Okay I wanna play. Give me a DGD song and I'll rate it 1-10 and explain why.

  1. 6.5. Okay this song almost is a guilty pleasure for me but it's honestly just the instrumental. Will is not a great rapper but his verse does give me a good chuckle. Jon and Tilian do fine but this track doesn't stand out for me.

  2. 8.5. The album version is awesome but the TCS version is raw and hits me a lot harder. Will does a beautiful job with the guitar and his screams on the album version tho.

  3. 10. So unbelievably underrated. Can only think of one other track where Will and both vocalists get to showcase their best. Plus that outro feels like a callback to the Inspire The Liars outro. The most fun track off Mothership for sure and a masterclass for everybody in the band.

  4. FUCKIN 10. Tilian and Jon are both beasts, that groovy part in the middle is godlike and the outro has so much intensity that it still moves me after hearing it for 3 years.

  5. 7 for album version. 10 for TCS2 version. Andrew and Tilian do a beautiful job on vocals. Kurt is fine but I've never been big on Nic Newsham at all.

  6. 7. This track ain't too special but Jon does absolutely run this song. Also "I did college, majored in smart" is one of the best lyrics ever.

  7. 9.5 for the original. Jonny definitely taps into that R&B influence in his voice and Wills guitar work compliments it beautifully. Jon does a good job of keeping the harsh vocals to a minimum and letting JC control the flow of the song. 8 for TCS2 version. The song loses A LOT without JC's soulful voice but Tilian does a good job providing what he can. Also the pitched up phone call skit at the end always makes me chuckle

  8. 8.5. It isn't Jonny's best work on DBM2 but him and Jon have great chemistry on this track. Plus that final minute is godlike. Jonny vocalizing while Jon delivers that scathing last verse is one of the best moments in the bands history.

  9. 9. Used to be a perfect score for me but it tired out on me a little. Tilian has such heartfelt lyrics on this track though and that solo is God tier.

  10. 9.5. Another criminally underrated banger. Probably Will's best guitar work on Mothership and Tilian and Jon absolutely murder on this song.

  11. 5. I really don't like this song much at all. Leans too hard into the funk and hip hop side of DGD. Just not a memorable track

  12. 5. I really don't like this song much at all. Leans too hard into the funk and hip hop side of DGD. Just not a memorable track

  13. 7.5. Beautiful intro and outro. Chorus is wonderful. Verses never really connected with me much but Will and Tilian really create some beautiful melodies here.

  14. Honestly I've never bothered listening to it fully because I immediately lose interest after the end of the actual track. I'm gonna give it a strong ? out of 10.

  15. 9. Grooviest track on DBM2 aside from Blue Dream. Some of Jon's best lyrics and Jonny has a fucking beautiful hook on this track.

  16. Perfect 10. Catchiest guitar riffs, catchiest Jonny vocals, Jon and Will kill their verses. It's a flawless track. Perfect showcase of everybody at their best.

  17. 8. I definitely like the TCS2 version with upgraded Jon lyrics. But OG version is still amazing. Everybody goes fucking insane on this track especially Jon.

  18. 8. I definitely like the TCS2 version with upgraded Jon lyrics. But OG version is still amazing. Everybody goes fucking insane on this track especially Jon.

  19. 5 for Semi Charmed Life because I never really liked that song anyway but DGD did not make it better for me. 8.5 for That's What I Like cuz I already liked that song and they made it about 5 times groovier.

  20. 8. I could take or leave Rob Damiani's feature but the track itself is very groovy and has a hell of a hook. Tilian outdid himself on this track and that fast part from Jon is absolutely killer.

  21. 9. I know a lot of people aren't big on this track but Tilian singing in Spanish just hits different and Jon still kills it with his part. Jon also slays that last part.

  22. 8.5. Awesome juxtaposition between Jon's super aggressive verses and Tilian's chorus. Jon's second verse is some of his best lyrics no doubt.

  23. 7.5. Really beautiful chorus. Chino adds so much to this song. The outro is fucking amazing with everybody belting out.

  24. 9. Killer fucking energy on this song. Jon goes off from the start and Tilian writes another earworm chorus. The real star is Will though. Absolutely killer riffs especially when Jon comes back in after the chorus.

  25. 9. I love a good Jon Mess centered track and this is easily my favorite of them all. That outro especially is the stuff of legend

  26. 7. Jonny does bare his soul in his lyrics and he and Jon have a great outro but this song does not do much aside from that.

  27. 6.5. Its a fine song overall and I do love the multiple stab wounds line. But it's only sort of catchy and really doesn't stand out on the record much at all.

  28. 9. This is definitely the Jonny and Will show on this track. Jon does well with his verses but Jonny's crooning is top tier and the exchange he has with Will in the first verse is awesome. Plus Will does some excellent guitar work on this song without going too crazy.

  29. 9. Positive Jon Mess is best Jon Mess. Tilian also does a beautiful job. That bass lick from Tim at the end makes me sad now though.

  30. Part 1 is a solid 7. That intro always fires me up and Jonny definitely has his best lyrics on that track. Part 2 is a 7.5. I love the callback to the original riff and that outro hits like a truck.

  31. 8. Kurt kills it on the chorus and Jon has some of his best lines as well (Ask me I'm fine or I will be is one of the best opening lines ever).

  32. Okay so the album version is definitely a 9 for me. It's simple and repetitive like the entire SS series but this one is so fucking upbeat and entertaining and has more personal subject matter than the others. However I gotta say I prefer the TCS2 version because Tilian sounds clearer without the multitracked vocals and Andrew's harmonies on the chorus add a lot to it.

  33. Ok this isn't gonna be popular but that song is a solid 6 for me. I don't honestly know why. It just doesn't interest me much at all.

  34. 10. Mainly due to the God tier feature from Andrew. But everybody does some top tier shit on this song, should've been the closer of AB.

  35. 8.5. Jon and Will going batshit insane for 3 minutes is always fun to watch. Also a goldmine for quotable Jon Mess lines.

  36. 10. I think this track is criminally underrated, coming off the heels of We Own The Night and Stroke God, Millionaire. The chemistry between Will's riffs and Tilian's vocals does seem a little wonky on the verses but it's a welcome bit of chaos on an album that always felt a bit too poppy and overproduced even by Tilian era standards. The chorus is fucking perfection and Tilian's post chorus verse where everything calms down for a moment is fucking bliss. Also Jon has some fucking gems on this track. His entire second verse is one of my favorite things he's ever written.

  37. 7.5. I enjoy this song and all it's catchy glory but it is drastically overrated by some people. That heavy breakdown after the second chorus is fucking awesome though.

  38. 8.5. Little less fun to listen to now given recent events but the creepy lyrics coupled with the upbeat instrumental always stood out to me. Also the "I've got the sickest picture of you in my mind" part gives me goosebumps, mainly due to Matt's drumming on this part.

  39. 9.5. Very overlooked track that should've gotten the AS 2.0 treatment because the less than stellar sounding production on Tilian is the only thing keeping this song from a 10. Somewhat sad lyrics but amazing melodies and Jon screaming about Pussy Vultures is still one of my favorite lines ever.

  40. 8. One of the few Mess verses I don't really like much at all but the buildup throughout the song is great and now its a lot more emotional listening to it. Hearing that last bass lick with everybody vocalizing around it hits different now.

  41. 9 for album version. The calm part near the end sounds ridiculously out of time with Kurt's vocals tho. This song is fucking insane though. The TCS version gets 10 though. Upgraded Jon Mess does a killer job

  42. 9. I'm a sucker for the more fast paced and aggressive DGD tracks. Plus Jonny absolutely bodies the chorus here. And the opening and chorus riffs are some of my faves off DBM

  43. 7. I like Kurt but his voice is better suited for the more upbeat, kinda punk rock style tracks of Deathstar. Jonny would've bodied this song but Kurt doesn't sound quite as great crooning as he does. Definitely a decent track still tho.

  44. 8.5. Will fucking bodies this track. I love his screams so much. I have a soft spot for the live version though.

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