Russia says no U.S. visas yet for Lavrov visit to United Nations

  1. That’s because they act like petty thugs everytime there’s a UN Security Council meeting in New York, making bizarre requests and asking that Ukraine be expelled from this, or banished from that. If you haven’t heard a Nabenzia speech, they’re all just lies.

  2. Is Russia even considered a participant or a saboteur? In the latter case a council of supervillains inside a volcano SPECTRe would be more appropiate, Fox, Kim, and Lavrov can discuss the top secret files Trump sold them.

  3. Everytime Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister has spoken atgatherings nd conferences, he spewed regime propaganda, fake news or threats.

  4. Yup, go against the voted resolutions by 150+ countries because you're too inept to get paperwork done, that seem a good idea that won't damage your reputation at all.

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