Trump is being investigated for espionage.

  1. I think the in-between is this is made for TV politics. Each side having thier deepest biases confirmed. Trump is as dangerous as they think he was or the deep state is as bad as they think it is. Either way there's a room full of rich dudes laughing at how easy we're manipulated.

  2. My favorite sub theory so far is that the LIV Golf tour is an elaborate cover to get Saudis to Trump properties to enable the transfer of documents in person rather than risk electronic transfers and NSA monitoring. I didn’t have Phil Mickelson on my conspiracy bingo card.

  3. The current president isn’t interacting with the DOJ like the last one did. It isn’t him. It’s the DOJ doing their job.

  4. Lmao this is why we need DeSantis NOW. They got nothing on him the Democrats would be having FITS trying to stop him or go after him. It would be hell for them. This just seems straight out of a movie. Like it's all set up for are entertainment. I suggest doing the opposite of whatever the establishment wants which is Trump vs Biden or Trump vs Hillary. DeSantis would bring a sense of respectability and decency back to the Republican party I haven't seen in my life. Also would have basically the same policys as Trump but also go after the vaccines and NWO clowns like he did with the Soros lawyer

  5. Well, let's see.. so he was accused of watching call girls pee in his bed while in Russia. He was accused of colluding with Russia to overthrow our Government. He was accused of trying to overthrow an election. He was accused of saying White Supremacist's are good people. He was accused of flushing notes down a White House toilet and many other things too numerous to list.

  6. There are people commenting in here that don't even realize the entire Steele dossier was a complete fabrication. Anyone who's been paying attention should know whats really going on at this point.

  7. Trump leaked it to conservative media before it was unsealed to the public so they could get a jump start on building the narrative.

  8. Plus, as we saw in impeachment trials through reliable and responsible investigations, he was clearly a Russian asset too so basically he’s loyal to every country but America. Man it’s a good thing we figured all of this out three months before the midterms and two years before a potential Trump WH campaign. Can you imagine if we weren’t informed of this HUGE AND SHOCKING development until a few days before ballots! I mean, the social media platforms wouldn’t be interested in that kinda news so it’s a good thing we’re learning of it now.

  9. He could yes, for a Federal crime. But he can’t pardon him for a state crime such as the tax evasion investigation in NY or election fraud investigation in GA.

  10. I'd be interested to know what kind of security training the president is given. Seems like someone's full time job should be properly handling classified documents.

  11. It's the job of a whole lot of people to handle classified documents. And even the lowest level GS scale employee is required to take yearly mandatory federal record keeping training. Where you learn things like why it's a felony to remove records, and an even bigger felony to share classified information. It's not rocket science, and he did get training in it. But like many other things, he refused to follow the letter of the law.

  12. lol pretty sure they could do a year long course on security and the only things that would penetrate Trumps brain would be when they mentioned his name.

  13. After the events of the last five years, is anyone really gullible enough to think there is anything behind this raid?

  14. It wasn't Stalin that said that, and just because someone once said that they abused their power it doesn't follow that Trump couldn't have done anything wrong.

  15. Well, I for one am certainly confident in the ability of the political figures responsible for RussiaGate to thoroughly and objectively evaluate the possibility that Trump is an international spy. Again.

  16. The trump campaign totally did collude with russia though lol. Come on guys, that propaganda point is so bad at this point in time.

  17. So many Russian bots (probably controlled by a single basement dweller) in here butt hurt and trying to deflect to anything else. I suggest you try hyping climate change, as the earth will be hotter next year than donny is right now, or the fact that rain is toxic to drink

  18. Have you noticed the coordinated Trump hatred on the thread? Hmm looks like someone is trying to control the narrative after fucking up massively. The Deep State just isnt what it used to be.

  19. Trump wasn't investigated for Russian collusion. The investigation was into collusion in his campaign. Which actually resulted in the indictments. 26 of whom were Russian nationals and 7 high ranking Trump campaign officials that lied to the FBI.

  20. Great defense, “he’s under so many federal investigations at the same time, that they should all be dropped” lol

  21. This may blow your mind, but there can be multiple investigations into a person or entity that run in parallel.

  22. The Jan 6th committee was never meant to be anything other then a fact finding mission, that apparently both sides have been asking for but one side seems extremely butt hurt they actually did it.

  23. This time isn't the same as the other 20 times. This time they got him. And I am on this train until he is arrested. It isn't some fake dossier created by Hillary, isn't him looking into Joe Biden's actions in Ukraine, isn't him not paying $700 taxes. Jan 6 investigations. This time it is true and he will be arrested.

  24. This at a time where then Vice President now President Biden got his son a board seat on a corrupt Ukrainian energy company years before starting a conflict and funneling billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars into that same country. We have no idea how deep this spans on either side, but pretending that it's only one side is rather naïve.

  25. In my experience "both sides are bad" is code for "I know my side is wrong but I'm not going to admit it"

  26. Sure yeah the FBI totally planted evidence as if the case against a former president prosecuted under the espionage act would never be examined with the biggest magnifying glass in the world. Just think of the consequences if some keyboard detective on

  27. Democrats have moved from Trump colluded with Russia to Trump has to be impeached for his Ukraine call to Trump has to be impeached for January 6th to Trump has to be charged with crimes for January 6th to Trump improperly took documents he declassified. It’s hysterical to watch

  28. First…The cigar club meetup between Manafort and Kilimnik. Second…he WAS impeached for his quid pro quo with Zelensky but R in senate are bunch of pussies. Third…he WAS impeached for 1-6 and again R in senate were a bunch of pussies. And now? We’ll see.

  29. They just want this guy out of office by any means necessary along with setting back the momentum of MAGA candidates that have been winning primaries. Look for the Republican party to do absolutely nothing as usual whe the left to twist's thier mustache while saying "we've got em this time boys" .

  30. There is so much Democratic ass kissing on this threat right now. Nothing about the Trump investigations were proper. This seems to be a lot of projection considering how many of the elites and their children have been involved in shady international business deals.

  31. Elites and their childer? Like Kushner getting 2 billion from the Saudi's for his brand spanking new "investment" firm and he gets to collect 25 mill a year regardless of performance? Those kind of Elites?

  32. Two weeks ago he states that if elected he would dismantle the globalist world order. Now, he is accused of nuclear espionage.

  33. He literally took this country’s top secrets and kept them at the exact place where he was willing to grant access to anyone who was willing to pay top dollar to meet with him to purchase favors. He would surely sell his soul to the devil without a second thought

  34. Considering the FBI lied not only to the American people, but also to a FISA court judge, I don't believe anything else they say.

  35. He's guilty of one thing for sure: pissing the democrats off! How many times are they going to try to nail him for something? It's an incredible testimony to their ineptness. He is as slippery as slick willie.

  36. I don’t mind because it’s one of the few places people can actually discuss controversial topics without getting insta banned

  37. Fox News was created for this. W already spelled out that they can not be reigned in by “the reality based community.” They were just waiting for another senile to star to get the machine rolling again

  38. Something about the former president having topper than top secret documents stored behind a padlock without authorization, I guess. That's kinda different.

  39. The doj has a 95% conviction rate.... They are not raiding a former president unless they have the goods before hand just face it the Dems cover their crimes better trump is a lazy conman who did this to himself fuck Joe Biden full stop but trump selling nuclear secrets is beyond the fucking pale that anyone is defending it Jesus Christ this is a legit conspiracy and we are not actually discussing it in a truthfully matter

  40. What better way to eliminate your biggest threat than to stage a massive investigation and plant evidence haha surprised it took em this long

  41. 3 day fishing expedition and that's all they can fabricate...I'm sure they will use someone else's criminal activity and pin it on him like Russia Russia Russia and Hillary

  42. Or, more likely, Trump is a grifter who looked to profit from his presidency, and tried to sell classified materials to foreign entities.

  43. Good investigate the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, Bidens Pelosis, then I’ll listen to what they have. Keep poking the bear guys.

  44. If they are selling state nuclear secrets, investigate, prosecute, and sentence to the fullest extent of the law

  45. Trump is being investigated for calling his Drycleaners. The FBI discovered the shop owners name is Boris. Espionage!!!/s

  46. It was confirmed that Trump took classified documents for espionage when he said he did not take classified documents for espionage.

  47. Gotta love the tenacity of the left they just won’t give up on this whale, they’ll end up like captain ahab in the end.

  48. If this somehow turns out to be legit and there was evidence that he transferred sensitive dox then half the country would absolutely lose their shit and it would hilarious to watch. As an objective person

  49. He's been under investigation since before he was president. Remember when Obama got caught sending the FBI to wiretap him during his first campaign?

  50. Did ANYONE watch Poso on Timcast last night? He said the people he knows in D.C. are pushing hard for this because of the failure of the “raid”.

  51. Bro I swear the amount of impeachment trials and grand juries necessary to make this guy actually look as bad as everybody says...and unable to run for president again. This is straight witch hunt/CCP levels of wtf.

  52. They’d used the old standard of “ Child Porn” on his computer but too too close to Hunter Biden and his Dad sniffing Congresswomen’s kids.

  53. Every time they go after Trump they just increase the number of people who support him and they make millions in donations for him?

  54. Anybody that quotes the New York Times, CBS or AP might as well be quoting the ramblings of the SPLC when it comes to Trump.

  55. The New York Slime is nothing more than an overpriced comic book. The only factual thing they print are the page numbers.

  56. Holy fuck. They’re really trying to get him for anything. Thanks Biden for “coming together” and “not playing politics”

  57. Say it ain't so... A politician investigated for espionage?!?! Let see if they actually convict him of anything "serious."

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