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  1. We're actually in a hostage situation with the last known dark forces in the whole universe, earth is the last place of suffering.

  2. My friend, thank you for this beautiful and informative comment. I resonate with much of what you shared and it has helped to fill many gaps in my knowledge. Harvest has already begun, the culmination of which is nearly here. It seems to me it is now up to us to accept the fourth density earth that we are already in and utilize it.

  3. I don’t know the details but, the first part about creating human suffering to feed off the negative energy, I don’t see how that’s sustainable with humans. In my experience it seems like those that suffer the most have more compassion towards others.

  4. My energy healer says the same but then she says trumps the savior king … that ruins it for me so idk what to believe anymore smh

  5. This is why I think the internet could be considered demonic. If you unplug from the internet and go about your daily life and interact with others, it's very rare to come across negativity and conflict. The vast majority of people live peaceably and ethically. The internet shrinks our worldview and makes things seem bleak, dystopian, and violent everywhere. It convinces people we are all in conflict and that the elite control everything and are attempting to depopulate the planet. The more you have a doomsday mindset the more evil, dark, and wretched the world will appear. You will manifest that. I remember when I was my most steeped into end-of-the-world stuff I felt a darkness around me, my mood was dark, I constantly wondered what was the point of anything, that people were striving for meaning in a hopeless situation. It wasn't a very good place to be in and didn't help me at all.

  6. I wish we could destroy the internet somehow. Sure, things would be waaaay fucked for a while and things would change very drastically but I think it would be a much more peaceful and hospitable earth. Maybe we could just destroy social media. That would help a lot. Also, this whole prison planet angle is dumb to me. So what if it is? Who cares? It literally affects you in no way. Live your life and stop freaking yourself out about shit you can’t control and doesn’t affect you.

  7. I'd suggest that the internet doesnt shrink our worldview. It typically inflates it .... but only encompassing the negativity and conflict. Its not a sphere of inflation, but a network of hyperconnections to the controlled narratives, fear based programming, false conspiracies (and true) and on and on.

  8. With food stamps! one can: go to any grocery store here in America and taste delectable delights from every corner of the planet, one can make new friends with the offer of breaking bread or help feed a single-mothers children for one week.

  9. I agree 100% about unplugging and seeing how day to day life isn’t bad at all. They keep us distracted, attention is the new currency and we are throwing ours at all the things that they want us focusing on instead of the good life has to offer. That is what keeps us down and out and fighting against one another. We must think higher

  10. Once you understand that Satan rules the earth, all the things you said make sense. He does feed on our negative emotions and suffering. He wants us to suffer and kill ourselves and each other and to cause chaos on earth. He hates man and tries his best to encourage us to do that. We have free will and can choose how we live. Not everyone is living as you describe. Even the petty tyrants, minions of Satan, also have other ways of living. Once we're conscious of that free will, we can align ourselves with light and the world actually changes before our eyes. Speaking as someone who has been shrouded in great darkness in the past and during that time only attracted more of the same, I can attest that there is more love, light, bliss, goodness, and beauty than you can even imagine. And it is alive in humans, you just have to ask God for it, be it yourself, and you will find it in others. If you're not doing that, and you're only paying attention to the darkness, you are contributing to it; by living in light you are withdrawing power from darkness and weakening its hold on the world.

  11. During an LSD trip I had a conversation with an intradimensional being that told me humanity had been infiltrated and that a dark armada was en route which would bring about an epic spiritual war.

  12. Someone posted about a grid encompassing the planet that is basically a prison cell. Others commented on the post and myself included have seen this grid like pattern in the sky when taking psychedelics

  13. I saw this the first time I ate some shrooms and stepped out onto my porch at night. It was like the very fine strings or strands of light going between the stars. It was fascinating to see. It was so weird too it was like I was being pulled, like my spirit was being tugged to go outside. Very cool.

  14. Imo Our physical manifestations are just the conscious universe manifesting infinite instances of everyone and everything so that it may experience everything that can be experienced. It’s a cyclical pattern that we, you, me, and every living being in this current moment and iteration of reality are only here to experience the present. Once we pass our consciousness manifests into another physical presence in order for the conscious universe to continue experiencing itself.

  15. I’ve been through way too much trauma as a kid to not be able to leave my body behind and go somewhere higher. No. I will not accept that I am trapped here. I’ll get out eventually.

  16. This depression of yours is very common among all of us. But that's because we choose to be here and we are biased because of that, we think we made a good choice. There are levels to everything, and this life of yours is a level in itself. We must grow out of our misery, there is no progress without struggle. You cannot know the difference from red to blue if you cannot grasp both. In a run for faime, easy money and carpe diem we're blind to the beauty of this planet. This is not a prison, this is paradise

  17. I started looking into things like this and believe we are in the short period mentioned in the bible after the 1000 year reign when satan has control. This is why everything is so evil and demonic. The 1000 year reign happened during the 'dark ages' from about 500ad around the fall of the roman empire.

  18. No more ludicrous than any other religious belief. Actually probably has more sensible reasoning than most religions. Go hard op

  19. It’s really easy to just not pay attention to the negativity and live a fun life so. Sucks for them. They “harvest from me like 2 hours a month” lol

  20. I had these beings fuck with me at night a few times. I swear they were flipping through different scenarios like pages in a book to send into my mind to see which one would scare me the most and create the most fear/anger. It was fucking bizarre.

  21. Was it bouts of sleep paralysis? I’m convinced entities use those opportunities to feed off of us.

  22. Yeah prob not. But it is a prison planet nonetheless. The main religion we have teaches being content and compliant. It says the life on earth is just for suffering and you must obey rules so the next will be better. If we arent imprisoned by some other entity are certainly imprisoning ourselves.

  23. Well to me it's pretty obvious earth is a purgatory of sorts where man tries to play God, but only against each other and himself.

  24. Yup this is a terrible thing. It’s an energy farm for evil beings. A few little lies they tell you are that you need to fix your karma, you need to learn more before you advance etc

  25. Exactly! You cannot be forced to reincarnate, F the karmic debt they say we owe. Problem is when you die how do you fight them or get out of it. I read don’t go into the light but then what happens?

  26. There's been a few prison-planet conspiracies floating around for a while now. Depending on how far you want to take it, you certainly aren't the only one to consider this. I've heard theories that we were placed on the planet to mine gold for aliens, and other such similar things. I'm open to it!

  27. In my experience and research nothing is ever so black and white. Yes in a lot of ways we are in a prison that cannot be escaped without extreme difficulty/devotion (e.g. Buddha, Jesus, etc). From the viewpoint that "all is one" there are lessons that can be learned from both polarities of what we term light and dark. All is in service to the one, even those who are apparently dark, and all will return to the Source. From my perspective these dark forces are serving us through this "struggle" that provides us opportunity to make a choice and polarize accordingly. It is a part of our continued ascension into fourth density to have these catalysts (although not necessary for it).

  28. You should read Chiko Xavier and dive into Christian Spiritism. The only way to end your reincarnation cycle and get off this prison planet is to raise your vibration. Yes, the dark forces want to keep us stupid and ignorant, but it’s up to us to break through the bullshit and focus on our inner development!! ❤️

  29. hundreds of billions of years.. quite anything is possible I think. Maybe something out there in the vast universe, could develop a organic simulator.

  30. More like a live action video game.. our souls are all connected like electricity in an Xbox 360.. the games change and have strict rules of operation once a game is loaded.

  31. I would never call you totally crazy… But if you have any doubt that earth is anything other than a globe… You have been seduced by some absurd propaganda. Maybe take a break from the Internet?

  32. People rebel in a prison system, I’m not saying everyone succumbs to this place but the vast majority do. I think the system is very efficient. If they can somehow harvest the energy that is caused from the suffering on this planet that would have all the energy they would need. Also keeping us in the reincarnation cycle ensures they have souls to harvest for as long as they need.

  33. It's up to you to live in constant fear. Lots of people outside this sub don't share this feeling. By the way, I don't think powerful beings who are able to create this prison makes us able to think about being in a prison. If this world is a prison, I am at least in the best gang with most privileges: white male european. I don't face war, hunger or poverty in my prison life and I can spend my summer with girls on a boat on the sea. It's maybe a prison but I like it here. Good luck.

  34. dont believe that shit, we are the fallen creation of god. Christ is the jewish messias, who died for the sins of the whole world and roser again on the 3rd day for our justification. to be saved : believe in his finished work to come in heaven, he died for you sins and rose again for u, god was in christ, reconciling the world unto himself

  35. You're describing the demiurge. She/It is an energy field that may or may not effect you. People with True faith need not worry.

  36. The best thing about you being so confident is that you literally have no more evidence than op that you are right. You just purely have faith you are.

  37. That’s silly. I disagree and say that’s brainwashing indoctrination, and that this is not a Jesus sub. The Bible also says to not fucking proselytize.

  38. Yes, you are crazy. Get off the internet and stop reading so much bullshit. The world is not that bad but your life is still meaningless.

  39. That is why they lie about the globe - there is more land where the controllers live, possibly where we originally came from

  40. Not flat, but if this is indeed a prison, the deep space "stars" and "constellations" and "nebulas" and "black holes" (and on) may be "awe-inspiring" projections of data on an external sphere.

  41. I've been kicking around the idea of "The Human Race" and what it really means to us on this planet. We've got all types of different "races" of humans living on earth. All "competing" for resources. There has always been war. There has always been progress. So you can say Humans are in a Race to win the world. Which "race" will win? Only this simulation can tell us. Aside from the energy harvest, I'd say we are great entertainment. Who doesn't like a good race?

  42. Meaning that you chose to have this experience. Blaming on something/someone else it's not the right thing

  43. No flat earther has ever had anything to offer on the subject. All evidence points to a globe, absolutely nothing points to a flat earth.

  44. We have seen through telescopes and by looking at photos the planets everywhere are spherical. Why would anyone think of earth as a single flat planet? Are the telescopes and photos lying to us?

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