stimulus. Especially when biden become president not a single one of them vote for 1200 Stimulus and now they are pretending like they fucking care??

  22. Pretty sure it’s the lack of hesitation with regards to dumping money into the USSR that they have a problem with.

  23. How has Kevin Sorbo not disappeared into Walmart parking lot attendant obscurity by now? I mean, not just his clear mental problems, but just general wtf?

  24. That money was appropriated by the GOP CONTROLLED congress under Chump. It’s more of a loan that will be repaid by Ukraine buying weapons to defend themselves.

  25. 40B for some safety in the world. There is one crazy old man, which can do any stupid things if he is not interrupted.

  26. I love how as soon as we went "russia bad" all their supposed patriotism fucked right off just to be contrarian lol. We can make them do anything

  27. Funny. But let’s be real, how important is Ukraine really. Lol they’re corrupt af just like every other fucking country. Don’t disagree on helping, but I’m almost certain $40B would help our shitty healthcare system quite a bit eh?

  28. You know how the gas prices and prices of food went up? That is because we get stuff from other countries . Other countries like Germany also get stuff from other countries. When Putin threatens to turn off the tap on Germany and plunges the world into an economic crisis of epic proportions you will notice that you are not alone in the world.

  29. They’re important potential allies because of how many commercial goods they produce. This war serves as an important testing ground for new technologies like the switchblade missile, and it functions as a test of Russia’s actual military prowess.

  30. Ukraine has one of the largest oil and gas reserves, it’s also a huge agricultural producer and has major manufacturing areas having actually produced much of the Russian tanks.

  31. They are joining nato plus they are being attacked by the biggest anti nato country out there. Seems like it’s exactly in our interests.

  32. The war can and will go on for 20 years and will end up costing trillions. But ok if you guys hate putin that much, I guess its worth it

  33. Both statements are facepalm, the US and its closest allies lead the charge in fascism around the world, look at Yemen and Palestine and all of Central America, if there’s any fight they get involved in against other fascists it’s to out fascist them

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