The Great Sex Divide is part of the Population Stabilization Agenda…

  1. There have always been women who manipulate men to attain power, there have always been women who strive to marry for success/money, and there are definitely women who don’t marry because they want to remain independent. This is a long standing cultural and socio economic phenomenon that has been passed down to every generation of women by the women and men that came before them.

  2. The question that I genuinely want to ask a transgender person is: "If gender is a social construct, why do people feel the need to change their pronoun or sex according to the social construct they feel their genitals belong to?

  3. This is one of my biggest questions too. I remember being in school and people would talk about how they can’t be defined by roles and labels created by society. Only so they can literally then identify as other labels generated by society.

  4. Lol dude wrote up a whole grand theory about society because he can’t get any pussy. “Sapiosexual” means she thinks you’re boring buddy

  5. 100%. You have to create your value as a man, it’s always been that way. If you’re hyper focused on creating the value for yourself everything else will follow suit. Money, status, pussy, not being boring.

  6. That is a whole lot of incel talking points. You should probably talk to someone about all this. And not incels, who would only make you feel worse.

  7. The problem with discarding the incel problem is that it is much more common than "nerds living at home who have no game." It's a 3rd of the male population ranging from their 20s to 30. While I don't agree with all of the claims of the incel movement, I certainly do think the statistic is too large for it to solely be based on a failure to launch.

  8. Go read up on John Calhoun's "Mouse Utopia" experiment. Maybe the Globalists are abetting society's collapse; maybe it is occurring naturally in a society where all our basic needs are met. Either way, it is ungood.

  9. I never continually posted about having sex. And no, my first GF was in senior year. Your entire comment is invalid.

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