if the vaccine doesn't stop u from catching it. and doesn't stop u from spreading it. then why is it mandated?

  1. If only I had the foresight and the liquid cash to buy a couple mil in pf*zer stock before the lockdowns and mandates happened like so many of our caring and moral leaders somehow did

  2. Their claim is you're symptoms are significantly less severe if you have the vax then if you don't. Though where this gets dicey is that's what we would call a unverifiable claim especially for a virus like COVID where symptoms may be extremely mild for you regardless of vax status (going all the way to being completely asymptomatic).

  3. I’ll do you one better. In a sane society, we would all remember that at the time of the mandates the message was completely different.

  4. It doesn't prevent anyone catching or spreading it, there were no rcts done that had symptom severity, hospitalizations or deaths as primary endpoints. In other words, when they failed to "prevent Covid-19 from the Sars-CoV-2 virus" that they were given an EUA for, they jumped to baseless claims to avoid having them pulled.

  5. Ivor Cummins has some interesting analysis suggesting that all-cause hospitalisation is higher in fully jabbed people, even when adjusted for age

  6. Since when is being a danger to myself such an issue? If I wanna risk “getting sicker” then why does it matter?

  7. My dad and I both had it at the same time; he gave it to me. He’s vaxxed and I’m not. His symptoms were way worse than mine.

  8. The vaccination statuses of new admissions to Auckland, Canterbury, Southern, Counties Manukau, Waikato, Capital, Coast and Hutt, and Northland DHB hospitals are:

  9. Funny how most deaths are those that are vaccinated, so ironically taking the Vax has a higher chance of worsening symptoms

  10. Hey bro- the effectiveness of the vaccine doesn’t matter, the mandates are the real problem. If the vaccine was 99.99% effective it still wouldn’t be fair to mandate it. No mandates

  11. Only benefits the WEF freaks and their cohorts and the dig pass NWO dystopian nightmare world they are desperate to create. Plus, as a bonus, the vax kills and injures a bunch of people in the process, so there’s depop and big pharma dependancy for neverending side effects. Covid has only ever been about domination, control and murder.

  12. I had a terrible vaccine injury. After my jab, my arm got super sore and for the next 24 hours I had flu-like symptoms. I felt like crap for an entire day!

  13. I was injured by the vaccine, which I was mandated to take due to working for a federal contractor, and I still got Covid, and a bad case of it at that, with 3 months of brain fog preventing me from doing my job.

  14. thats the going on 1 trillion dollar question, and the most feasible answer is the scariest, open and blatant attempt at population control

  15. seriously already seen dozens of injected just inside my company (even thought I tried to educate them before not to take shots) being diagnosed as covid again and again.

  16. It would seem to me to mandate it would also mean being up to date on your boosters. This is why they made up new phrases like the vaccination process. It's never ending, it's ongoing and if you sign up for the shot you sign up for everything else too.

  17. Even if a vaccine is 99.9% effective, why mandate it if prevents people from getting a serious infection? If the people that take the vaccine are protected, then it makes no sense whatsoever to mandate it, unless you’re a tyrannical nazi scumbag. It’s literally that simple.

  18. I remember a time where fascism was in full effect in the 80s when we had to provide vaccine documentation to attend school in PA. That mandate not only led to fascism, but communism as well! And Obama turned our country into a Muslim state and Jade Helm 5 resulted in martial law across the country and chem trials made the frogs gay and reptilian overlords are actually in charge.

  19. Why is it mandated? It has nothing to do with any supposed illness and all to do with poisoning the population. For example, this monkeypox nonsense will see vaccinations being given out, but these will just be the same vaccines peddled out for covid, but rebranded for monkeypox. They want us dead, plain and simple.

  20. Easy for you to think money but they already control that. This imo is a test, to see how easy or hard it is to control the population. From the looks of it, its very easy

  21. Not to be rude but it’s blatant that is a money grab no need to question anything it’s forced and it’s all a scam they will continue with the narrative’s no matter what everyone now knows

  22. I know right what the fuck its pretty scary its mandated to take a experimental vaccine what if it is bad for you?

  23. Because the shareholders need to profit … and then surpass those earnings next quarter, so mandate more eh-hem I mean, profit more, and then surpass those earnings next etc etc etc

  24. Depopulation, watch bill gates Ted talk. Says “we can lower the population by 10-15% thru vaccine” it’s definitely more then that but still

  25. Yes, these luciferians want to REDUCE POPULATION, ie Kill people by vax, or ALTER YOUR DNA, so that you are no longer fully human, DNA alreration. Wicked.

  26. Because politicians get advance knowledge as to which company's shares they should invest in. Plus, in many countries, they get "campaign donations" from big pharma.

  27. Fauci has talked about this for Quite a while pre covid… his desire for a yearly “flu” vaccine that everyone takes. Everyone taking it makes profits stable because there aren’t years where barely anyone takes it. The predictability of say 95% of the population taking it is great for the manufacturers. They tried to do it with the flu shot, but people didn’t buy it, huge variability year to year of how many people wanted to take it. In the 5 years before covid, they really ramped up the marketing on flu shots, at the same time released a bunch of “anti-vaxx mom kills her kids memes” like anyone gave a shit who vaxxed or didn’t vaxx their kids prior to all this? No one one gave a care, didn’t talk about it till all this marketing came down the pipes 5-2 years prior to covid.

  28. Sterility. Long term population reduction. John Cusack explains in detail. There is a show on Netflix about a planned pandemic with a fake vaccine that causes sterility. The show came out before COVID

  29. Because it’s the quickest way to weaken an immune system. You slowly boil a frog it doesn’t realize he’s dead. Their end game is population control. None of these fake vaccines replace an immune system. There will be endless vaccines that will continue to create mistrust between people and the medical system. That will affect 100% of the people not just 98.5%. Ask yourself one question. When was the last time any disease anywhere in the world has been cured.

  30. Here’s a question nobody seems to have an answer to: If the vaccine doesn’t protect you from Covid and we’re on booster #4 now during the midst of one of the largest Covid spikes yet, then why do people still claim it is effective? - Seriously confused individual

  31. Covid is the gun the jabs are the bullets. Russian roulette is the game. Depopulation is the goal. Remember us useless eaters are destroying the planet with climate change. We all must die. Sorry for your luck. If enough people would actually wake up we could change who the prey is.......

  32. Pfizer is the name most associated with the vax but at its peak Pfizer was up around 100% since covid had started, however so were thousands of other stocks

  33. Thank fucking god I’m not the only nurse questioning this situation. Isn’t it maddening to witness the exact same thing as your coworkers who still desperately cling to the narrative while we sit here and see things for what they really are. Don’t know if you’ve ever watched Westworld but it’s reminiscent of our situation. “Doesn’t look like anything to me” is a phrase robots use in the show to describe items from “the outside world” (they’re trapped in a playground for humans who abuse them).

  34. Because the whole pandemic is a global test on how effective a pretend pandemic would be on the uptake of an experimental universal vaccine delivery system. We failed to take the flu vaccine because it didnt affect enough people. So they decided to infect everyone with a virus so mild but highly contagious, and gaslight them into fear with propaganda, restrictions and masks to remind you to be afraid and see if we all jump at the chance of a new vaccine. Nobody would be willing to try the new tech unless it would be seen to save their lives.

  35. Because it isn't a vaccine and there never was a pandemic, it's about population control and seeing how many brainless monkeys follow along with the government.

  36. I was sickened reading a newspaper article where a young mother and pediatric doctor was clucking about how children should get the vaxx and how excited they were to get it. At age 5 and under. Her own kids. How dumb are these doctors?

  37. Generally speaking, it’s mandated by corporations, who are in line with the NWO agenda, but it’s also a virtue signaling marketing campaign to convince potential sheeple consumers that they are the “good guys” so they’ll buy their products

  38. The substances reported by the drug companies themselves that are in these shots, have been classified by the United States several years prior as bioweapons through official documents and patents. The vax is a bioweapon, they think they are all at once saving the planet from overpopulation, and also instilling control over who remains and establish an elite ruling class. Unfortunately their plan is crumbling so they grasping for monkey pox as a Hail Mary pass to keep their plan in place. As a side bonus the faux elite plan on normalizing adult to child sex once they have total control. Oh the celebration the world will have once they are completely exposed an prosecuted!

  39. To enrich Big Pharma fat cats for one. & two bc it helps the elites thin out the herd so to speak. Meaning depopulation which is vital to their overall survival during a time where more people than ever are finally beginning to wake up thanks to the invention of the internet & the overall ability to reach & share information so easily & instantaneously. Which also explains their desire to crush free speech & all alternative media outlets who refuse to report the governments propaganda or whom they deem spreaders of misinformation.

  40. Because it doesn’t have to work well if it’s mandated- the government can blame those who still refuse both for the ongoing illness as well as continued government restrictions. They were able to divide people along political lines, turning neighbors into informants, infantilizing grown men and women, keeping them isolated longer while saying they sure wish things could get back to normal, but…

  41. So you don't die if you get the fugulitis apparently though I didn't die when I got it without being jabbed so...

  42. Good question that I wish more people would have asked before just blindly following their governments orders. I hope after this that everyone is ready to tell the government to fuck off the next time they go mandating shit.

  43. Extortion money paid to those threatening your life of course, it's nothing new after all WE have been paying off countries for years that WE never knew WE were doing in the first place so instead of doing what should have bee done which was stick a nuke up the ass of these criminals, you have a bunch of world wide Chamberlains running around APPEASING THEM.

  44. To add insult to injury, they threaten you with destroying your life if you don’t take it and then it doesn’t even fucking work and they call you stupid for pointing it out to people.

  45. I starting think it’s about culling the population, quite a few of my friends have been passing away lately , heart problems

  46. They're mad because some workplaces require it. What they don't realize is that they have the freedom to work for one of the thousands of companies that does not mandate it, start their own business, etc. etc. They only like freedom when it's their vision of freedom.

  47. The fact that some people are asking questions like “who is mandating it?” Did people really memory-hole this so soon? Remember nurses, students, military members, etc. getting fired or kicked out because they did not want to take it?

  48. Condoms don't prevent 100% spread of sexual diseases but should we just abandon condoms? Nope. Because they are safe and effective. It slows down rate of infection. Same thing with vaccines.

  49. Because it isn’t about the virus. It’s about keeping you sick and dependent on the system. Money making and control.

  50. I think a big part of it initially was to prevent hospitals from being overrun. If you don’t have as bad of symptoms you don’t get hospitalized and it frees up beds for people with worse cases or other diseases/injuries, which was a real problem at the beginning of the pandemic.

  51. My guess is population control. Infertility seems to keep popping up. Can’t commit genocide so let’s stop people from procreating

  52. Because before the vaccine thousands were dying every day from covid, since the vaccine, not so many. The vaccine has turned the virus from a serious killer to something similar to flu

  53. Because it also generates many more mail in votes, which are easily manipulated. Welcome to the era of 3-4 days to count ballots, where 20 years ago same day was the norm.

  54. If not, how then are you supposed to get vAIDS, to install pharma dependency and "immunity as a service", to link it to digital control for the implementation of "freedom as a service" (based upon governmental criteria).

  55. Because it makes some people a lot of money and gives these same people more control over the lives of many.

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