MGM’s Back Baby (comment for a flair)

  1. After giving away more than 5000 user flairs in the last 5 days, we bring you another chance at getting one!

  2. I want my flair to be something about uhh about... I forgot. Oh, dementia. Damn, I just had it, but I forgot again... I think it was... uh... nevermind. I'll come back when I remember why I came here.

  3. I would like to thank all the mods for being chads. You never dissapointed me, and when I contacted you through modmail to ask if I can post a meme, you allowed it in under 30 mins. Thank you mods, I rate your service 11/10!

  4. I love COC every day all i can think about is COC one my friends got me into COC i spiraled into the COChole, its gotten so bad i taking on other peoples COC in public, its not even in the privacy of my own home anymore my girlfriend wont even look at me, my COC obsession is so bad, my own mother has abandoned me for liking COC, i need help but COC is just too enticing

  5. Can I get one that says something a millennium old eldritch being who likes to disguise as a toddler would say please

  6. Can I have a flair pleaseeeee I didn't get anything for my birthday and my parents are dead and the orphanage burned down and someone stole my clothes and I have stage 62 cancer. (Can u please press the golden buzzer now?)

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