Is Cosmos the best ecosystem for Airdrops?

  1. For one, the network is rapidly growing right now and most coins of cosmos have a clear vesting schedule with a top cap implemented. Osmosis has 1 billion coins max, comdex 200 million I believe and so on and so forth ... so, with such a vast ecosystem and so many users (actually using those apps), then the demand is of course the driver.

  2. you make a good point especially the last part about people actually using the ecosystem for something. Seems to be a trend that folks create a lot of coins and only after they try to figure out what to do with them. Still i don't get on the price department why DOT has a much higher market cap than Atom.

  3. I just calculated an approximation of the Stars airdrop and with the current prices for me it would be about 500€ worth. Thats just awesome! What other ecosystem offers anything like this?

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