Can anyone decipher this? What does this mean?

  1. He’s telling them how much black kids loved him when he was a lifeguard. He slipped up and called them roaches which is what he’s been calling them for years. You can see him hesitate a little when he messes up. Judge Joe Brown is on record as witnessing Biden call black children cockroaches on the capital steps somewhere. Probably when he was fighting desegregation and polishing KKK leader dick

  2. I had seen this video before but I NEVER made a connection about what the hell he means when he says roaches. With peanuts-for-brains over there I just assumed he was being completely non-sensical. Putting this together now has revealed a new level of disgust I have towards that PoS…

  3. I mean, yeah, our standards were at their lowest when we let Trump run the country, LOL, this guy's at least a step up.

  4. I can’t find a single thing on google mentioning his use of the word roaches aside from a couple things on like Facebook but zero articles. Snopes has one but they only mention the “hairy legs” as being the weird thing he said. Seriously how was that not addressed? Like he didn’t even have to try and explain that one we all just were like “guess he must’ve meant something else 🤷🏻‍♂️”

  5. Make fun of it all you want, but this was the clip that single handedly got him all those votes

  6. I don’t get what you mean. What significant demographic would vote for him based on creepy comments about kids? The pedophile community is not large enough to matter

  7. Right!! Someone posted his political picture where there’s one attached and one unattached. Both here are unattached so which is it. Now I’m intrigued! This is the first I’m hearing of this! 🤣

  8. the plastic surgery theory is very plausible, you more often than not have your earlobes tightened during a “face lift” but he’s a fuckin satanic demon at this point tbh

  9. Corn Pop was trying to beat his ass for being a p3d0 to those kids!!! Corn pop was a good dude.

  10. He’s clueless; he’s never had to face consequences for anything he says; he’s just used to people kissin his ass. So he could literally say he’s a child molester in front of everyone and they would just applaud.

  11. Translation: "Im Joe Biden and I'm running to be your next Senator and sociopathic puppet overlord. I am open and honest about my pedophilic persuasion if you listen close enough. I can pander to blacks while referring to them as cockroaches simultaneously... and still win an election because you are just that stupid, Citizen. "

  12. If y’all cared as much about past and present republicans in powers’ racism and pedophilia as you do about his we might actually get somewhere and that would be really great

  13. Time to get someone in there that's under 40. Fucking sad that the only thing half the politicians know about technology is working Twitter. Shit both Trump and Biden are old and rich enough to have personally known slaves.

  14. attached ear lobe joe there. that must be the real one because that wind bag has always been a babbling idiot. the body double is a bit more intelligent.

  15. Does not matter anymore. This man could come straight out and say he likes the company of a child and nothing would happen anyways. This is disgusting

  16. My man just called black kids roaches. I love how fucked up this shit it is. Watching the world burn👋🏼🇺🇸

  17. It’s like he finds the worst possible thing he could say, and then says it in the worst possible way. This one’s not much better than the last.

  18. Ya he's a turd for sure, and he still beat Trump. At least he's not talking about how he wants to bang his daughter like old trumpo

  19. Um... we all know this is a deep fake, right? As of this typing there are over a hundred comments that all seem to take this kind of seriously (with some fun jokes along the way). Or maybe you're all just kidding, and maybe I'm too dense (and too old) to understand this level of communal satire. If so, you guys are way cooler than I'll ever hope to be. But if not I've gotta start avoiding this sub. Can someone gently let me know what's going on here?

  20. Hummmm I wonder where all the Biden supporters are? When there is actual video proof of him being his kid sniffing pedophile self they are mysteriously silent

  21. this is quite literally “the most powerful man in the world” there truly is no greater conspiracy, just because it’s now them fully conspiring against us - don’t get it twisted

  22. The problem with that line of reasoning is it discounts the possibility of you know, conspiracy. Something could be leaking through these odd sentences strung together, his memory recollection. It could be code for something whether or not he, the speaker, even knows.

  23. I don’t see the conspiracy, btw it’s funny that an old man with a lot of problem and probably showing sign of dementia is still better than the orange one.

  24. If anyone can, it’s the conspiracy armpit of Reddit. I love this subreddit. Y’all have way too much time to conjure the bullshit, but it’s funny to read.

  25. He knows about the roaches and the kids jumping in his lap. He's loved the kids jumping on his lap. This is proven by his hairs having been flattened down and watched as they pop back up when dry.

  26. trump said a lot of similar weird stuff … but most went unheard. But still …. I wonder if there was really no other candidate available 🙄 but hey, who am I to ask such a question. We had chancellor kurz here in austria …

  27. Lol we don't get a choice. Ever year I have written someone in & every year its either a Democrat or republican in office. Maybe once we all realize they don't have our interests at heart things can change.

  28. It’s a demented pedophile reminiscing his younger years of abusing children. The stumbling over words is part dementia and part realizing he almost slipped.

  29. I told people about this bozo for years and Noone listened, all my posts where mysteriously down voted into oblivion. Watch the confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas. This dude is a joke.

  30. LOL is this real? If it is, how can anyone vote for this. I get it, everyone hated the orange man but Jesus this is bad. He basically called black kids roaches. That’s racist. Im not surprised though, he’s said a lot of racist stuff in the past. The country is doing just terrible right now.

  31. We only ever get nasty pieces of work in office, its about time we actually get the real people who owned this country to begin with, in power

  32. It means he's a racist p3d0 who got a kick out of kids touching him and a guy nicknamed "cornpop" confronted him about it. That's what this story was about....this disgusting pos should've had his career destroyed by this one story alone...

  33. My dad kinda evens me out on subjects like this. Could it be taken out of context? Of course. Could it be dementia? Again, yes. But what about his stutter? It’s more the content that concerns me.

  34. He's actually giving away the names and coordinates of CIA safehouses in Eastern Europe. You need to have the proper key through which to filter his seemingly innocuous words. Otherwise you're gonna sit there and wonder to yourself, "Why the fuck is the president talking incessantly about his own hairy legs!?"

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