Ethereum VS Polkadot

  1. Polkadot already shows the difference in their own documentation. Just make sure to read Ethereum documentation too to make sure you're not biased.

  2. thanks, I have read Ethereum's whitepaper. will try reading it in depth. haven't really read much about dot., except for the fact that the people I know tell me it is somewhat of a more advanced level in the blockchain. and that Polkadot grew out from ethereum's limitation. so I was guessing this is an extremely untapped ecosystem. Not even defi folks talk much about it. I see could be some bs. but .

  3. Polkadot is a sharded blockchain. The parachains are the shards - hence parallel L1 chains (which is not "a bit like having L2s").

  4. One of the biggest differences is design goals. Ethereum aims to be a platform for distributed finance and smart contract execution, whereas Polkadot has a vision of helping people build entire blockchains and integrating these blockchains with each other.

  5. Unfortunately if you’re talking about technical differences, you have to read the documentation and learn the structure of both blockchain yourself and get your own objective summary. If you ask someone from Ethereum or Polkadot, then you’ll get biased answer for sure.

  6. Not sure if there’s a write up by someone doing the job for you but start with their both white papers could be the way to go 😉

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