There is a theory that the Covid “vaccine” is population elimination. They have made it so obvious that the disease is not serious and the jab is not effective, that anyone who repeatedly takes it is self eliminating.

  1. Definitely, they have acknowledged they were killing people wi their carcinogenic talc substance… yet they STILL haven’t pulled it from the market.

  2. Absolutely a wakeup call, and it's not just that, baby formula with heavy metals, aluminum in your damned deodorant. It's madness. The world's gone mad with free money, empty, toxic food and "treatments" for every aspect of your life. The body is an alchemical wonder and doesn't need to be treated for anything when there are cures all around.

  3. The thing i dont get about this theory is that this method of population elimination would kill off the population of people who are easy to control, and leave behind people who are difficult to control.

  4. Exactly. It's literally money. The answer to any conspiracy question you may have is money. There is no magic Kabal, just several Kabals with individual goals to create power and money for its members.

  5. They problem with the "quick buck" is that its free, and was free, everywhere on earth, for every human who wanted it.. for 2+ years. They're just now starting to charge for boosters.

  6. Not necessarily. I'm far from convinced on this theory, but if controlling population levels was the goal then I'm sure the idea would be to kill ad many people as possible. Compliance wouldn't be an issue, only finding a sneaky way to reduce numbers of people.

  7. My theory is because its nothing to do with compliance, it targets weaknesses in the DNA, for example a hereditary predisposition towards developing cancer later in life, and accelerates that process.

  8. Maybe the people at the top are not threatened by us no matter what happens. In their psycho minds, maybe they are trying to further the human species. If you’re lining up for shot 3+ at this point, there is something seriously wrong with how you think. It’s a pretty smart way to get rid of all of the stupid people.

  9. To get rid of the easily fooled dumb people? If the goal is to get humanity under 100mil, why would they want the gullible idiots to survive?

  10. Have you ever been to a wealthy, small, homogeneous country? One that is clean, organized and prosperous and peaceful? With pristine natural resources?

  11. It’s exactly this. And the same conspiracy folks are the ones taking about it being on purpose and made in a lab with gain of function. Doesn’t it make more sense to do as above and then increase the gain of function so it really kills all the non vaxxed and those left alive are in general more amenable to participating in a collective society than a bunch of Ruby Ridge/QAnon types.

  12. Because the majority of people are going along with the plan. It’s the most effective and efficient way to eliminate the maximum number of people over time.

  13. Honestly, if there was a powerful secret society controlling things, that wanted to reduce the number of people, abortion would be encouraged and free, birth control would be available and free, and if that didn’t work fast enough, they could simply disrupt agricultural production for a couple years. Way, way easier than any covid/vaccine scheme.

  14. They'd also be killing off the most compliant members of society which you'd think is the opposite of what they'd want.

  15. Ummmm... abortion IS encouraged. Birth control IS free and available, and they HAVE disrupted the agricultural production. Soooooooo

  16. What better way is there to reduce the population without majorly disrupting the economic engine then have the population kill themselves with slow-acting injections poison.

  17. That doesn't have to be the conspiracy though. The conspiracy could rather be the idea that pharma companies got a huge, risk-free windfall and want to keep the gravy train rolling. The conspiracy could be that the pharma companies are the ones behind all of the pro-vaccine push, dismissing any claims of their ineffectiveness as anti-science.

  18. The idea is that boosters are supposed to be different each time so it’s effective for the current strain. I think this is the first time where they’ve been able to do that

  19. Most of the older generations and some younger generations are trained to put blind trust in doctors and institutions. They were never taught to question them just obey and do as your told and you’ll be a good person. I think I have an advantage because I was abused at such a young age my bubble of nativity burst a long time ago.

  20. The Kareem Pierre press lady isn’t calling it a booster? She made it clear they are using a different term. It’s a new vaccine. I can’t tell from your comment if you’re pro or con the new vaccine, which was apparently only tested on eight mice. Lol

  21. Yo spongey, you need to take a break from the internet because you’re soaking up a lot of shit. You haven’t found some deep dark shit, that people are just oblivious to. You’re just spewing shit and misinformation, and you’re wrong dude. If you genuinely believe you found some holy grail of evidence…that people who study science, diseases, epidemics somehow missed it, but here you found the evidence, and are presenting it on social media…if you genuinely believe you found and solved some crazy plot…then, well fuck. You’re fried.

  22. Anyone have the Harvard article that states this? Not doubting it just want proof to shown people lol

  23. Don't know about the rest of you, but I feel pretty rested after having died 3 times now from 2 shots plus the booster.

  24. I’m pretty sure you’re right because I got two shots and a booster and now I’m dead. I’m coming back just to let you know your right.

  25. So the conspiracy is that everyone that got the vaccine, including every politician, is going to get “eliminated” for population control?

  26. There are some doctors on non mainstream platforms saying that the death toll from the injections is over 500,000 and counting. I honestly believe that because many deaths won't be attributed to the shots. We'll never know the true toll. It was insanity from the beginning. No one knows what they're truly capable of and that should have been the biggest red flag. People could be ticking time bombs. It's madness on a global scale.

  27. For some reason your links are not working. It just redirects me back to this reddit post when I click your links. I think you've been censored.

  28. Ok, I know 200 people around me who took the vaccine, not one of them died, not one had complications from the vaccine. I'm not talking about 2 isolated people, but 200. How's your math working ? If there was such a high probability of death by the vaccine I should have seen it at least once within my relatives, acquaintances, friends ? But as Rudy Giuliani put it, it was ''ZE-RO''.

  29. Yeah and there are some people that will say rubbing your get on garlic will cure cancer. Someone saying shit without evidence shouldn't be taken as a fact.

  30. There are "some doctors" on media platforms saying that anti-vaxxerss are actually murdering these people, covering it up to conveniently and effortlessly to look like a covid death. Naturally, as this is a total plausible scenario. With me still? Good. They then take those victims and harvest their organs, transplanting them into regularly healthy patients. Alas, covid concerns arise and the cycle starts all over again, and this is obviously happening on a global scale given the overwhelming amount of evidence on the matter. I mean, some doctor said so...

  31. It couldn't be outright poison, that would be too obvious. If so, it would have to be limited to certain batches, or deviations in the formula.

  32. Also according to their own theory it would be killing all the compliant easy to control people leaving all the whiny science denying dimwits. In reality this whole debacle may have triggered an unintentional culling of people with their idiotic idea's.

  33. Gimme all the vaccines. Haven’t even had a sniffle in years. I’m around people with Covid pretty much every day of my working life

  34. Yeah, no. I'm not listening to someone who doesn't have a degree in immunology, whose only listed credit is that he's an editor for "The Florida Standard". You aren't all this stupid, are you?

  35. What would be the idea of eliminating the most compliant members of society? The rich and powerful know wealth and power are social constructs. Remove society and they have neither. What would any of this accomplish?

  36. Anti-vaxx sheep passing along random articles without critically thinking about them. Jonas Vesterberg is a Swedish author who lives in the United States, and his Political Science degree sheds no support of whether he is appropriate to write about science issues.

  37. He has published a book that shows off his credentials though. "Times are tough for Special Forces Major Bob Faller. According to him, gays, liberals and women are in the process of taking over America. An “African Muslim Communist” could become the next President -- and give the declining superpower up to the enemies Bob has spent his entire career fighting. As if that wasn't enough: His only daughter has defected to the Left and his distant wife has traded Jesus for yoga."

  38. Yeah the “here’s a screenshot without link or source” is a classic maneuver. They don’t want you to face check the findings they want you to sheepley believe whatever bullshit comes out of their mouth.

  39. I'm convinced it is foreign entities creating the media for the anti vaxx community by injecting this type of propaganda. They celebrate this misinformation over at /b which is ruled by controlled opposition. What better way to harm your perceived enemy from afar than use their own paranoia and twist a dangerous narrative within its community. The internet has been weaponized.

  40. Please acknowledge, at the very least, that there IS a difference between Anti-Vaxxers (who have absurdly decided that ALL pre-2021 vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary) and Anti-Covid-Vaxxers (the people who have cautiously questioned the safety and effectiveness of a new type of vaccine never before deemed safe for human trial that just happened to be ready to battle a new chimaeric virus of questionable provenance within a matter of months without having been subjected to even the minimum amout of testing and study for approval as all other vaccines have undergone)? Can you at least do that?

  41. You don’t know the difference between a study and an abstract and neither does the garbage source for the article. Or they do and are willfully manipulating.

  42. I also am skeptical of an article talking about a vaccine calling it "jab" sounds like some media manipulation conspiracy theorists love to talk about. But it's not MSM so it's a legit source and is ok!

  43. A good rule of thumb when looking at these reports - and people's total anti-covid vax diatribes - is whether not they look at the risk benefit over time with the evolved variations. Do they mention the milder omicron? Or do they use current data to deny that the original vax programme kept hospitals and ICU wards from overflowing and saved millions of lives from the original strains?

  44. Hey Fuck-Face11, just so you know, the "nonprofit" that funded the study that the article quotes (Wellcome Trust Society), has huge financial stakes in companies that want to sell Covid therapeutics, as opposed to vaccines. So, follow the money. It's not hard to find a professor willing to manipulate some data and put their name on a paper in exchange for a generous "consulting" fee.

  45. How do you think we made it from the Wright Brothers to Space flight, pal? Probably took the advice D+ high school students who never subjected themselves to feedback from their qualified counterparts? Right…

  46. I was literally one of the fist to be vaccinated as a first responder. It’s been two years. I’ve had all three. I’m healthier than ever and I’ve watched my friends MAGA parents die unvaccinated.

  47. My My My… unattributed screenshot that OP could have made in MS PowerPoint. With such compelling evidence, they have won me over on this life or death issue.

  48. I work in long term care with some of the most vulnerable, elderly, frail chronically ill people in the state I live in. We have outbreaks of flu and stomach bugs all the time. Before vaccines it was absolutely unbelievable, covid wrecked them, they died in high numbers, got serious pneumonias, blood clots, strokes, weird neurological issues - a mess. I know 2 people under 40 who were on ventilators and ECMO for months. Now I know at least 500+ long term care residents that are vaccinated, all my co-workers, all my classmates in grad school, all healthcare workers in my state - I know NO ONE that has died from the vaccine - or any weird unknown reason, not one. If the vaccine is SoOoOoO deadly and WAY more deadly then covid why do I know more unvaccinated people that have died from covid and not one person who has died from the vaccine or some unusual circumstance after the vaccine?

  49. And there is a TON of evidence that it works but I don’t want to debate that - just literally open your eyes and look around you because the majority of people are vaccinated and we aren’t dropping like flies.

  50. Man, you just come EVERYWHERE and announce you have no trouble believing the official narrative. Certainly government would NEVER lie to you and cull the numbers.

  51. So all the people who stand to benefit are the best source of information? I know this guy running a Ponzi scheme, he has some information for you. I'll send him over.

  52. uhm my sister gave me and my mom covid like a half a week ago 3 days and im fine but my mom who is unvaxinated is still fucked up in bed so i mean what the fuck are yall talking about

  53. Many naysayers on this thread, and that's okay; we need robust debate on topics such as this that was a large part of the last few years. Might I point out though that anyone that had hesitancy of being vaccinated were not given the same opportunity. All of that being said this abstract/study is one data point. But every day another report on the vaccines comes out about effects on kids, negative efficacy, "sudden adult death", the motility of protein spikes, the deposition of protein spikes in the reproductive organs, and I could go on and on. At the very least could we all agree that a person should not be made to take this vaccine? Is there enough of an air of doubt that a person could have unabashed concerns and that those that believe the vaccine is beneficial could refrain from shaming their counterparts?

  54. The vaccine is not as good as anticipated. Probably because it's for a virus that we eradicated and we have a different virus now. Which the new vaccine has a good chance of working for - not enough data yet.

  55. You with your “facts” on a conspiracy sub. Get out of here. This place is for mouth breathers circle jerking over misinformation…

  56. There’s a purported “healthcare worker” currently in this thread posting elsewhere that they’ve personally seen a billion deaths themselves, due to the vaccine.

  57. I don’t know that they’re smart or focused enough to actually make it a “population control” vaccine. This was basically a $$$ grab. I doubt any pharma company in recent years has actually had any interests in mind besides their own pockets. Sometimes they hit a jackpot that also cures people. Occasionally they make (or buy out) a treatment that has a lot of shitty side effects and occasionally helps people. A lot of times they have recalls and severe adverse reactions.

  58. For sure like you said pharmaceuticals have their place as occasionally they can help people but a lot of them can be dangerous too. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole doesn’t care as long as they get their money.

  59. Ah yes, that deranged conspiracy to depopulate the world utilizing a vaccine which achieved literally the opposite by any available evidence.

  60. Oh yes because the globalist elite absolutely want to eliminate the compliant leaving only the radicalized right wing with the guns alive.

  61. The new vaccine booster they are pushing right now was never tested on humans, we are the Lab rats now and they aren't even hiding that anymore.

  62. My theory is that they don’t want to eliminate people, they want them sick and weak. There is no money in reducing the population, treating illnesses however $$$.

  63. Is Smoking Cigarettes another example? If yes, then there’s some proof that people are willing to eliminate themselves insidiously on a massive scale globally.

  64. I think the thing that is going to finally break our spirits is in the next 20 years, as a measurable percentage of the population dies off, is the complete manufactured silence that will follow every single instance it occurs.

  65. Sorry for saying this but if you tend to trust governments corporations or big pharma you are complete idiot. Remember they are not here to heal us and they are not here to help us.

  66. Honestly I thank God and Trump every day for the vaccines. My mother is a stage 4 cancer patient with 1 lung. Because of the vaccine, covid only midly affected her. It has also protected my father, my daughter, and I. Unfortunately, some others in my family did not trust the vaccine that Trump funded and made available to us ..... my aunt and others in my extended family who were not vaccinated died of covid.

  67. Crazy idea but what if the vaccine doesn't work because its actually a vaccine for a super deadly disease they have yet to release that will wipe out all the dissenters who didn't take it? Why would they want to kill all of their stupid obedient slaves?

  68. Bro anyone who has COVID really bad would punch you in the face for saying this. I know a few people who got it real bad and someone who died from it. Just cause u got lucky doesn’t mean it’s “not serious”.

  69. CDC in 2017/2018: "Early treatment with antivirals, do Not Wait for a positive test, start killing the virus immediately”

  70. Actually read the paper. It’s for young healthy people that risk / reward favors not getting the shot. So it’s narrowly tailored. So you disagree with the conclusion of the paper itself?

  71. So sick of hearing about Covid conspiracies. It’s real and the vaccines to date have proven overwhelmingly that the benefits outweigh the risk. There’s literally billions of shots given. The data is there.

  72. Billions of people have taken the vaccine, if it were that dangerous you would see 100s of millions dying. Moreover, what possible motive could the supposed people in control have for killing off that much of the population? You do that and all supply chains collapse. The global economy is destroyed. That’s not a “great reset,” that’s complete Apocalypse, the destruction of civilization. This would adversely effect the ruling class too.

  73. Seriously people, stop believing this stupid anti-vaccine bullshit. It's like you all turn your brains off when it comes to vaccines. This is ridiculous. Why don't we all just go back to gargling urine and putting leeches on our balls. Vaccines are not poison. What the fuck is wrong with you people.

  74. Covid vaccines have wiped out every living man woman and child in the world and the only ones left are alien replicants who look like us and talk like us but aren't really us.

  75. It was really well thought out. Anyone who has invested into the lie (i.e. booster fans) will never admit being wrong and will blame the other side (un-vaxxed) for any future illness.

  76. Where is the actual article? This is fake as shit. The supposed archive link that the mod added for some dumb ass reason leads nowhere. How does a conspiracy sub not catch simple shit like not having an actual article or no working link? Letting obviously fake shit ride in here takes away legitimacy from all the bullshit that actually is happening.

  77. Most of the free thinkers here wouldn't be here free thinking if not for vaccines received throughout their lives. Are those different? They were made by the same Big Pharma. Distributed by the same Evil CDC and Big Brother Gov't. Enlighten me?

  78. Oh geez Louise, another vaccine post! Let's eliminate science and all be cave men again ugh ugh bug a bug!

  79. Anti vaxxers in 2022 are some of the dumbest people on the planet, hands down. Watching y'all talk about random bullshit is whatever, but this kind of conversation got loads of people killed

  80. I just can’t buy into this conspiracy because it seems like the least effective ‘depopulation’ effort ever. Some group or government has made a fake vaccine that according to this one study MIGHT make 3 guys hearts a little bigger for ever 22,000+ doses? That’s the Deep State secret weapon to depopulate the earth?

  81. The company that invented ivermectin was caught with a social media manipulation campaign to discredit doctors who opposed their products.

  82. Funny then how trump, carlson, beck, etc are all vacced, hmm? I'm sure they would give it to them just to kill them too.

  83. I feel the governments who banned abortion is just trying to be able to repopulate to help compensate from all the deaths since COVID and counting. All the states did a national head count Census just before Covid hit. I believe there is other means being used to cause excessive cardiovascular deaths and cancer. They can arm small UAV/drones with radiation type weapons and wipe over half the population before people realized what was even going on. They would just blame it on something else. You can Google drone swarms and see all the reports of massive drone swarms in multiple states just before Covid got started.

  84. In other news… the FDA has said the whole wear a mask and social,y distance is all made up and has no basis in science.

  85. The virus evolves but evolution doesn’t guarantee improvement. It could evolve to be more infectious but only slightly annoying which would be an improvement to it’s success as a virus because killing your host too quickly will end the survival of the gene.

  86. Can someone link the actual article? A google search of the title and author name doesn’t bring it up…. Suspicious.

  87. You should look up Jonas Vesterberg. I’m sure with a real legit journalist, hundreds of articles should pop up right?

  88. Honestly I think its brilliant. If we cull we start with the stupid. People who cover thine eyes and ears and refuse the reality of their 5 senses, refuse to acknowledge what's happening right in front of them in favor of a spoon fed narrative self selecting themselves is brilliant. Just don't jab kids, as they cannot make their own informed consent.

  89. You got a source of the picture with words? Where's the article with that headline, so we can read the whole story?

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