WEF Advisor Says Global Elite ‘Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’ to Live

  1. 100%. I don’t need the vast majority of population to live either, but that doesn’t mean I want them to die. Who gives a shit what I say I need? And who gives a shit what they want?

  2. Remember that meeting where the billionaires were asking this tech guy how to control their guards who might turn on them?

  3. And once the infrastructure and technology is in place to replace us it's game over. We are slaves 2.0 and 3.0 is coming in the form of sophisticated automated AI. Tables are being turned here and rather quickly I might add.

  4. But they don't. Fully or partially automating driving makes a huge chunk of the population not needed. Retail and office work can already be heavily reduced, they're working on farming and cooking.

  5. The funny thing is, he's a classic midwit. I've read his book, Sapiens, and there is absolutely nothing but reductionism and snark in there. If he is an advisor to the global elite, we have nothing to fear.

  6. They all are, even Elon comes across as a uninlightened half wit most of the time. I think these people really have no wisdom in them. Clever, yes, but thick as fuck.

  7. They are just miserable bored pricks. They don’t have anything to do all day other than piss and moan because they don’t have to work because they have so much goddamn money. They are too stupid to realize that it is themselves that they hate, and they are just projecting it on to everyone else.

  8. Indeed. And rather than get angered by a few words plucked from an hour's interview, I thought I'd give the whole thing a listen. The same limp, mundane idealism you find in his books.

  9. He is Israeli... You would think he would have have grown up learning more of a sensitivity than most about how you DON'T start labeling groups of people as "useless," "less than," or "vermin."

  10. So he thinks the bulk of the useless people will just turn to drugs and video games to ease the meaninglessness of their life. I think he missed the boat, we're been solidly at that stage for about a decade now.

  11. Totally agree. But you ever try to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped? Government is of the people. t least supposed to be. And the people are sick so that’s the representation they get. And those in power work hard to make people sick. It’s all very evil shit.

  12. It’s so hard to listen to this asshole. But I’m going to force myself to do it. I think he’s probably telling us what’s going to happen more than anyone else. Thanks for this.

  13. He's not a zionist he's just Jewish. If you read his stuff you would know that he's a good, thoughtful person who cares about people and wants a future that is more positive for more people.

  14. People here are really shitting on Harari, even though he's not advocating for these horrible developments. He is warning everyone that horrible shit might happen. E.g. Increasing inequality, workers made redundant from automation, surveillance state, corporations getting becoming powerful than governments.

  15. Harari is gay and there are no gay virgins. There are very few standards within that community when it comes to sex.

  16. Yeah, for a weak body, hideous form lacking all attractive quality, homosexual, sub-genius, with multiple potentials for congenital and genetic disorders given his ethnicity, in a world that classically hates his “race”, whose nation is surrounded by “enemies”, he sure talks a lot about beings who don’t deserve to exist. . .

  17. If you’re wondering whom he is referring to. If you were considered “non-essential” during the beginning of covid.. that be you.

  18. This guy is a hack that doesn’t deserve the attention he gets. He produced some pseudoscientific book years ago that these elite eat up. He’s a fraud. He spouts insane rhetoric that’s highlighted to get these reactions

  19. Likewise, the majority of humaity does not need any of these elites to live. In fact, we'd probably be far better off that way.

  20. What have you done for me lately? is the motto of the WEF and corporations all around the world. Instead of valuing people for their positive characteristics they value people on how useful are you to benefiting their lives and companies. We should all strive to be as useless as possible at this point. We've tried the opposite and look where it got us. They want to kill us off anyway.

  21. Bitter little man… probably grew up having his little head shoved into lockers and wants his revenge (as he shakes his tiny fist in the air using “big“ words we don’t understand)

  22. He's talking in terms of the economy. Not your overall value as a human being. This is exactly what we are seeing - more people lacking skills to make it in the world economy.

  23. When they talk in terms of economy they are talking in terms of demographics. The term “Human Resources” should come to mind

  24. Yep, and describing a situation rather than advocating anything. I think he's very misguided to get involved with the WEF though.

  25. A narcissistic/psychopathic mindset driven to the maximum degree. Where if people aren't "useful", somehow they don't deserve to exist. What a depraved mindset, representing the lowest form of sentient life, devoid of respect for life, empathy, compassion, etc.

  26. See the plan is to eradicate the planet, anyone who opposes mysteriously will vanish. The travesties are endless, the list is gigantic. The stakes have been raised, time to wheel in the cannons. It's propaganda andd all they gotta do is turn on the cameras. They'll say anything to make it all look random, as they hide the keys to unlock the answers. They make us free thinkers feel like we're the radicals.

  27. They were made that way. Maybe don't see people thru the eyes of lizards :) people are all special, even the ones with their heads 10' deep in the sand. ;)

  28. These motherfuckers wouldn't last long on their own. And they are delusional to think they have the technology to transcend...stupid motherfuckers think they have genetic modification figured out and it's an absolute failure.

  29. That’s what Elon Musk really meant when he said we should all be afraid of AI. It wasn’t because there was a threat of AI’s rising up and overthrowing humanity, it was because with such advanced AI, they don’t need us worker bees to do their bidding anymore.

  30. Guess who the first to go would be? The homeless, the disabled, the unemployed, the old and anyone else that isn’t contributing to or going along with their utopia of control and oppression.

  31. We don't need a vast majority of elites or the ruling class to live. Which is why the elites and ruling class don't really want large, well educated populations. They want people complacent with bread and circuses.

  32. They are the ones causing the Shit to Hit the Fan. The point of the article is why and how they intend to live and thrive while the vast majority die

  33. How about countries start getting things right within their own borders and ending corruption within their governments before these lunatics start pretending they have all the answers to running the entire damn world. Shit, corruption runs deep on the city and state level, and even on a much larger scale nationally. Anyone with a functional brain would see the problems that are going to manifest under a NWO at this point in society.

  34. Huh? What happened to "There is no global elite"? Now there is? What a surprise. Guess there's no more conspiracy to shut down than, instant facts.

  35. And we don't need them. The ancient Persians had a great way to deal with people scumbags, we should try it with these globalists.

  36. Not only this one. Another one of their kind Jane Goodall recently stated that population should go back to what it was 500 years ago. It's a reduction of 90%!

  37. Futurist? Lol that’s the stupidest thing I’ve read today. Im also a futurist then because im constantly thinking of the days that never existed yet. Lol

  38. Here is what I don’t get, if what he’s saying is true and the depop agenda is in fills won’t why is someone like trudaue flooding canada with 3rd world “useless eaters” ?

  39. I really wanna watch billionaires like Bloomberg try to grow a tomato. "What so hard about farming? You just stick a seed in the ground and add water." said the dwarvish multi-billionaire, during his brief (only visible on high speed cameras) presidential run.

  40. This guy also doesn’t believe in Free Will. He’s a smart guy but why do we need him? I have yet to see how he and several other intellectuals actually justify their existence while they talk like this.

  41. Cue, massive nuclear first strike, then anyone with Nukes will strike out at anyone they perceive as an enemy(goodbye the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Europe) USA and parts of Russia have parts not directly hit.. China takes hits and smacks both Russia and USA also smacks North and South in their respective mouths, World population reduced from 8 billion down to a radioactive 3 billion, no worries though, radiation, famine and a multitude of natural and unnatural diseases (bio-weapons) take care of the rest of what is left of humanity..

  42. He said that humans are hackable animals. The funny thing is that he also said, that he does not want people to hack his mind and find out the things that are going around there. No comment.

  43. Start listening at 16:20 to hear his thought regarding the unnecessary population. But do continue listening to hear about the benefits of hacking the human brain and other gems.

  44. The WEF is worse than Nazis. This article should be shared with everyone you know to warn people about thr WEF. It really fits in with the last 3 years of bullshit we have seen.

  45. He's not any kind of advisor, but a historian/writer/public speaker, who often speculates about disturbing shit that might happen in the future.

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