Can I please speak to the guy who did this? I promise I just want to talk

  1. I've heard of people actually twisting the romex in the wall to somehow reduce electromagnetic emissions (similar to how twisted pair ethernet is used - although I believe that is attempting to cancel electromagnetic interference).

  2. I saw my apprentice had did this on some can lights when I was checking his make up. He said “It’s no big deal”. The next day there was a change made where the framers had to box out the framing since the new location was right on the stud. After they boxed everything out the MC was under the stud at least once on every run. I told my apprentice that he would have to undo half of the lights he made up and reroute the MC. When he started complaining I told him “Come on man, it’s no big deal”.

  3. I have one and have used it plenty of times. If you just use it to put the nut on and maybe 1-3 twists of the wire behind the nut, what's the issue? I like my wrists, I'm not gonna spend time wrenching on wire nuts by hand. 😅

  4. I used to put together all the exterior boxes and lights on e-houses, I was doing it in the dead of winter and I realized that these could save me a lot of time and hassle. I probably did two dozen e-houses before someone came to me and asked how I was putting the marrettes on, because nobody could get them off.

  5. Used to have an apprentice (boss's cousin) smoke meth at lunch. I never really cared too much cause he worked his balls off after. Problem was that all his joints looked like this and would break off when you'd try to straighten the wires

  6. Last guy I worked with who smoked meth decided to make the best connection he would just place the wires next to eachother and electrical tape it no twisting no connector nothing and on top of that buried it into a buried junction box

  7. In another thread there was a guy saying he liked the wire nut adapter bit on his drill. Pretty sure it was him.

  8. It's that dude who posted himself doing this with an impact and half the thread that said they did it the same way.

  9. Why are you Americans not using normal wagos? They are easier to use than wire nuts (I think it's how u call them). Are there some hidden advantages I don't see or do they not sell wagos in the US?

  10. We have them here. We just don’t use them like you guys do. I’ve been taught not to stab the back of a receptacle and never to trust a wago.

  11. If by "talk" you mean, "Beat over the head with a crutch you found in the closet," I understand. I volunteer my crutches.

  12. What dipshit loser that clearly has daddy issues and some sort of fucked up cable management fetish that commonly plagues comms pukes as they look at all the pretty Cat5 in their perfect little bundles. Fuck

  13. Don’t worry. Low voltage voodoo is handled by men. You can keep your silly lives and neutrals.

  14. Wow that's fucked up. If you're going to do thay it needs to be at least 4 conductors under each nut in a box with 12 or more circuits. He did use solid wire though so points for that.

  15. they'll be helically-inclined. At least they won't fall out of the wires. Picking up spilled electrons is a pain in the butt

  16. Someone had just completed their braiding degree only an hour before doing this. Or maybe they just were doing sis's hair beforehand. Going with the braiding degree story tho if I had to bet.

  17. When you want to make a twisted pair out of a multi conductor you take two of the conductors and put the end in the drill. Go slow. Youll wind up with twisted pair that look factory. Makes your panels look amazing. At least on like 16 awg. This shit? This shit is not that.

  18. I would also like to talk to this person...but if I don't I hope they stub their pinky toe every night until they figure out they shouldn't do that.

  19. I used to know a guy that would literally put two solid wires in his drill and twist them tighter than that…bosses loved how it looked in our control panels so they had everyone start doing it. Funny thing is that we hid everything in panduit…so it was a fruitless endeavor regardless. Nothing bothered me so much in my professional life. Glad I left lol

  20. I'm amazed there isn't, in this thread, a response from some crusty old asshole about how they've "been doin' this for 39 years and never had a problem or a single callback eat shit you lazy punks".

  21. As a commercial apprentice in CA 3rd year, I only do a pre-twist on the stripped copper only unless I damn sure no one's gonna touch that box again. Maybe bad habit but troubleshooting wall packs in CMU when they forgot to pull switch legs is dumb

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