Is goin all-in on the Cosmos ecosystem the best play for me?

  1. All in on Cosmos ecosystem is not what you think it is. One can be fully diversified across various product segments within the Cosmos ecosystem. This is like asking about going all in on erc-20 token projects. I think the answer is not an automatic "no."

  2. I understand what you are saying, and why. But don't the airdrops and staking rewards on the Cosmos ecosystem make up for that big risk?

  3. I’ve seen this before. You are aware that you are asking this on cosmos network. If you are looking for an unbiased answer try a different place.

  4. I don't need an unbiased answer. I am biased myself. I love Cosmos! I decided to ask my question here cause there's a lot of people that have had this exact same thought and also a few that went ahead and just did it! Maybe some people regretted it big-time. I am here to listen to everyone's story!

  5. This will be unpopular and probably “bad” advice, but when I see a winner, something I really believe in, and have researched, and other smart people also believe in it, I bet it all. Arnold Rothstein’s character in Boardwalk Empire said, often the play is no play at all. But when you see a great bet, you go for the jugular, and bet it all. You win the most this way. Of course you could lose the most too, but I’m here for life changing money. Not safety. Go big, or go home. Everything in crypto is a risk.

  6. I wouldn’t get rid of your projects (specifically BTC ETH & LINK) even as great as cosmos is I’d saying you’re holding enough diversification outside of cosmos that if you went all in from here on out you’d be sitting pretty

  7. Yes, I love all the project that I own. I just really feel like it's holding my back from really experiencing everything that for instance the Cosmos ecosystem can offer me. For most Airdrops I'm not even eligible because I only hold like 300 dollars in the Cosmos ecosystem, which translates to not even 2 Juno... I just feel like there's so much more potential to get out of my 2000 bucks.

  8. Anything crypto is risky. Spreading the risk around tends to be a good idea. My portfolio is cosmos-heavy but never only cosmos.

  9. Im in a similar situation as you. I have a small amount of money invested on crypto and decided to go all in on Atom. I have "diversified" withinthe Cosmos ecosystem.

  10. Never go all in on one project. Love cosmos, but there are too many variables that can lead to projects doing good or bad even if they have the best tech. Don't forget, DivX lost.

  11. Depends on your level of risk. Do you have children and responsibilities? Be more careful. Are you older and close to retirement? Be more careful. But hell if you’re in your 20s, live with your parents, and have no financial obligations then fuck it. Bet it all and hope you make the whole clan rich.

  12. Just turned 20! I have my college fund in check. Even if I lose this 2K ill be good. (might need a small loan) I got my own car and my drivers license. I know 30 yr olds that have it worse financially!

  13. If you put all your eggs in one basket... it's easier to carry all your eggs at once. And you'll make a lot more passive income over in the Cosmos. There are so many great projects over here, and honestly, they're all sovereign chains. You are diversifying by being a cosmos user. I started with Osmosis back in mid 2021 and since have grown a nice sized portfolio just from staking a d reinvesting my LP rewards. Qualified for the recent NETA airdrop as well, which was/is worth about $20,000. Airdrops alone have been worth close to 30k in the last few months if you plan for them.

  14. That's amazing, also nice little parody of the quote with the eggs! Can I assume you went the all-in route as well?

  15. I'm fully aware of all the risks, but maybe also a bit stubborn. I honestly don't see a world where cosmos isn't still a top 30 coin in 5 years. You can't tell me its not here to stay.

  16. Was it hard for you to take the big step? I have a hard time leaving projects like LINK cause I know how great they are and how much potential they have..

  17. Brilliant minds think alike - that’s exactly my small portfolio 😀. I got into crypto at a crappy time (November) and saw my initial “investment” in ADA, MATIC, DOT and VGX nosedive almost 40%. Still hold a little bit of VGX at Voyager (my first CEX), but I figured my best chance to make up my losses and actually make some money was to get out of CEX and…. Cosmos it is!

  18. The nice thing about the cosmos ecosystem is that you can go all in and still be pretty diversified. But depending on how much “all in” is, I’d say you should keep some of your ETH, BTC, etc if you already have those.

  19. 50% of my portfolio is BTC and 25% is eth. Those are actually my big bags. But I feel like having 50% BTC is so stupid for not even a fish like me.

  20. I’m in the same frame of mind. I’m contemplating trading out ADA and Decentraland for more Cosmos. Keeping BTC and eth. I’m also bullish on LINK. They seem like a solid company that does not care about token price but about the tech and price will follow. Everything else I hold is going to Cosmos eco later today. Cardano is SUCH a disappointment. Algo seems to be for Whales. I feel like cosmos ethos is for all to do alright.

  21. Please don’t sell you BTC, if you wanna leave the eth ecosystem I don’t blame you but I wouldn’t do it. Link is a great project but I’m not sure how valuable or useful the token is so I would sell. 20k Airdrops obviously won’t happen for ever so don’t do it for the airdrops, do it for the staking and the farming, airdrops are a nice plus.

  22. Yup staking and farming will be the main goal 100%! Also I love LINK. I think there's gonna be huge utility and price action once staking goes live! ETH is just doing nothing TBH, and the best my ETH will possibly give my is a 3x, I'm kind of ready to drop that coin..

  23. That's entirely up to you, i'm sure 90% of us aren't financial advisors, i personally distribute my investments amongst projects i believe in.

  24. Not a good idea. I would spread 20% on staked ATOM, OSMO and JUNO. 10% on top 10 layer ones. 70% BTC and ETH.

  25. As much as I like/love Cosmos, I'm scared of all this chain/coin proliferation. For one or another reason I've managed to miss all the good/great airdrops of last year, but it's hard to believe the manna will keep falling from the sky at this rate. When all is said and done, instead of the 5-10 tokens most people tend to have, we'all carry 100s of balances, hoping any and all of them actually DO something other than having babies with each other and multiplying. But the alternative to having all that stuff in Cosmos is to spread across the other major blockchains and instead of 100s to have 1000s of coins. Go figure!

  26. Don't go all in on any stock / share or single crypto. Build a diversified portfolio with a solid foundation of BTC + ETH then layer into L1s then 5% into risk ALTS / Gaming. Don't chase the short term gain, stay long enough and survive to see the real profit build

  27. I generally agree with most posts here about keeping a little bit in other solid projects as a hedge. I'll just add that cosmos is a little more hands on than others if you want to stay on top of things. I would play around with smaller amounts first to understand LPs, staking, compounding, which projects you like, which airdrops are worth chasing, etc. Follow this sub,

  28. Shit i owned adavand used muesliswap and then tried sundaeswap and sold straight away, what a fucked up network

  29. I have Yolo’d twice and I have lost 70% on each. The cosmos hype is dying down. Still currently a good investment. Once rewards and pools are about 60% done, there will probably be a mass exodus which could hurt prices in the short term. Just things to consider.

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