Under a post of a kangaroo pouch

  1. I still don’t get why these forced birth advocates advocate it whilst complaining about child support and alimony/palimony, and women demanding they provide and do shit.

  2. There’s a marsupial species that ejects the baby from the pouch if they feel threatened. Just yeets a post-birth baby at a dingo. There’s a great tiktoker who talked about it in the most hilarious way.

  3. Do these pro-forced-birthers really believe that women enjoy aborting a fetus? Honestly at this point, I won't even be surprised if they do.

  4. The thing is they don't think that far ahead. They see the world in heavy dichotomies. Yes or no, good vs evil, hero vs villian etc. Their psychological safety is dependent on absolute, unambiguous answers only. No nuance. No shades of grey. It's either black or it's white.

  5. I think they’re creating more and more outlandish straw men to whip their base into a rage, especially since conservative women are waking up to the fact that the “procedure” they had for their incomplete miscarriage was indeed an abortion. I saw some congressman ask a witness if she supported an abortion if the baby was halfway out of the birth canal. Just abject stupidity.

  6. They think women want to be pregnant for the first 6-8 months of the pregnancy just for bigger tits to then abort the fetus. Someone i used to consider a friend truly thinks that's what pro abortion people want to be able to do. It's beyond moronic.

  7. Do you think that poster was having a laugh or did someone use the term "abortion lovers" seriously? Because if it's real then there's no bottom to this.

  8. Hens can stop caring for an egg in the batch if it's too much for her. As she can have up to 12 eggs. Hens have more reproductive freedom than American women.

  9. Rabbits (both wild and domesticated) can absorb their unborn litters as well if they are under nutritional stress, diseased, etc.

  10. We love abortions in exactly the same way we love chemo, root canals, and appendectomies. Its amazing that we have the capability to do these procedures, but I think while we all are happy to know they exist and are available if and when we need them, almost everyone would prefer not to need them.

  11. Women have fewer rights than a corpse. A corpse is not required to carry dead tissue to “term”. A corpse is not forced to support random clumps of cels.

  12. Um akschually, a corpse is forced to support a random group of cells, due to have no way to get rid of bacteria that decompose the body. Fuck pro - forced birthers tho.

  13. Also, the average litter size for another marsupial, the Tanzanian Devil is 30, with some having recorded as having 50. Sick joeys, malformed ones, and others too weak don't make it to the pouch.

  14. Any one who wants to have an interesting read about the ability to just "end a pregnancy" in animals and the evolution of females getting their period

  15. Its always funny when a man baby wants to convince a women with something, but if she does something similar then he would either go chill with the boys or run and tattle to his mommy

  16. I don’t understand what the first person is even trying to say? That ‘abortion lovers’ would have their mind changed by seeing a baby kangaroo, how’s that a whole show?

  17. I saw that kangaroo pouch post earlier and I JUST KNEW someone was gonna use it to push anti abortion talk

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