Can I dump paypal or will that increase cart abandonment?

  1. Lowered conversions on one of our sites but made no difference on others. We decided to ditch them a while ago and haven’t looked back

  2. If dropshipping & testing products it will reduce CVR but if you had a grounded brands & you are doing active remarketing you should be fine in dumping PayPal,

  3. I ditched PayPal and haven't had any sales issues. But that's because my customers care more about my product than convenience of a payment processor. I don't work with any payment processors that allow charge backs or customer refunds except for the case of fraud. Fuck PayPal and their dispute policy where they almost always side with the customer. Bunch of scammers imo.

  4. Hard to say but I only shop online with PayPal so you definitely would lose me as a customer, give it a 30 day test and see if you lose customers 🤷‍♂️

  5. An alternative may be charging a higher fee for those that checkout with PayPal. Will probably lower your conversions but generally speaking it shouldn't be too much in comparison to outright removing that option.

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