[v6.10.3-151] Port reservation not working, port still closed.

  1. Many ISPs block port 80 and 25 on residential connections to prevent home users from running servers (and to prevent malware from doing the same)

  2. Pihole does not need ports open on your router/eero to function. In fact, pi-hole will tell you not to open any ports.

  3. Why do you need to open ports on the eero? Opening ports would only be for connections incoming from the internet, not on your local network (I’m making some assumptions about network design here). Are there firewall rules on the Mac that would be preventing the ports from being open? Is Pi hole configured to allow access from specific IPs or subnets only?

  4. Yeah. You don't need to do anything on eero for pihole except change your DHCP settings to point to the IP address of the host running pihole as your DNS servers.

  5. Are you using HomeKit Router by chance? I was having all sorts of port reservation and forwarding issues until I disabled that.

  6. Are you trying to use your pihole on your lan or from a device external to your lan? If the former, then you don’t have to port forward anything on the eero and need to troubleshoot the pihole setup on your Mac mini.

  7. Your mac mini is most likely blocking ports 53, 80, 443. You want to open them on the MacOS firewall.

  8. AdGuard Home allow you select the port during set up. All you need is to set a static ip. On your case reserve the IP on eero app. Sometimes if a device has an ip you have to restart the eero for changes to apply since devices can continue to use the same address the router first given.

  9. Yeah I did restart the router before I even attempted to “install” the pihole… still port 80 not open… will try again tomo. Or maybe someone here will help. Would really prefer pihole but if I can’t figure it out maybe I’ll look at AdGuard home, I do already use AdGuard on my devices, it works well.

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