Meet the "judge" that signed Trump's search warrant.......

  1. The idea is to get people to intimidate future judges to not sign warrants that go after famous far-right people by posting their picture everywhere and letting the nuttier, more violent people start threatening the judge's life and the judge's family's lives.

  2. Ya, judges are supposed to be government drones who have no fun and only exist to service our lord and savior Daddy Trump

  3. It's a call to harrass a judge for doing his job. They're hard-core coping because they're favorite guy got raided it isn't a conspiracy it's just conservative Facebook stuff

  4. If you look carefully, the majority of threads that get to the front are made by the same 25-30 accounts every day. Those same accounts who posts threads all day until one finally sticks. There is an obvious influence operation happening on this sub like Turning Point did with Facebook but I don't think the admins care.

  5. When the the_Donald got banned all the whackos came here continue jerking each other off. Anything you said would be hammered with downvotes or just attacked. Then at the start of the Ukraine war it all just went silent, the down voting stopped, no more brigading. This sub in itself is becoming a conspiracy.

  6. Yep. As soon as Trump became president this sub was never the same. When thedonald got banned it got even worse.

  7. Because of everybody making fun of this post, or because the post is just a picture of an off duty judge and no conspiracy?

  8. The dude could be a big piece of shit, but you've never crushed family quantities of oreos and divorced dad levels of Jack on a Sunday afternoon?

  9. Wait what, it’s “Sunday” and not “Drink a bunch of jack daniels and eat an ungodly amount of golden Oreos-day”? The fuck else am I supposed to do?

  10. Excuse me but that is clearly not the (frankly terrible) American Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniel's™© BUT is in fact often-overlooked because it's cheap, but loved by those in the know Kentucky Bourbon Early Times™©®, a superior Brown-Forman product at the time.

  11. You may see a guy sitting at home, sipping whiskey and eating Oreos. You know what I see? Answers.

  12. After courts over judges are supposed to stand in a closet and dissociate until the next court, where they just step out of the closet and directly into the court room. CLEARLY you've never been to law school

  13. I love how he put judge in quotes too. Like real judges would never snack on vanilla oreos. Deep state imposter for sure

  14. No they are not allowed to relax! They must be doxxed! We must harass them at their homes!…isn’t this what we’re doing now?

  15. The conspiracy is astroturfing social media with crap like this post to attack the justice system to defend Republicans, which Trump is the most prominent one. And Republicans protect the rich better than anyone else, so it's money well spent.

  16. The magats are absolutely seething. It’s fuckin hilarious. This is waaaay better than any meltdown of Hillary had gotten even arrested. I’m like a kid in a candy shop watching this LMFAO

  17. So what? You’ve never unsound with a bag of junk food and drinks after a long week. This post makes zero sense.

  18. Lol. Out of all the damming pictures someone could have floating out there… this is not one of them. He looks like a redditor on a good day.

  19. Yeah he looks like an average American. Idk what people are shocked about. I know I’ve destroyed many a packages of double stuffed Oreos. Man’s just livin’ life

  20. Because one picture out of context is very damming. Clowns in this sub following their washed up prophet.

  21. Why the fuck do so may people like Donald trump. I do not like politicians but people seem to think this one is good and it baffles me. He’s the same as every other corrupt asshole.

  22. I am sure OP has a ton of stupid ass pictures too people could show. Why the fuck does this even matter? Too full of tears to come back to reality honey?

  23. And? Can you at least tell us what you're trying to insinuate by posting this photo? Are you saying that he's not actually a judge, which is why you used quotation marks? Or do you not like his choice of snack and drink? How about his outfit? Give us something here...

  24. Oh no hes a normal person? Are you 12? Mf you probably think teachers just despawn when you leave school at the end of a day

  25. So not a single person on this sub is ever lounged around with liquor and cookies... some of y'all are just crazy

  26. This cannot be. My God! He... he sits on a couch? Just like us? What is this, make fun of the plebs day? He's a judge and has enough to afford a luxury divan, woven in the hairs of orphans and strung by the tears of the poor. And, is he really holding his own food? "Adopt" an underage boy like Matt Gaetz. What is this treachery. These Trump appointed attorneys continously disappoint in their lack of unethics.

  27. This is such a strange post. Here is a picture of a dude just chilling at home and all the comments are calling him a pedo because he signed a warrent against the god emperor

  28. Just based on the picture knowing nothing about him nothing really seems off just looks like an older guy having a drink and eating Oreos what’s the problem here? Is he like some huge well known criminal

  29. Damn what’s wrong with Oreos and chillin!?! You act like You know a trump personally, that shit ain’t got nothin to do with you and doesn’t effect you in any way! Y’all need to spot cryin

  30. Truly reaching now, to the point of insanity. Posing for a silly pic with legal food items is so bad! 😂

  31. So? This seems a bit odd. I care about his politics. Not what he looks like. If he was making rulings on COVID mandates I might have something to say about his eating habits. But this is seperate.

  32. Yup, and we don't even know if he actually eats and drinks what's in the pic...could just be a pic of him holding random crap.

  33. I'd judge the hell outta him if he was eating Oreo thins. What is even the point of those outside of maybe using them in a recipie?

  34. Don´t see why that is "conspiracy" material, just a regular chubby guy, it would be worse if he was with a Clinton or a Biden or any other democrat, wouldn´t it?!?!

  35. Lmao, you don’t understand because actually he did something that I don’t like but if he did something that I did like it would be different

  36. Oh my Fuck... you Trumpers are so deep in the lie that you have no idea how pathetic this post is. Post faults in his credibility, post judgements that lend some iota of your "truth" that this man is compromised. But Oreos and liquor??

  37. Ayo posting pictures of a judge bcs he was doing his job and you didnt like that? Thats sorta unethical

  38. Really grateful with how the comment section turned out (majority speaking) thank you for the good laugh OP/commenters

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