Juno Whale Prop #18 is out

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  1. Before I get burned for asking this, I voted NO on the sole principle of guilty shouldn’t be writing their own verdict.

  2. Who’s to say his clients will get any of the JUNO? He controls their accounts, so I could easily see him manipulating the JUNO from those accounts.

  3. I think part of the problem is that he's been selling his staking rewards, which I would assume the community won't be getting since they're gone.

  4. My take is that he shouldn't have gotten those JUNO in the first place, so he was not even entitled to selling the JUNO he got from staking awards. It's already a compromise to not "fine" him and only take back the amount that was mistakenly given.

  5. Good to see the Validators who have voted so far have all voted No or No with Veto. Let your validators know on Twitter/Discord/Telegram/wherever the way you want them to vote.

  6. This is his own proposal which lets him keep half… err I mean “return half to his clients”. (ahem). Big fat no with veto from me. Bring on the Unity prop!

  7. Such a nonsense proposal too. Either he was allowed to receive the airdrop: therefore he should keep 100% of it, or he wasn't: therefore he should lose 100% of it, or his clients were allowed to: therefore they should receive 100% of the airdrop. His proposal is basically stealing half the airdrop from his clients, assuming he genuinely believes they are entitled to it.

  8. Ever since the Russian comment, even though it was said out of basic rage, I can't look past that. And the fact people were being paid for the last couple of weeks ever since the upgrade happened

  9. Check out the commonwealth discussions of this CCN(Whale) prop, just a bunch of praise words and juno addresses LMAO (For those who don't know, the whale has been hosting a juno giveaway on Twitter, asking people to post their juno addresses)

  10. Tbh you've probably got one of the bigger bags around here and I appreciate that you're voting against CCN. I believe lots of big players have sold recently because they feared their stack at stake.

  11. I actually had to come here to double check as haven't been following the props as closely as I should and thought prop 18 sounded sketchy. I'll be voting No.

  12. Whale is like the villian in a drama that keeps coming back from defeat. Always beats the protagonist to the punch.

  13. I don't understand how anyone who votes yes doesn't realise they're going to destroy the community and Juno as a whole. Just goes to show who cares about the project and who's a greedy bitch

  14. He keeps giving away small amounts of JUNO on Twitter to his bunch of followers. I guess there're people who just care about easy-to-get fast money...

  15. If it makes you feel any better, most of the yes votes I’ve seen only have about 20 Juno that was deposited during prop 16. Make of that what you will.

  16. gotta say that the community prop has taken way too long. i hope people and validators alike vote against this prop but we got beaten to it by the whale ... again

  17. Very surprising he didn't switch his vote from abstain to No on Prop 16 for the win at the last minute and claim that he was aligning with core 1s request.

  18. To add more information: the whale voted YES with his 3M Juno. The same Juno thats under question, so thats most of the Yes votes right now. Disingenuous at best, or to deceive people into thinking its got some support. Easy NO with Veto for me.

  19. I was gutted I missed prop16 as I wasn’t paying attention to my wallets, but not missing this one. Voted no with veto - fuck this guy with a cactus.

  20. Fairly new to the community and crypto in general. This is my first "No with Veto" vote. I've voted no before but never felt a prop was veto worthy. Until now. It's an honor to use the first veto vote on this.

  21. Ordinarily, your validator votes with your JUNO. Just as an elected congressman votes in Congress with the power of his constituents behind him. If you want to make sure that your coins are used to vote a certain way, rather than letting your validator decide, then you can vote manually and your vote will override your validator's (but only as it relates to your own coins).

  22. Don't forget that Lavender.Five Nodes validator voted Abstain and he voted for the whale also on vote 16

  23. Voted no with veto. It’s a nice feeling that for once I could see my vote counted for something and is transparent unlike in political elections lol

  24. if all the token do get burned doesnt that mean the price per token would increase at least slightly?

  25. My first time voting "No with Veto" on any proposal on any chain. If any proposal fits the paramaters of the intent of the No with Veto option this would be it.

  26. All the people who voted no and to veto should get an equal amount of juno as an airdrop of whatever is confiscated from the whale lol

  27. What is to prevent the whale from tweeting out "all addresses that vote YES get a free airdrop or JUNO' In a regular society, we have laws and enforcement. Here...what do we have? It is in the Whales best interest to hold onto his power.

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