did DXDY use Evmos to launch their chain on Cosmos?

  1. DyDx is an app on Ethereum, so they didn’t already have their own chain. They could have moved their app from Ethereum to Evmos, which might have been easier than their plan to create a whole new chain. From my understanding, I don’t think Evmos played a part (or maybe indirectly just to learn lessons from their deployment). DyDx is planning on building a whole new, independent chain built on Tendermint.

  2. Yeah, they'll have more flexibility re: protocol design and development making an app-specific chain. Enables all sorts of bespoke functionality, very customisable.

  3. It will be interesting to see if in part Evmos paves the way with software not literally as a blockchain. It’s possible teams fork some of Evmos’ code rather than deploy on Evmos.

  4. New project Genesis L1 is a fork , will be interesting to see how it will unfold …. See if evmos is easy to copy pasta

  5. Hi there. I'm excited by all this too. I'll do my best to help. DXDY couldn't reach the thruput needed on the Etherium blockchain. What the move does is enable DYDX to up TX speed from 10 per second to thousands per second. Yes, they needed the Cosmos SDK blockchain to accomplish this. Evmos provides the link to and from the EVM (Etheruem Virtual Machine) so it's absolutely necessary. I just upped my investment in EVMOS 2xs. Just my thoughts. I've been a cosmonaut since 2019.

  6. I stand corrected. They did have the StarkSDK rollups. Maybe this is their way of getting around all that? I'm a shorrt time in crypto. About 2 years. I help where I can and appreciate all help and feedback. I'm bullish on EVMOS and Cosmos ATM. Originally bought Cosmos for under $2. Shrugs

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