...who's gonna tell them?

  1. I just read it. Did somebody tell them that women(sorry, we are talking with conservative brain-farts) fEmaLes also can be gay? And that there is an unlimited amount of marriage to go around? Like, if some gay couple marries, there isn't one less marriage on the table. There is no annual marriage quota.

  2. When I was religious and in heavy self denial about being gay and dating a girl, I eventually broke things off with her because I couldn’t shake that it would be morally wrong to continue. She was never gonna get the love from me that she deserved.

  3. Stuff like this makes me think of when my grandma was ranting about bisexuals going to hell and I came out via saying “guess I’m going to hell” and she lost it lol. At one point she said “everyone likes men and women! But you have to choose men! I chose men!” And I said “so you like women?” And she lost it even more

  4. Since everyone is pointing how women can be gay too, and therefore be classified as "unmarried women", I just wanna say :

  5. “Having children before married meant, Mr Schaerr said, a man would be less likely to get involved in a girlfriend’s pregnancy.”

  6. Man, they don't event need to make any sense anymore. They just go ahead and say whatever stupid thing the can come up with and that's enough.

  7. They just try to combine as many triggers for their hateful, bigoted, insecure base as they can, knowing that logic will never penetrate the outrage.

  8. That's pretty much the republican politician strategy. They say dumb shit to goad them into supporting what they want. They'll trick their poorest demographic into thinking they're middle class and tell them the "poors" and their social programs are what's causing their problems. At least democrats try to do half the things they claim to do for people, if only they were as aggressive as Republicans.

  9. These guys have a connection to Trump's toilet. They then look at his poop patterns, texture and consistency like how ancient seers use to make predictions by looking at the innards of the sacrificial lamb and based on what they see they interpret it and say it out loud.

  10. I took a solid 10 minutes of being absolutely speechless and trying to understand the logic behind this statement. Then I gave up and started laughing to avoid going nuts. It's just... how can anyone think that this has any logic? Are there really people who think that, suddenly, all men would turn gay if same-sex marriage was allowed?

  11. in an IVF procedure, the doctor implants several embryos (up to a dozen), some of which must be aborted. they implant a lot, in hopes a few will survive.

  12. A poster above you posted the article, its a quick read and it's the most absurd thing, there is zero logical inference from one sentence to the next, to the point that I dont think i can aummarize it. Do take a read cause the insanity is almost amusing. Except, you know, for the fact that they're controlling people's lives and stuff.

  13. It’s what it’s starting to look like for sure. It kinda makes sense though. Everyone having kids in this economy would result in a lot of poor families they would then try to control… dystopian world.

  14. Got the audio book but finished prematurely when the first bit of clothing came off (races off to find the Kleenex), made up the rest just in case there was a test....

  15. They're honestly just fucking stupid and say whatever they think will get people angry. Combining gay marriage and abortion would get people nice and pissed off. Their voter base is stupider and dont question anything or have critical thinking skills. They all share a tenth of a brain cell.

  16. If it gets said on Fox News or by Trump, no matter how ridiculously outlandish, they believe it like it's the word of God. That's the kind of thinking you get when you're raised to blindly trust authority and hate anyone who doesn't tell you what you want to hear.

  17. What´s funny about this is, that if you could see, that a child is gonna be gay, while being in the womb, they would vote for abortions till the day of birth. That´s just how ridiculous they are. The hate on everything is stupid, but very strong with these people

  18. As ever, they're afraid of others doing to them what they do to everyone else: force everyone to submit to their way of life.

  19. A gay friend once told me (as I was just a complacent heterosexual), that ALL children who come to a gay couple or family are all WANTED children. Because gay couples have to work so hard, spend money and tears and time to acquire a child. So there are no 'accidents' or abortions of unwanted babies. All babies of gay families are wanted and loved babies. My friend woke me up that day.

  20. "um... Um... Gay people always want lavish weddings so they will invite people from all around and all the travelling will bring about more air pollution so we will need a green tax on the fuel so price will increase"

  21. So, did they base that science on watching Jurassic Park: the queer folks have been grafted with frog DNA and can change sex at-will to reproduce, then will escape electric fences and swarm the abortion clinics ?

  22. conservative leadership doesnt give two shits about gay marriage or homosexuality. what they want is to create a big difference between the two parties so they can have something to make conservative voters want.

  23. Seems like they're extrapolating the idea that single women have more abortions than married women, then suggesting that data applies to homosexual people somehow.

  24. Conservatives at one time also believed that the earth was flat and that the sun evolved around earth. Anyone who believed otherwise, was beheaded.

  25. If I had five dollars for every time a newspaper publisher or a politician said something so absolutely stupid I’d be pretty rich

  26. Okay it’s time to stop publishing what these mental infants say and just understand that some people are just willfully ignorant. This “lawyer” needs a psychiatric evaluation.

  27. So this was projection by religious conservatives who can’t admit they’re actually closeted w/“beard” wives & kids they felt pressured to have, because if gays could marry they never would’ve had their kids with spouses they don’t want to be with??

  28. Opposing same sex marrage solves nothing but to alienate people. Gay/straight can pass the same sex diseases and can both privide a loving home for children.

  29. Imagine being an AI trying to be born through machine learning on the internet with those sort of stupid things going around.

  30. The sad reality is it's more likely this segment of the population will step forward and provide homes for the unwanted children left under state care. My experience of gay people is they understand compassion far better than most

  31. It feels like we need to specifically hire someone to stand in each congress chamber and yell "are you an idiot?" When congressmen say stuff like this

  32. any baby that's not born is an abortion. Use a condom? Abortion. Birth control pill? Abortion. Gay? Abortion. Abstain from sex? you bet your ass that's an abortion.

  33. Same sex marriages will i crease the number of children adopted. This is what they want right? Best best for the children ? Lol

  34. Oh, you didn't hear? That's when a gay couple and a lesbian couple get together, impregnate each other for shits and giggles and abort the fetus as a part of a Satanist ritual.

  35. When they pull numbers out of their ass they should know that they should go big or not even pull number out their ass at all. Why 900,000? Just say that up to 900,000,000,000 children may aborted.

  36. I don't think they know what abortions are... same-sex couples can't really get each-other pregnant... it does mean they are more likely to adopt though which is good since the adoption system sucks right now

  37. At this point would it be a devastating blow if people stop having kids in general. This shit doesn't seem to be working that well for us as it is...

  38. I think that they may be a bit confused. If same sex people started getting pregnant, my guess is that the Guinness Book of World Records people in Ireland are going to be really busy.

  39. My adoptive Boomer brother is Conservative, doesn't think education is important, and it shows in everything he does. Video interviews I've seen with other Conservatives bolster the image of ignorance is bliss as they dig their graves in Hell being bigoted and perverted.

  40. “Catholics are against abortions… Catholics are against homosexuals… But, I can’t think of anybody who has fewer abortions than homosexuals!”

  41. There's already the great garbage patch out there, they'd feel at home, and have something to consume...

  42. https://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/us-lawyer-gay-marriage-could-cause-900-000-abortions-10194093.html?utm_source=reddit.com

  43. nah this is not how it works. My parents are wight wing, hard right wing. 1 is right eign of pur brothers and 2 of us are left. It is not determinated thats the kids will be the same

  44. Yes. The pro birth religious nutjobs will inherit this environmental hellhole while everyone else gets to go before it gets really bad.

  45. What repercussions? You calling it pro-abortion suggests you've already got an answer and just want to argue, so why don't you share your thoughts?

  46. Except conservatives don't believe that trans people are the gender they identify as so to them gay marriage is 2 people of the same biological sex getting married.

  47. There have been cases of post-transition men choosing to carry a child because their spouse cannot. So yes, in theory two men could have a child (hell, one highly publicized case was a guy in a straight marriage; his wife was infertile so he carried their child himself.)

  48. There are way more gay people than trans people, no way there are enough trans same gender couples for 900k abortions

  49. Remember the sound Dr. Horrible made after Captain Hammer gave the gently wafting curtains line? I made that sound after reading this.

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