Various food processing plants around the country are being destroyed. Is this just another part of The Great Reset?

  1. I live 5 miles from this plant and it did not hit any part of the actual building but rather a back lot where semi trailers are keep (they were empty btw). There is a small airport about a mile from the plant where the plane took off.

  2. No way I buy that. A small plane crash is obviously best explained as part of a global plot to induce food shortages.

  3. They shoulda had Barry Seal flying the plane. He wouldnt have missed the building. They screwed themselves over with this one.

  4. Anyone who has went grocery shopping in the last few months knows how much more expensive food is becoming. Shortages are on the way, and I hope that everyone is prepared. It’s not too late to start your own garden, and you should familiarize yourself with the local farmers and understand what assets you have around you within walking distance. I feel bad for anyone living in those concrete jungles. Your entire well being is dependent on others. It’s downright scary.

  5. Worked in flour factories where the air quality was regulated by OSHA and the company in question was a constant violator for these quality controls and ended up having a massive fire when airborne particulate met a tiny spark (Static Electricity)

  6. I know exactly what you’re talking about. There’s an explosion rating used in dust facilities where contents could explode. Look up ATEX ratings. It’s a classification based on temperature and dust/vapor/liquid concentration.

  7. Not dumb fucks... these fuckers are wise as serpents, and you bet that every move they make is calculated.. so much so that every move the mass populace makes, is precisely the move these chaos coordinators intended... These Controlling few, the ones who do the bidding of demons, have buy one basic strategy, the sad thing is it’s worked for centuries without them having to alter the thesis vs antithesis = synthesis Hegelian dialectic, if people would wake up to the role fear plays in this strategy it would all but render them powerless... the true power lies in the people! If only we would stop living outside of righteousness, rebelling from our Makers Created purpose: to starve out our innate wicked hearts, our selfish nature, to live as brothers and sisters who only have love for one another and our Creator

  8. Noone will "play nice". People will have to do things they never wanted to do. Once we see the run on the supermarkets....trucks getting hit on the highways and byways's on.

  9. Don’t worry we’ve got a driver who said, “Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that tanker. You want to get out of here? You talk to me.”

  10. They’re all probably owned by the same entity and about to consolidate into one megacorp that will supply the entire world. Think like Amazon level but for food supply

  11. Is there a list of these destroyed food plants destroyed? It would take a lot of incidents, or a few enormous ones, to meaningfully effect food supply.

  12. Nope. Guarantee it's corporate sponsored arson scam to double dip into their taxpayer funded trough,and collect insurance money as well. Then, they can get even more loans to rebuild the plants up to actual safety standards and not have to pay a dime because they can then turn around and write it off as a loss.

  13. It could also be that we just let go all standards for the last two years and a lot of things have gotten out of code. Specifically speaking to all the machine fires.

  14. All great comments, however I think it’s all good old fashioned fraud(insurance) and building up monopolies

  15. I’m lol at this video! Food Shortage supplies? For potato chips and general mill products lmfao ohhhh nooo people can’t get the products that have made them fat,sick and stupid! This is a fact. Burn down coke next please! If they start burning down health foods then get at me. There is fight between good n evil rn. And may this look bad it’s actually amazing! Nestle building? Good! You know fox is bilderberg media right? Well now you know. Don’t get emotional when you read this. Prove me wrong and discuss. If you can I have no problem saying you are right! Read through the bs these script readers are saying on the legacy media. It’s not mainstream anymore. It’s hill billy media now Edit:since my reply the op deleted the tucker video discussion on fox about processing plants getting burned down. Making the whole discussion and idiots replying even more sketchy aka bots

  16. Its from the climate change!! Start using plastic straws and following a vegan diet! Together we can make a difference!!

  17. Lol get the coke factory too! All that processed crap they been pumping us up with getting addicted to making the population sick,obese and ignorant af….right? Lol

  18. Ten years ago there was a documentary "American Blackout " about the grid going down. There were groups fighting and one scene caught my attention. The scene where this young guy had a can of peaches. An older man approaches and demands the can of peaches. Both fight for the can and the younger guy beats the older guy over the head with the can of peaches. That was fiction. I can only imagine if the food supply is cut short and all those pretentious liberals in NYC, California, Chicago and every democratic run hell hole city make demands on being prioritize in the food line.

  19. This honestly sounds like a terrorist attack. I think normally this would be all over the news followed by a presidential press briefing. The only reason why they wouldn’t address the issue is if they are the ones doing it.

  20. I don't know whats going on exactly, but I feel like anyone who doesn't think we are under attack from something is a fool. After 911 there was such a. Feeling of unity and come togetherness and everyone knew we qwree under attack. Why not now?

  21. Because the mentally unwell magacult wasn’t a thing then as it is now. Plus because of the gaslighting no one knows what is truth or not.

  22. Maybe the causes of most of the fires was well known and not intentional and not connected? Most people who were even old enough to have been a working person during 9/11 but were conspiracy theorists actually dissolved the identity of the attackers in their mind into a conspiracy that made no sense.

  23. I’ve noticed this happening in the UK more too since I’ve been seeing these posts. Bare with me and I will see if I can find articles (while looking after a lovely yet lively 2 year old)

  24. It’s not a food shortage. It’s a food deficiency. Until you no longer can buy milk, eggs, or bread at multiple stores we don’t have a food shortage.

  25. More likely these businesses are suffering at the moment so a few fires happened, then claim insurance money and cash out…

  26. We are being attacked. We are now living in the beginning of the American communist uprising... they can only win by forcing our hands. If we have no money and no food then we would have no choice but to beg... btw tons of wildfires as well this year... guaranteed and it has absolutely nothing to do with power lines. It's 100 percent being done on purpose to keep our eyes away from the real problems... get ready boys and girls... shits about to get real wild

  27. I’m a Fox News guy and mainly republican but I wouldn’t give Tucker C the time of day. His content is absolutely garbage.

  28. I believe that Russian operatives are doing this to create chaos in America because interfering with the All You Can Eat lines at the Goden Corral will create civil unrest…lol

  29. I work at a food processing plant in GA and a week ago two inspectors we never saw before came in and demanded to be allowed into the silo. Ordinarily we wouldn't let that happen but the manager looked weird that day and let them do it. When they came out I'm 80% sure they were wearing different clothes then when they went in. Since then sick days have been up by 130% and i can no longer sleep 5 hours a night. Might be coincidence but just putting some facts out there.

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