The Trump story for dummies like me..

  1. I think this counrty has been Long sold out wayyyyyy before trump and the Only reason that half of you are Now aware of it IS because of Ultra "Dank" Maga Memes and Q+

  2. Trump took a bunch of documents about either how we build nukes or where we store nukes or the nuke launch process and kept them basically unsecured in his house


  4. The MSM is saying this? Where? I thought I was a mad genius for thinking this. Damnit! Can you send me a link from a Maddow story or something? I mean, since it’s SO mainstream.

  5. What’s remarkable about this new thread of BlueAnon is that it gets all the narrative gardeners in this sub, the people who constantly play antagonist and “lol” at everything posted here, to finally buy into a conspiracy. That it’s a midwit fallacy fully supported by all corporate press isn’t even of note to them, which is what makes them unremarkable.

  6. This is all business as usual. Our leaders are required by the powers that shouldn't be, to betray us each and every day, each and every hour.

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