Utah County students protest outside school after dozens of girls not allowed in homecoming dance for having bodies that “look different” from what the manufacturers have in their catalogues

  1. They should have the Mutawa police from Saudi Arabia come over and give them tips on how it's really done.

  2. Oh my god, this is my old school. I was chastised as a 12 yo girl for wearing a button-up that was "too tight" (before I even hit puberty and as a magnified kid from a low-income family that struggled to find decent fitting clothing in the first place). Super classy. Nice to see they haven't changed in almost 20 years!

  3. If y'all haven't read the 4 page letter the teacher who is the student body government advisor sent to his students, prepare to be enraged. He calls the girls "a mob", and their response (peaceful protest, going to the press and the news) "the nuclear option". He tells them to get in line with his perscribed thinking or resign their positions immediately. He also outs himself as a misogynist and racists. These kids deserve so much credit if this is the kind of teacher they have to deal with 5 days a week!

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