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  1. I remember when I first started as work in the help desk, my boss would send me a ticket like 10 minutes before I leave and ask me to get it done as soon as I can. I'd tell him I would.

  2. i remember a co-worker in a web agency i used to work. He did the workload of 3 men and always stayed late, probably had an average of 9.5 hours/day. never seen someone so stressed out and overworking themselves.

  3. Depends on where you work. I can't tell you my job but I can say my boss must follow the laws and rules exemplary. So he just told me like 1 minute ago to go for a walk if I want to but I said no thanks. Another time he told me to take longer lunch breaks and not to work during the lunch.

  4. You forgot tho, you didn’t remember. You think everything is fine and dandy headed home after a great day at work.

  5. You can use the same clip to show me going home from work after remembering and still not doing the task. Especially if it was requested an hour before I normally leave.

  6. I love the change of attitude of our generation. We are not anyone's slaves and will not behave like that anymore. 🙏

  7. Gotta weather that storm. Let me be mad and keep on cruising. Find the sweet spot where you do just enough shit to not get fired. Who cares if your boss doesn’t like the work? Paycheck spends the same. If he gets fed up he’ll tell you to pack your shit and you move on.

  8. I remember when I cared about my job, I'll still care about it but they decided to screw up my schedule so they can go to hell now

  9. When the clock ticks 5 that's when I leave. Why would I care about how much work is left? I ain't getting paid so I aint spending more time here

  10. Usually it's me running out of time, because the list was too extensive for one shift and I'm not overworking myself for a job. Oh fucking well!

  11. This is why I'm glad I'm an hourly WFH employee. After my shift is over, bye bitch! They have to wait until the next day for me to do anything.

  12. I just know if I don’t do it well enough, the coworker I despise has to do it over again during her shift, so I intentionally fuck it up, the bitch deserves it

  13. The school principal in Great Teacher Onizuka driving his precious Cresta. That character is so in love with his car, its the only time he expresses such peace and joy.

  14. I have a friend who in his junior days did exactly that, except he remembered the day after and it was a saturday and the office was closed. he didn't want to admit his fuck-up and he couldn't do it from home because of network restrictions/security on the tools he needed to use. So he ended up parking in front of his office in order to sniff a bar of wifi from their router and launch the task from his laptop.

  15. Seriously. I don't "clock out" as you would think when somebody says "clock out," I'm salary so I put into our agency's time and attendance site a best guess estimate for when I'll be done(in 15-minute increments). I don't work a second beyond that time, no matter what I have left to do. Didn't scan my 75's? Fuck it, management can wait till morning, they dont use any part of my paperwork other that my sample rates and sanitation shenanigans. Didn't put my webta in? It'll wait till the morning. Literally, make-up samples are the only thing I don't leave till morning because I can't. Everything else? Fuck. It. Cha boy don't work for free.

  16. Got a honey do list from my boss last night lol... unfortunately for me he tells me to only focus on what he wants done and fuck everything else so I can't forget....

  17. What if your boss is actually quite nice and he gives you the im not angry im just dissapointed look/ speech? When you tell him you didnt/forgot to do the task?

  18. I worked in an industry where a man was told to drive 40 minutes back to work to hang the keys on a nail. He drove to work, put the keys on the nail, drove back home. Added 2 hours to his workday because he forgot to hang some keys on a nail.

  19. I started a new job about 4 months ago, working remotely, and my new boss constantly gives us tasks to do as he leaves the office for the day at 5 PM. Since it’s already 5 PM I would make a note to take care of those tasks first thing the next morning. Dude threatened me with termination for waiting until the next day to do them. So what you get to leave the office right at 5 but we all got to work late?

  20. When the boss shows up with that task like 30 minutes before closing time and I have other shit to round up.

  21. Do bare minimum amount of work without getting fired. Your boss does not care about you. Your company does not care. Do not give any fucks. Nobody cares. You will get hit by car and die tomorrow, enjoy your life. Do not stress.

  22. When the clock strikes 5, I start to drive. I agree to be at work during a specific timeframe. No more, no less.

  23. Any task that you tell me needs to be done is I'm walking out the door gets done at the beginning of the next business day.

  24. I work till 3, I have a union, and I'm currently working two jobs under a very understanding manager who I get along with really well. He also works a few hundred miles away. So it's pretty chill, actually because nobody really knows what's going on and there's no baseline for expectations of how much work I should be doing, as I have two functions now. I'm very open about how my backlog is growing and they expected/ understand that. I leave everything at the office and get on with my life. I'm pretty much just keeping the place afloat until they hire another person. Can't complain too much! I'll have a job until I retire and generally make a living wage. Hooray unions!

  25. Me driving home after my boss tells me some changes are going to need to happen not knowing im leaving early because I have an interview to go to where the base pay is double what I'm making now.

  26. If I were your coworker I'd beat the shit out of you. The most frustrating thing with work is when your coworkers do jackshit when things need to get done.

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