Should I unstake Ruby?

  1. I'm just going to keep it until they get rid of Spotify this January. I have enough loaded on there for the last rebates. I don't even have the card in my wallet anymore.

  2. Considering the fact that the staking for ruby has the only purpose of having a 1% cashback card and 6 months of the rebates + reduced rebates then, if you don't take advantage of these things you are just freezing a inflationary assets and this doesn't make any sense

  3. If you do not use it for anything, no cash back and no Spotify, then defi is the most APR you can get for your CRO. I hold my CRO on Keplr because I like it better and it also holds Cosmos tokens. I have Jade and still use the card for cash back rewards and higher APR on staking so I will keep mine but for you, it sounds better to go defi...

  4. Hey I’m new, I’m sorry. I’ve been going back and forth on their site trying to understand some things. So do I need 4000 USdollars WORTH of cro to get the green card? Or do I need 4000.00 CRO?

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