How to send my LUNA over to my Terra Station wallet from Osmosis?

  1. Keep in mind that adding luna from osmosis asset page won't allow you to stake luna on keplr. Luna network is still in "beta", so you can only receive or send. I assume you are trying to stake luna to possibly qualify for airdrops? What I did is import terra station to keplr as I'm staking luna on terra station. I hope this made sense I'm sleepy. Lol

  2. Also, since I couldn't figure it out before I just decided to provide liq to the LUNA/ OSMO pool. Am I now missing out on potential airdops? Thanks in advance!

  3. Guys! I kinda still wanna know the answer but i decided to just provide liq to the luna/osmo pool instead! (I have no idea if that was even a smart idea but oh well)

  4. It sounds like when you hit connect wallet on Terra station you chose view an address. You’ll need to choose connect via terra station wallet then connect via the browser extension. Choose recover wallet fill in the info and you should be all set! Make sure the address matches the same on terra station as it does in your keplr Terra wallet.

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