Raw chicken breast is sliding a lot on the cutting board when I try to cut it down into small cube-sized pieces, please give me advice

  1. Counterpoint for this (though less a beginner thing I think?) I cut mine mostly chilled, and let it thaw with the marinade/seasoning till it's ready to cook.

  2. Very basic board and knife. I found the board in the supermarket and picked it up when I moved few months ago because I did not have one, and for the knife, it was a gift from my parents, again, because I moved, although I doubt they are very good in that sense.

  3. Hi I didn’t see anyone else mention it so I wanted to say make sure you are using gentle sawing motions with your knife. I see a lot of comments about upgrading your knives but I have cheap Target knives and using the correct cutting motions really changes how things go. You don’t need to press hard at all on things like chicken breast, it’s much more about the slicing motion. I would also agree with patting your breast dry thoroughly before cutting.

  4. Hm interesting, do you have any "video" or something that I could check out about the technique of using a knife?

  5. Is the knife sharp enough to cut paper? First step is making sure the knife is truly sharp. Someone commented on the type of board, I recommend a wooden board instead of glass.

  6. I agree with all of this except the wooden cutting board. No one should be using glass, but wooden cutting boards can harbor a lot of bacteria as the wood is porous and hard to get clean and sanitary, especially when dealing with raw chicken.

  7. You got already great advices, so no need to repeat. Though I like to let you know that there will always be some sliding. It’s a lot about learning how to hold it, where and how to cut. Don’t think that it’s sliding because you are new to this, it’s always sliding. The technique will come with practice.

  8. Just like most of the comments, pat chicken dry and sharpen your knife to make cutting more easy on you. Another bonus to stabilize your cutting board surface with a wet paper towel underneath it

  9. Use a cutting board that preferably not wooden-heard it absorbs bacteria and is harder to clean but this could be inaccurate but the ones that have a rough/ridged side, it helps grip whatever u are cutting, just be sure to clean it well after to disinfect

  10. I wouldn’t recommend wood. Marinades are generally acidic, no matter how well the wood is finished, the acid from the marinades will eventually break down that finish and make the bowl porous, making it hard to clean thoroughly. Plastic is ok, but depending on the type it may impart bit of odor. Glass is much better as it has no such problems, the acid won’t break down the finish.

  11. Like you said, a sharper knife is probably the best thing. You may also want to rinse off the breast because it may have juices on it that are helping it slide. Holding down the breast with your off hand also helps. Personally i’d just invest in a good quality chefs knife. They’re worth it.

  12. For food safety it is recommended not to rinse chicken because it is so likely to splash bacteria onto other surfaces.

  13. If you are using a plastic cutting board, I find chicken tends to slid more on those. I usually use non-plastic ones for chicken. also, make sure to pat dry the chicken.

  14. As the cutting board is used more it will get grooves that will help this problem in the future

  15. Dry the chicken with a paper towel so you can get a better grip on it. Sharpen your knife some more, if your knife is sharp enough you shouldn't have to apply enough pressure that the breast will move if the breast is dry and your chopping board has enough texture. You may need a chopping board with more texture, things slipping is why I prefer a wooden chopping board as it has a little more grip, but a textured plastic one could help if you prefer a plastic board.

  16. It could be the kind of plastic of your board isn't good. I've never had chicken slip at all, and I don't pat it dry with a paper towel.

  17. I usually dry the breasts with a paper towel as mentioned to get rid of some of the slime. I have a couple of plastic boards that I use that have a little "grit" to them that probably stops the breasts from sliding as well.

  18. I hope you found good advice that helped. But since you talking about chicken breast. I was wondering about cooking frozen chicken breast in a Instant Pot, the chicken seems to always shrink, they are alot smaller when they are finished. Has anyone cooked thawed chicken breast in one and do they get smaller. I was going to try it the next time but if anybody knows.🤔 Because when I thaw it and put it in oven they stay the same size.

  19. Cutting with kitchen scissors also works. Just try not to splash raw chicken anywhere/make a note so you can disinfect accordingly

  20. For food safety it is recommended not to rinse chicken because it is so likely to splash bacteria onto other surfaces.

  21. I always use a wood cutting board and a very sharp knife, but I guess you could use a paper towel to dry it first.

  22. Dry with a paper towel. Set your cutting board on a towel to keep it stable. Sharpen your knife. All super important to do

  23. Use a damp cloth under your cutting board and make sure it’s butted up against something stable if possible

  24. Sounds like your knife is not sharp, get a sharp knife and use a honing rod before you cut. Just a few strokes so it will stay sharp for longer.

  25. Wash the chicken breast under the cold tap and pat dry with a paper towel. Also check YouTube videos for the best way to hold it whilst cutting. Try to cut it up into manageable pieces, halve it and cut into strip's then turn sideways, the chicken, and cut into chunks

  26. I like to cut mine before it's fully thawed. It's easier to cut if it's less squishy and slippery. You can also try drying it off some like another person said. If it thaws all the way, I rinse it off lightly in the sink then pat dry.

  27. I've never heard of this. Yeah wipe it down with a paper towel if you need to. You hold it with one hand and cut it with the other. It sounds like your knife is still dull.

  28. Please do not cut in between your fingers. Watch some good videos on how to hold and cut properly so you protect your fingers.

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