what are your future CRO price predictions within the next 5 years

  1. As someone who unstaked a obsidian card and kept only $600,000 ~ worth of cro vs my initial 2m ( which I purchased at similar levels. )

  2. It seems like most people only see the surface of what the true CRO ecosystem really is… The card, staking, earn….etc… is all just the surface of this ecosystem. When you dive deep into the Cronos blockchain and see all the projects out there, it is shaping up to become the next Binance. Look at the price of BNB and how it exploded with the smart chain. It’s only a matter of time until CRO follows the same path…

  3. True you can be correct , I truly and do honestly fully respect your outlook, as a major holder I hope you’re correct, But Binance & CDC = Correlations yes but what do we know about correlation my dude…

  4. Well dunno when…, but at some point…in 1 year, maybe in 3, maybe in 5 years it will go at least to 1$. Atm i’m gwtting like 110cro for watching netflix and around 60cro for using spotify. So basically when i ll look back i ll be able to say i was payed 160$ to watch movies and listen to music:))

  5. I remember predicting $5 by the end of 2022 after it went to like 90 cents in November lol. Very humbling and I can honestly say, I dont know shit and I will never do another prediction again.

  6. With my average being @ 0,38€, i don't know what to believe. It went up 20% in a week's time, now it's down 5%. Do you guys think it can 3x ? I think that we can reach 0,2€ this year or in 2023 sometime.. Will be too risky trying averaging down?

  7. I am not as bullish as I once was due to card slashing benefits as well as rewards on staked coins. They also charge more for transactions than most Cexes. Still I do think they will be okay despite heavy marketing costs. I now see CRO moving more in line with BTC going forward. so in the next 2-3 years I estimate around $.5 and in 5 years, possibly surpassing a dollar per CRO, as long as we are not in a bear market again during that time. NFA just my opinion what I view as a reasonable forecast. Some where around $2 in 5 years is a possible high end estimate.

  8. If it hits $5 I can finally afford a house in Canada… so here is to the hopeful and bountiful future. Will not sell until 2030 any number from here to then is not enough for a down payment for a house is irrelevant.

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