'Incredibly vile': Arson attempt at nursery hosting Ukrainian refugees

  1. Arson is bad. Arson to nursery is extra bad. Arson to nursery hosting children fleeing war- well, this is nearly Russian level bad.

  2. Attacks on refugees is nothing new in Germany. In 2015 there were more than 200 attacks on refugee shelters. (

  3. Here in France, our own very french far-right assholes are the only ones I've seen harassing Ukrainian refugees in a couple news articles. Putin's propaganda runs deep all over the world thanks to this alt-right internet bullshit.

  4. Plenty of non-Russian in Europe are capable of doing this too. In my country, polls show that up to 20% approve of Russia's invasion. Strangely, the same people are also against vaccines and support far-right populists.

  5. Wait for Scholz to come out against jailing the arsonist because it infringes upon their human right to drink aperol in Porto Cervo.

  6. The culprits have not yet been found. There aren't even any suspects. But the terrible Russians are to blame! The stupid Ukrainian hurdy-gurdy started playing again.

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