According to r/conspiracy, what is the best solution to mass shootings? I would accept any answer including the one: there is nothing we can do. This is a serious question.

  1. Normalize healthy extended families & multigenerational households. Happy homes. Shared duties; everyone is a meaningful contributor and feels like they have a purpose on earth, through the work at home. No more loners who become radically peer-oriented to strangers on the internet; stay oriented to family instead. Stop having to rely on outsiders / corporations / workplaces / governments / etc. to fill the void when that important family element is missing.

  2. The age of the internet and cell phones have killed this. It sounds so cynical but I believe it to be true. There is no feeling of community anymore and it has affected the most vulnerable minds in our country. And honestly it is heartbreaking on both fronts. The people who die at the hands of these mass shooters obviously. But also the shooter themselves and their families. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened in the first place if their parents/neighbors/friends got off their phones once in a while and actually took the time to care for each other. There is no feeling of community anymore.

  3. The best solution is to have military intelligence act on the information it has with regards to the CIAs Mkuktra, mind control, behavior manipulation programs and shut it the fuck down, then the agency altogether. As soon as it’s bled dry, watch how many of our problems dry up with it.

  4. Is there any way to volunteer for this mk ultra I keep hearing so much about despite literally nothing recent...I'm shooting a documentary about how people who say mk ultra a lot are the ACTUAL subjects of it repeating it over and over again for no other discernible reason other than to indicate susceptibility.

  5. It would also help to look to cut back on the all too common policy of pumping them full of drugs to get them too behave

  6. I would also say take care of each other. Yes, even people around us who are weird and clearly have some mental issues. We tend to shut these people out of society because of their behaviors we view strange or aggressive instead of showing kindness and helping these people. Next thing you know they are neck deep in some niche hate group and too far gone.

  7. Get a list of medications the shooter has been on since they were a fucking child, then add up the numbers point a big olllll finger to big pharma, crash the system, rebuild as humans again

  8. I think some of the problem is poor nutrition, too. Too much sugar, kid goes wild, now he needs Ritalin or Adderall or whatever. It could have been solved with nutrition.

  9. End the war on drugs besides drugs w a high mortality rate like heroine and fentanyl. Limit social media, improve the youths self confidence (easier said than done). The internet is one of man’s greatest inventions but the effects it has had on gen z (myself included) has ostracized many young individuals the majority being young men. Self image is at an all time low for many people who are exposed to celebrities & social media influencers who have a skewed perception of the way they should act, and look like. It’s sad honestly, I used to be the same way. Joining the military fixed that for me, spend 6 months or longer away from anything with a screen and you’ll see noticeable differences in your hormones, mental health, and view of the world, your life, & reality. I feel like there are many individuals depressed & feeling alone because through the phone so many peoples lives look perfect when they are not. Everyone is fighting they’re own battles every day. The difference between the people that lose that fight and win, is the ability to persevere through hardship and finding a reason to keep moving forward. I hope we can combat this mental health crisis disguised as a gun control issue. Tired of seeing innocent people lose their lives. This needs to end.

  10. Legalize them all. It's not the government's job to keep people safe. More people aren't going to do drugs just because they are legal. If you leave something illegal, it becomes more profitable and the cartels concentrate on those drugs.

  11. It’s would be hard to do without infringing on the majority innocent public. Mental health is the easiest most logical thing we could do. These are mostly kids on SSRIs🤷‍♂️

  12. We need a completely societal overhaul. Countries at our level of advancement have no excuse to be the way we are. Comprehensive healthcare coverage (including dental, vision, and mental), Publicly funded Higher education, Less tax on the People and more on companies, comprehensive emergency response services, term limits and age limits for all elected and appointed government position, living wage guaranty, proportional or rank choice voting, and decreased military spending and international operations.

  13. Yeah that should do the trick. Tell the parents of mentally unstable children not to buy their kids guns... this will definitely solve the problem of mass shooting.

  14. There is a close correlation between poverty and crime. Poverty is also extremely traumatizing so if we improve as many peoples lives as possible by raising their standard of living through opportunity and resources as well as improving our mental health system we would likely see a drastic reduction in mass shootings.

  15. I know a lot of people that grew up poor as hell but had a strong nuclear family. They are the most well balanced people I know and have exceptional drive and character. I think you can be raised poor and be perfectly fine but once you add the victim mentality to the mix that's when resentment and hate seeds in and ruins them.

  16. All of those are easily obtained and will not change anything. Mass shooter in Denmark "shoots" down your suggestions.

  17. Mass shooting is defined as 4 killed. Change the definition. Problem solved without infringing on the constitutional rights of US citizens. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

  18. I always thought 4 was a weird number to choose. Like 5+ was the obvious answer for “mass”. Mass shouldn’t be a couple couples. You feel me?

  19. It's kind of astounding to me how many of you are totally willing to throw away HIPAA and right to medical privacy based on your unfounded opinions about medications.

  20. A mass shooting is when 4 or more people are shot, not killed. Most mass shootings are a result of gang violence and committed by handguns. Perhaps establishing the nuclear family in communities run by gang violence, better education opportunities, enforcing the law, and strong father figures.

  21. This is totally reasonable and I'm very pro second amendment. I would also add legitimate background checks to this list.

  22. the basement weirdo thing could work. maybe set up a charity in nevada that pays for basement dwellers trip full ride and shag. food and accomodation too. 4 times a year or onece a month or every half year?=

  23. Opening back up the insane asylums. When they started shutting those down mass shootings went up. There is a direct correlation.

  24. Make it our policy to tranquilize mass shooters and then torture them to death as a deterrence. If necessary, stage a few mass shootings in which the shooter was caught and then tortured to death as an example ... just kidding

  25. Access to health care, updated education system, a basic wage. End Social Media. A modern Declaration of Independence form the corporate welfare state.

  26. I think a lot of religious people are calling for the extermination of other people right now. So maybe less god?

  27. It's obvious the shooters are getting radicalized online by grifters posing as truth tellers. They find refuge in groups / forums much like this one posting on how evil society/government is. Surrounded by like minded neckbeards edging them on.

  28. Best solution: no one under 30 can purchase a gun or any weapon using bullets. Pass a strict background and psychological check, and three police interviews like they do in Japan. Any weapon you own must get registered yearly like the way we renew our tag for vehicles and pay $100 per weapon per year for as long as you own the weapon. Failure to register will involve forfeiture of the weapon and destruction within 15 days. You need to.hit them in the wallet so they can listen.

  29. Get rid of anti-gun government organizations that keep recruiting these shooters. Also, get rid of “gun free” zones. Those seem to be the prime targets.

  30. According to conspiracy theorists, they're hoaxes or staged events. The only thing you can do is admit that the news media is like Hollywood.

  31. Ban males under the age of 25 from owning and purchasing guns. That would take out most of the gun violence in the country.

  32. Or maybe it should be a crime to leave the house without an AR-15. Mandatory open-carry with stiff penalties for brandishing and accidental discharge. It would at minimum change the problem, if not solve it, per se…

  33. Where I live, you can buy black market guns pretty much anywhere you can by coke or heroin. And if that pusher don't have one, he knows who does.

  34. Find a way to more stringently regulate SSRIs because I believe the percentage of "paradoxical" reactions to those is much higher than we are led to believe. Stop making schools and other areas "gun free" zones, which is a magnet for people who want to be able to use their gun to kill as many people as possible. Abolish the FBI and the CIA. That's a start.

  35. It’s odd that you say this. As every other country that has access to advanced mental health care doesn’t really have any mass murders. You’re talking once per 5 years in the majority. The problem isn’t medication, the problem isn’t the CIA mind warping teens. The problem is as simple as this: you have access to guns. That’s the problem. Plain and simple.

  36. Most mass shootings are staged and fake. This subreddit is carefully curated and censored so that this is never fully brought to light and given any platform for serious investigation and/or discussion.

  37. Well sociopathic personality disorder is caused by omega 3 deficiency which is mainly caused by eating toxic omega 6 laden seed oils like canola, soy, sunflower & safflower. B12 deficiency also contributes... we all know that is caused by "plant based diets..." Both of these deficiencies work together to cause the frontal cortex (the part of the brain which processes empathy) to NOT develop, as brain scans of sociopaths quite clearly show. So step one is - get rid of the ignorant "woke" ideas that we can just ignore evolution and feed our kids what is basically engine oil ( canola) & zero animal protein or fat and they will be "just fine.." Nope. Congrats on creating generations of sociopaths aka future mass shooters. Sociopaths can only love themselves or what they consider to be a mirror image of themselves because without their frontal cortex they simply have no empathy.

  38. The Pharma companies use the “This will fix everything approach!” For me along with closing the cia and fbi, something has to be done when altering brain chemistry

  39. Your dumb answer is why so many young people on this sub don't know how fucking clouds work you clown shoe. Defunding education is a real conspiracy.

  40. Mass shootings really started when religion was removed from everything. Put religion back in peoples lives and u will see change. People have no moral code anymore....Jesus Saves!

  41. It’s rather simple in word form .. actually doing it though.. could get very messy. I’m talking about removing the guns, of course.. the clear, obvious way to stop mass shootings. I mean.. either that or just let you all shoot each other until you’re all unable to shoot each other.. lol

  42. Gun control would be the most direct one. Maybe make the first gun purchase a bit slower, so it couldn't be an impulse purchase, and stricted gun storage laws.

  43. Everyone should carry a gun if exiting home. Make guns mandatory in public life. If everyone was armed, mass shootings would be very short lived and probably would be contained as shootings before becoming massive.

  44. I’m uneducated on this issue ; but off the top of my head I’d say , increase funding for education (the resources , like school and learning environment quality , instead of just increasing teacher pay) , heavier background checks accompanied with a month minimum waiting period across the board, a high sentence for illegal possession of a firearm , and more avenues for work for veterans as far as security goes (i.e. schools having guards and events having them , maybe an easier path into the police force for veterans?). That’s my ignorant 2 cents.

  45. There will never be one cure all solution. You make changes and monitor the impact. Make guns undesirable to possess, like make em look as ridiculous as possible. Add Judge Dredd like verification to fire with fingerprint identification. Make ammo more expensive so you have to really be invested in each shot. Physical health check up to screen for conditions like vagus nerve dysfunction that can cause mental instability. Escalated sales to a single person like large amounts of ammo or when guns are purchased back to back should trigger some kind of additional background/social check.

  46. Mass shooter are the new serial killers. Just look at the history of famous serial killers and mass shooters. They are similar. The may reason why there where so many serial killers is because of mental health problems so we need to better educate people on them and treat them.

  47. I guess get these kids off machines and into something that they can actually see and touch, raise them instead of letting the machines and strangers do it

  48. Stop reporting any titillating, violence-porn details. Don’t mention the type of weapon, don’t interview victims or witnesses. Don’t show the power violent nut-jobs wield over masses of people.

  49. It became legal to use propaganda on Americans 10 years ago. This is why mass shootings are happening. End the propaganda, the lies, the manipulation, the double standards, and start bringing about ACTUAL justice and ACTUAL progress instead of these lame as f#ck "culture wars" and we'll have a much healthier society. People can't exist like this. It's f#cking gross.

  50. You’re probably not going to agree with me, but money is the root of all evil and fiat money has been the source of all the problems that are plaguing the world today. We are witnessing the collapse of the global reserve currency and as the money deteriorates so does society. Having money that is controlled by one centralized entity has a domino effect and is the catalyst for many of the problems we are seeing today. So you may or may not believe it but I guarantee you Bitcoin will be the solution to mass shootings.

  51. Offer counseling in school, never identify the shooter, and allow constitutional carry. The counseling could stop it early, most do it for fame so take away the fame and there’s quite a few crimes stopped by firearms. I think last number was close to 3 million a year.

  52. Tell the elite to stop setting them up. They're the ones who make them happen. Maybe not small ones like domestic and gang shootings but definitely ones like big school shootings or the Mandalay Bay shootings

  53. Stop blaming drugs and mental illness and start locking up Whyte people instead of pandering to their false sense of entitlement

  54. How many people get killed by knives every year?? Inanimate objects are not to blame. Probably all the SSRI's being prescribed, not to mention all the divisive hate medias push.

  55. Heal their depression. Urine therapy healed my lifelong suicidal depression which removed my suicidal and homicidal ideation. All glory to Jesus

  56. Subsidize Mental Health Treatment with some of our defense budget. It’s technically a Defense concern anyway. Or find some other way for people to treatment they need that isn’t tied to an individual’s personal finance.

  57. Ban current gunownership. Make people go through proper training and license requirements. Ban automatic weapons. Address mental health care via universal health care. It won't stop shootings completely, especially not gang related shootings, but masshootings by lonely crazy extremists will go down significantly.

  58. We are a monkey see monkey do society. Stop streaming the violence on tv. Tax Hollywood for every act of violence shown on tv and use that money to fund mental health and possible gun buy back programs.

  59. Ban/destroy all guns worldwide including militaries, they can just fight their wars with paintball guns.

  60. Gun safety. As in keeping them locked up. Fathers who are there to teach their sons how to be men. Mental health specialist and ending the stigma against mental health.

  61. Outlaw SSRI's. If deemed critical for treatment with no other alternatives, do not allow people on SSRI's into the general public.

  62. Get people off anti-depressants, ssri’s, any and all pills. I don’t have stats handy but do know there’s a correlation between mass shooters and pills. Furthermore, look into the stats on pill usage over the past couple decades. Do you recall mass shootings like this happening before Columbine? Assault rifles have been around much longer than mass shootings.

  63. Bring back bullying and public shaming imo its better than the current system we have of every tragedy plastering their faces all over tv and magazine covers and then trying to remove peoples rights because of criminals actions

  64. If Americans truly can’t give up their guns and drugs there isn’t much you can do. Even if you come up with really great method of gun control to stop some people buying guns they’ll just steal guns from relatives and neighbours.

  65. Raise the age to legally purchase guns to 25. Decision making and coping abilities are better by that age.

  66. stop posting the shooters name and face everywhere inspiring other wouldbe shoiters yo think they will be famous . this is a thing

  67. MK Ultra is not needed any more. Big pharma and the doctors who are on the take who administer powerful psychoactive drugs to children carry a large part of the blame for creating young adult mass shooters. I consider myself a libertarian and I do not believe an 18 year old child should have the ability to buy a semiautomatic weapon. They barely have the ability to make a rational decision much less own a high powered weapon that can kill.

  68. Maybe if the FBI and Justice department took its focus off of parents exercising their first amendment rights to petition school boards and focused on actual threats that might help. There’s a long list of these domestic terrorists and mass shooters that the FBI knew about and didn’t follow up. Not a mass shooting per se but the Boston Marathon bombers are a perfect example. Russia even warned us that those brothers were gonna be a problem and the FBI blew it off. But in the case of false flags I don’t know what to do.

  69. Put people in Alcatraze and drop food and water to them once a week. Call it a day and let them run the prison themselves. Call it what you like but if you go to prison you have no rights left, just like the people who die because of the act of killing

  70. Purge then have high standards to be included in society. Utopia can be achieved but only if you eliminate the mentally deficient and deviant. Much like selective of breeding animals, the human race would only consist of the finest specimens, no social classes, ones that contribute to society, not leach off of it. Once this is achieved, mass shootings and many more issues would be eliminated.

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