i hate this dickhead, he oversprays everything thinking is funny, i bet everybody he walks by hates him

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  1. Oh god. I had to block this d-bag after his first post in that group. Then I left the group after others started imitating his stupid overspray videos. Le barf.

  2. Yeah this guy is super annoying, I had to block him from whatever Facebook group I came across his videos. I was not a fan of his disposition or how he presents himself on the videos he posts.

  3. Imagine being so miserable you have to make a Reddit hate post about a guy who just posts vids of himself having fun on Facebook groups

  4. At least I'm not the only one does nothing more than encourage other virgins in the groups to repeat. This is the kind of shit that gives people of our hobby a bad name.

  5. Lol sheesh playboy, most people in my groups making videos have kids and grandkids, and even if they were virgins what's wrong with that?

  6. I don’t understand all the hate he seems like a good dude. Personally I think it’s funny. Kinda like a little inside joke within the fragrance community.

  7. Wow you hate him? That is a bit strong! I think he is funny and he has visibly fun with his fragrances. People are bitter, I think that some think he is annoying, but for me he is a pretty funny guy and the thing with the 14spraysminimum has become his ‚signature‘. So what? He likes to overspray, what a crime! At least he will finish some of his bottles in a lifetime.

  8. I always laugh whenever this man posts something on the FB group. Had his father in law I think do 14 sprays too and rub it underneath his nose 😂

  9. I love this dudes content, I always come to this page to check out some recommendations and this is the second time I see you posting about him lol seems like you are obsessed my guy and take shit too seriously go touch some grass weirdo

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