Mariupol: Occupiers pour concrete over bodies of those killed in Drama Theater

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  1. Pouring concrete over bodies is a terrible long-term plan if the idea is to hide evidence forever; bodies decay and shrink and that opens up huge cavities underneath the surface of the concrete. Much like the whole invasion, they seem incapable of thinking past the next three days.

  2. Mariupol journalist citing city morgues reports at least 113,750 residents died during Russia’s assault, siege and ghettoisation of the Ukrainian city. A horrific figure many times higher than previous estimates.

  3. I lack the words to describe how disgustingly revolting this is. If you have to bash the dead in your arguments, you're wrong by definition.

  4. We should thank this guy, this type of insolence is the reason the US will continue to provide the means to quadruple the amount of skulls Ukraine will collect. Fascist orc pigs

  5. I expected something very NSFW, but this was way worse. That was a man once, he had loved ones, maybe even had a family. Then this psychopath uses his remains like a tool for a delusional speech? Let the man rest in peace, damn.

  6. Do skulls turn to… skulls that quickly? I thought it would take years to go from human to just bone. Horribly sad to see a human life being used like that. War is truly a terrible place.

  7. As I get older I start to realize more and more how accurate Marina's "Savages" song is. Just to quote from it: "We are animals still learning to behave"

  8. city of Mariupol had 400,000 least 100,000 of them were killed by the Russian assault on the city. I dont think I need to explain with what kind of horror we are dealing with here

  9. it was also the fastest growing city in Ukraine with wages on par, or even surpassing Kyiv, now it’s a fucking bomb site, Russian world/peace my ass.

  10. Do you have any reputable sources on the 100,000 dead Ukrainians? I havent seen any figures like that in the Finnish national news site

  11. Yeah, I call bullshit on that dead number, 1/4 of the population is dead and you say the evidence is morge statistics? Not the fact that it's impossible to hide such an amount of dead bodies, not even during ww2 and for sure not now with wide access to smartphones. 23000 people died in the bombing of Dresden and Mariupol didn't even came close to that level of destruction, so yeah, that figure is obvious ukrainian propaganda for someone other than a person using only two brain cells.

  12. Check the worse stuff Hitler's forces were doing, and the Russians do the same. And some idiots in Europe want them as tourists.

  13. The Russians are responsible for war crimes but they are not shooting millions of "undesirables" into ditches while millions more die in literal death camps.

  14. Mafia regime burying its victims in concrete. Vladimir "Tony" Putlerino and his thugs trying to hide the bodies. In the end, it might even be the FBI that will assist in the analysis of the forensic evidence.

  15. Good, Mariupol will be reclaimed and those bodies easily excavated to serve as evidence. Nice thinking, ruskies.

  16. the part you quoted literally links to the post in that telegram channel lol, I tried posting it here but the bot gets mad because tg links aren't allowed apparently. The group is called AFUStratCom (39k subs)

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