Roughly 1,000 people trapped in Death Valley due to severe flooding

  1. Flooding is common, and very dangerous in deserts. The makeup of desert soils doesn’t allow for it to absorb water easily, and there are actually these layers of calcium carbonate just a foot or two under the surface of these deserts that are deposited through a variety of methods, and that acts like an impervious surface similar to concrete or asphalt. So when it rains in the southwestern deserts, the water doesnt get absorbed by the ground as much as you’d think. Especially since the types of rain desert environments recieve is usually more like a massive monsoon that dumps a huge amount of water over a short period of time and then leaves.

  2. I used to camp in the desert regularly, and people getting trapped or killed by floods is a common occurrence. Always watch the alerts for flash floods, and know where the dangerous areas are. If you're not sure, then stop by the police station or fire department and ask.

  3. There was a really bad flood there in 2015 that washed out a road, it’s still closed to this day. They do have floods occasionally, even a small amount of rain causes serious damage. The one in 2015 was only 2 3/4” of rain.

  4. Probably too far along. I went there like 20 years ago to see the bloom and it was amazing but that had come from prolonged winter rains.

  5. I've been to Death Valley 4 times to see the sights, like Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, crushed water bottles you haven't opened yet, Ubehebe Crater, and Artist's Palette. But I've never been there in August- why would you be there unless you're lost? I usually go in March. I guess there will be a superbloom next year.

  6. I'm here at Bonneville speed week and my trailer is stuck in the mud from the flash flood. We drove through California and Nevada and it was storm clouds pretty much the whole way

  7. That seems like a large number of people to be hanging out in the desert in the middle of summer.

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