Baltic nations to restrict entry of Russians, hindering access to EU

  1. Air travel is pretty banned, if I remember correctly. If you wanna go by car, Ukraine is not really an option. Baltics are the closest landbridge into Europe.

  2. I'm not sure about the details but I believe if you have a Schengen visa you can enter every EU nation after border control regardless if the country is in Schengen. So Russians can enter the Baltics from Poland with a Schengen visa.

  3. They got a good tourist season in though. When I was in Finland and the Baltic capitols there were lots of russians have a grand old time on holiday there.

  4. Winter is a big Russian tourism season here too actually. Loads of Russians come here to celebrate New Year and enjoy the Christmas market in Old Town and so on.

  5. That is kinda why we are doing it....Since air travel is impossible from Russia under sanctions - guess which places are travellable and transitable by bus/train/car from Petersburg.

  6. I don't understand how that is going to work in Estonia where a lot of Russians work in ee but go back to ru to live

  7. There're elections in these countries soon. Governments want to look cool and strong. And since they can neither do any harm to Putin's regime nor significantly help Ukraine they show their spirit in this manner.

  8. Yes. A union of free democratic countries should definitely ban a whole populace from entry. Not even just entry as a matter fact, in many cases it would mean banning people from fleeing their dictatorship government

  9. When will the Baltic countries make their own little sub-NATO? They know first hand what russia is like. Call it Baltic Treaty Fortification Organization. BTFO.

  10. There should be a whole Baltic+Western Slav+Ukraine alliance that is willing to take action against Russia without pulling in heel-digging NATO with them.

  11. Good. Now Spain and Switzerland, they are swarming with Russians. And they're not your regular average Ivans who can't afford expensive trips abroad.

  12. Good, this makes me happy. A step in the right direction. Next step should be sending all russians living in EU to their great motherland and then closing the borders permanently.

  13. Welp, I was about to go to study in Finland and I guess I won't have access to it. I protested against Putin since 2012, but nobody in Europe gave a shit about Putin's money, and his dictating and terrorizing Russia via elections and corruption. Everything was ok for you all, talking now shit about Russians. That ban is a Bs, because it helps no one but your conservative politician to have your votes. Nor helps us to do anything againstt Putin here. Pretty sad situation

  14. No matter how the war goes, the EU will never treat Russians the same. I think we need to accept it and move on.

  15. The Russian dude is right and nothing in their comment merits a downvote. It's a pretty sad situation, and the benefits towards the Baltic Countries are questionable ("national security" is a poor justification, these countries are reinforced with NATO forces and the Russian visitors and Russian-speaking residents aren't organizing in any sense that would rise beyond granted freedoms of speech and association).

  16. What I was saying is that you all are paying full price for making deals with mafia, and Putin is a mafia. And I'm so sad that Ukranian people are being killed because of your blindness. You should stop making deals with mafia, and start helping people. I can't see any help with that ban

  17. Why tf do i have to meet the most amazing russian person i have ever known just months before shit hit the fan? I guess, at least we were able to visit each other in the first few months of this bs :| Man, i really hope they leave some way open

  18. I'm not a fan of isolating Russians based on the actions of their government. It's unjust to punish them for the actions of a leader who kills opposition.

  19. I’m not a fan of Russian army/Government shelling civilians in Ukraine. Maybe they should stop that, so everything can go back to normal.

  20. then you must also hate the sanctions? Punishing Russians is the only sensible option after Russia is threatening and attacking Europe.

  21. Great, when will you ban Europeans who buys resources from Russian from entering ? Don't forget to ban Chinese and Indians too. I swear this is fucking ridiculous, the whole word is sponsoring Russia, Europe shipped anti riot equipment to Russia, everyone was happily closing their eyes at how things are ran here, yet as soon as something happened suddenly only I am responsible, regular fucking 20 year old guy with no power and no money. Thanks I guess, keep buying that gas tho,that will teach them

  22. I really don't like Russia, but how is this helping anything? Let Russians visit EU, spend their money here, see how we live, interact with Europeans. Some of them might decide to move here, there are plenty of liberal educated Russians and brain drain only makes Russia weaker. I think this is a populist decision, which is actually bad for EU.

  23. We can't properly screen tens of thousands of fuckers coming in. How many agents? How.many criminals? How many sanctioned persons? How many pro-Putin fucks harassing us and Ukrainians are coming in? Who the fucks knows. If West EU wants them so much then help with proper screening process. And then we can talk.

  24. That is amazing, finally liberals in Russia will be crushed and people can finally consolidate around the government, I hope they will ban all Russians from EU and US as well.

  25. More symbolic meassures that won't really hit those in control and just create real issues for those that are going to get caught in this shit. They should have introduced a fee on tourist visa and sent that income to fund the war in Ukraine instead.

  26. You know there are other types of visa than tourist right? Anyone in genuine trouble rather than looking for a nice holiday where they can yell at Ukrainian refugees can get out.

  27. Yes they are fully responsible, literally Russians are invading Ukraine at this very moment when Putin is hidden somewhere in Russia.

  28. Stupid decision which accomplishes absolutely nothing. Russian people will spend their foreign currencies inside their country (making the ruble stronger) Also the idea of allowing the highly educated Russians to flee the country will now be impossible.

  29. So you're already justifying attacking the Baltics because they dare control their borders? Thanks for providing them right in keeping you out I guess.

  30. How about Russia just minds it's own fucking business and actually practices what it preaches about sovereignty? Russia has no right to dictate what happens outside of its borders.

  31. The countries in the EU are stocking up gas and achieving the targets set by the EU. Is it enough? I don't know, but the EU is not sitting still at the moment. Personally I think the winter is going to be fine (as in people will not freeze to death), but just really expensive...

  32. Imagine the horror that it will be. We're gonna freeze by the millions, like we did before 1970 when God sent us the blessing of Russian gas.

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