War in Ukraine Megathread XLII

  1. I am so sick of hearing about how special Russian society is. Like everyone else, lives in a perfect hegemony, and we can't possibly understand nuance or confusing societal situations.

  2. I would argue it's not a good read. My biggest problem with the thread is that it manipulatively lumps a huge non-uniform group of people into a single arbitrary category ("laymen") without exposing its internal diversity.

  3. For Russia to disintegrate, there have to be independence movements. The Chechen one got defeated fully, and Kadyrov clan is benefitting from staying with Russia. Tatarstan hasn't been voicing any such things since the 90th. Buryatia and Tyva never had any serious pro-independence sentiment. Even if Russia is undoubtedly humiliated now, it could take decades before it starts collapsing. Also, more sanctions are needed, and it seems that even the current weak sanctions will be lifted once the war is over.

  4. I went to a Russian border city, where I spoke with soldiers who retreated from Ukraine and pro-Kremlin Ukrainians who fled. “It can’t be in vain that so many of our guys have died. It just can’t be that all of this was in vain"

  5. Russia-gram has gotten progressively more off their rocker, reporting apparent phantoms everywhere for the past week.

  6. "more" Harpoon antiship missiles? How many have they received so far, and how many Russian ships are there to sink in there?

  7. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-09-14/u-s-senators-introduce-bill-to-designate-russia-state-sponsor-of-terrorism

  8. Is there a map of the flooding? Someone said some Ukrainian troops have been encircled bc of it but I have no idea if it's true or even makes sense.

  9. We can't really say right now, I guess we have to wait for the satellite pictures. I think it will be fine if they get a new pontoon bridge up and running (if the old one got destroyed)

  10. Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine: 100m3 of water per second leaking through the breached dam in a missile strike in Kryvyi Rih. All services monitoring the situation

  11. Dunno if true, but pro-ru internet still gets a boner when talking about how Russia sent those troops to Kazakhstan last autumn.

  12. Valued Russian tourists vandalise a volunteer centre in Barcelona, that was aiding Ukrainian refugees, by daubing white "Z" signs all over the building.

  13. Threw the cited tweet into DeepL, and it doesn't mention russian tourists, only "russian supporters". (Full DeepL translation below)

  14. Imagine saying Russias number 1 boogeyman is Poland a year ago. I love Poland but we used to compare them to all of EU and/or the US.

  15. Man, a few foreigners secretly fighting undercover for the Ukrainian armed forces and using Ukrainian / Russian equipment really do some damage.

  16. Russia has its claws in Poland and is sponsoring some parties in secret. Also it has clear connections to PiS party, as well. FSB is one hell of a service to Putin.

  17. It takes getting kicked in the teeth or losing a war for Russia to begrudgingly acknowledge other ethnicities and maybe not go for direct annexation.

  18. Alliances in the Caucasus are complicated. Christian Armenians raise the Iranian flag, while Shiite Muslim Azerbaijanis wave the Israeli flag. #Iran #Israel #Azerbaijan #Armenia

  19. One thing which might be important is that I believe that this majority supporting Russia is largely very passive and their support is just part of their general "anti-system" thinking. On the other hand, for the supporters of Ukraine, the war is probably a much bigger issue.

  20. Yeah, I heard opinions from Slovaks like "Ukraine has always been Russian". My dear man, Slovakia has always been Hungarian.

  21. Full English translation of the video purporting to show Yevgeny Prigozhin recruiting Russian prisoners to fight in Ukraine as part of Wagner private military company.

  22. They're fighting to the last Ukrainian and will soon abandon them! but also secretly fighting the war for Ukraine.

  23. I don't know how it is supposed to be reassuring. "Don't worry, actually we are at war with more people than you thought." But perhaps it is better this way. It seems they prepare the population for defeat.

  24. ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️Kryvyi Rih / Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region A bridge has already been swept away as water levels surge through the city.

  25. It's cruise missiles against infrastructure. I don't find comparing price tags too useful here, but I doubt the infrastructure is cheaper.

  26. Russia should be denuclearized. Their nuclear doctrine is distaster in the making, it's only a matter of time until things go horribly wrong.

  27. Water levels in the Inhulets river are rising fast. Ukrainian officials say 8 Russian cruise missiles hit a “hydrotechnic installation” — likely a dam — in Kryvy Rih. It’s a city of 700,000 people.

  28. This is just getting ridiculous tbh. Russia can just destroy Ukrainian infrastructure, but Ukraine can't respond with HIMARS to destroy a powerplant in Belgorod or something. How are you supposed to fight with your hands tied behind your back

  29. Probably to raise the water level of the Inhulets to stop the AFU advance along the river in Kherson

  30. According to Strelkov, UAF shelled the railway border town of Krasny Khutor as well as Shebekino & Verigovka. They started to cross the border in multiple points.

  31. Ukraine's already won the most important fight - by deciding it wants to be a modern sovereign European country! Something that many countries entangled with Russian influence struggle with. But once you know where you wanna go it's only a matter of time till you get there!

  32. I don't know about that, seems the "spending two years learning how to march" is the problem here, probably inherited from Soviet times.

  33. Ramzan "Don" Kadyrov releases a new uplifting message, saying Russians are not retreating, it's all their cunning tactics to lure Ukrainian. Says he would declare martial law but it's not up to him to decide.

  34. Russia gram cumming in their pants hoping the current missile strikes will be against power plants is pretty on brand for Russians

  35. Yes, it's a Putins and his hardcore supporters war. Not a lot of them tho. Not even a million combined subscribers of these channels.

  36. Armenia invokes article 5 from Wish article 4 of the CSTO, asking Russia to provide security assistance as obligated by the treaty

  37. I wish Dzhanhirov was free and released a video on this. The ones he had on Armenia-Azerbaijan before were top notch, with details I've seen nowhere else.

  38. There's a world where we see Leopard 1s fighting T-62s in the year 2022. Come and embrace the memes Olaf!

  39. we should give/lend them THAAD and Patriot systems to defend themselves: Russia is going to do more and more revenge attacks like these

  40. Russia has released a video of the attack on the "barge" that was "landing" in Enerhodar. Turns out that it was some cement pillar from an unfinished bridge built by the Nazis. God these guys suck at Propaganda

  41. It is starting to sound like the Russia was keeping the countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia from fighting each other, and now that Russia is looking weak, their authority has severly diminished, allowing previously buried conflicts to flare up again.

  42. Not really. Countries in central Asia doesn't interested in fighting each other and Russia is actually playing a role in security near the border with Afghanistan.

  43. Azerbaijan has struck multiple Russian targets in Armenia, including both FSB vehicles and an FSB border post (mentioned elsewhere) on Armenia's eastern border

  44. Vladimir Putin's chief envoy on Ukraine told the Russian leader as the war began that he had struck a provisional deal with Kyiv that would satisfy Russia's demand that Ukraine stay out of NATO, but Putin rejected it and pressed ahead

  45. Lukashenka chopped wood and promised not to let the EU freeze: “We won’t let Europe freeze, we will help our brothers, maybe they will help us someday”

  46. Destroyed Russian «Tigers». And thread (again). All the photos you have seen for the last few days from Izuim area were taken only at one part of the city. There is another one and forest (which is dangerous)

  47. 5,000 Ukrainian troops have completed their training in the United Kingdom. That’s enough personnel to form a full-fledged brigade.

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