QUESTION: Who ordered/Paid to have the remnants of Georgia Guidestones torn down (and SO quickly - the very DAY of). Heavy equipment like this costs $$$ Let’s say there is a real plot to dramatically depopulate.. Wouldn’t the guilty parties erase the prior evidence showing that it was planned?🤔

  1. Curiosity killed the cat. Just saying lol. I’d be cautious about opening anything that was buried under a structure instructing the world to keep its population under 500 million.

  2. Covid … covid was in the capsule and now they are trying to destroy the sight where the hid the disease to depopulate

  3. The creator of the guide stones said they should be capable of “withstanding catastrophic events”

  4. I never understood that calm. Its always looked unstable AF to me. If I were going to, I'd just make a big ass brick.

  5. I feel like it could overall hold up to most local weather phenomena or a large blast if not at the epicenter, but if someone set out to damage it the task wouldn't exactly be rocket science. Around the 4th there's plenty of fireworks being sold I reckon, and even a few store bought ones could be used to crack a stone thingy if they were chosen and placed right.

  6. Elbert County, GA owns the land and monument, they probably took it down to avoid liability since the structural integrity of the monument was likely compromised.

  7. Exactly this. In the demolition business you'll often times get emergency calls for stuff like burnt buildings that have been deemed a hazard.

  8. Agreed. But the part I find interesting is that the explosion happened at 4am, and later that very same day they demolished it. Was that enough time to do a full investigation into an IED? Search forensics to try and identify or locate the bomb maker?

  9. Lol, well that's certainly a great deal. But the part that I find interesting is that the explosion happened at 4am, and later that very same day they demolished it. Was that enough time to do a full investigation into an IED? Search forensics to try and identify or locate the bomb maker?

  10. I think this collapse was a part of the plan. They wouldn't be trying to hide any evidence as there are already so many pictures and videos of it. They are preparing for the next step, likely involving the time capsule beneath it. This is far from over.

  11. Just learning about the guidestones now. Extremely enticed by the supposed time capsule. If we don't get some answers as to whether there's actually a capsule there soon, you bet your ass I'm gonna be there with a shovel and a pickaxe someday come hell or high water. I'm not about to just let that shit go unanswered.

  12. I guarantee everyone in the world would want to go see it in the next couple days and it is probably a risk of falling at the minimum

  13. We needed to demolish them to make way for the updated guide stones. The most notable change in the updated guide stones is that we are now recommending that the population remains lower than 499,999,999 because of that thing that Steve did.

  14. They are located off a major road and there is really no way to block off access. This is elberton ga. Granite capital of the world. This machinery is prolific in this area. The county was worried about the masses coming to see what happened and made the decision to take it all down. They were also not big fans of it. I used to live within 30 minutes of the site.

  15. The equipment to do something like this is all over that county, they literally mine granite and make monuments. I'm not saying this isn't weird, but come on guys. Also 42 years after it's built is a little late to hide the evidence.

  16. There's an organization who keeps this stones stand, those pilars has insurance, and this is not the first attack, they have so many copies of the stones... So... Keep going

  17. There is a time capsule buried underneath it. I’m curious if this is why “they” wanted to destroy it, to see what it says.

  18. I don’t think you ever been to this part of Georgia. There is pretty much a backhoe in every other persons yard. Doesn’t take much time for the city to get one of theirs that is literally doing nothing to the site. I will agree that cleaning it so quickly without Atleast trying to figure out the bomb part is weird. But then again, those dollar store cameras they have probably ain’t gonna get much info from them other than a crappy car type and color. Then again on 9/11 they did start clean up quick and was able to find a passport that same day.

  19. I also noticed they have 24/7 video coverage of the stones, and yet haven’t yet seemed to release the video of whoever placed the explosive. Seems a bit weird

  20. They pulled the stones down, they didn't turn them to gravel. How can they investigate when there are several tons of granite precariously hanging overhead?

  21. As much as I like a good conspiracy this is kinda not outrageous. Maybe the conspiracy is who damaged it 1st off, But it's rather common after something like that for A structure to be toured down for safety reasons are just to be rebuilt.

  22. Probably just structurally unsound after the destruction. My guess is the city did this so it wasn’t a huge liability waiting to happen.

  23. Some entity/organization using a disguised pseudonym with wealth and access to get these stones crafted into the right size, scribes and translations, money to pay for the bank to fund and ship it, money for land use/property, money to pay for surveillance.

  24. Watching the news, the city and county are the ones that pulled it down since the land they are on is owned by them. The anonymous guy who had them built had bought the land and then signed the land over to the county. Officials were concerned about the danger of the others falling so they brought in county/city equipment to tear it down.

  25. I love your Critical thinking and you have honestly helped me so much on my adventure of learning and being critical of the world. It’s even made me a lot of money from AMC and GME and none of this would of been possible without you! Currently prepping out here in the U.K. :) ❤️

  26. Search Dr Herbert H Kersten of Des Moines. He appears to be who most likely funded these. Someone did a whole investigation on it.

  27. Lol! How do you "get rid of evidence" of something so well documented? There are countless videos and pictures of what was written on those tablets, all over the internet. Tearing down the stones doesn't erase that. smh.

  28. Please tell me how a particle accelerator across the planet has anything to do with an explosion in Georgia, USA. I'm dying to hear crazy.

  29. I like the thought of the bomb being planted there at the time of construction and was on a 40 year timer, the time of explotion signals the time to open the capsule. Lol

  30. So we've seen video of the blast but it conveniently cuts out who ever did it? Now they tear it down the day it happens? Had the equipment ready to go?

  31. Nope, they wouldn't care about evidence because people are so dumb that they can only think what TV and tiktok tells them to think.

  32. AFAIK it was the government that went ahead and removed the rest of the stones due to safety concerns (the 4 on the ground held up a stone up top and without one of the supports it could collapse).

  33. It was probably taken down quickly due to it being a safety risk, it was unstable after the explosion and bound to draw in visitors who would want to see the site

  34. I think they took the stones away because they were structurally unsound after the explosion. They were at risk of falling, hurting someone. Occam's Razor: most simple explanation is the likely reason.

  35. But didn't people take exhaustive photos, videos and other information down about the guide stones? This doesn't feel like it is an attempt to hide things. It feels like a symbolic attempt to signify the end of something important and the commencement of long held plans finally? Or maybe I'm just a conspiracy nut? 🤔

  36. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely--improving fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living new language. Rule passion--faith--tradition--and all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. Balance personal rights with social duties. Prize truth--beauty--love--seeking harmony with the infinite. Be not a cancer on the earth--Leave room for nature--Leave room for nature.

  37. If it didn't have the first line nobody would have cared about these stones. Alex Jones has been making a big deal about them for the last 20 years.

  38. I kind of hope the government doesn't believe in "guiding reproduction"... The stones have no explanation for what that means.... and it could very easily be taken to mean something I think most people would very much not like.

  39. Conspiracy aside, I could easily see these torn down after the initial damage because it could be very unsafe to be around, imminent collapse type shit, but that’s just my thinking

  40. Exactly. They’re beginning to cover their tracks so they can swoop in as the saviors of mankind from the tragedy of their own creation.

  41. yeah i first thing that came to mind with all of this was that this was a message to ppl in general (which is kinda what the guidestones were to begin with) that it's their turn to create their own destiny. like an indication that we're in for some change soon. the guidestones are gone - no longer an excuse to use.

  42. Could it be R.C. Christian? The alias of the mysterious man that paid millions to have them quarried, engraved, polished, and erected. I think it was somewhere around $14 million U.S.D.

  43. The guy who had the land first made a deal with the city he gave it the land but they need to maintain it it was part of the deal there always vandalism on these stone but they always cleaned

  44. Government brought it down because it was unstable, if someone came to visit and the rock fell and crushed, someone could sue the state

  45. If someone’s doing this to get rid of evidence, it’s a little late for that. You can probably read every square inch of the stones from pictures online

  46. No and the state has excavators 🤷🏼‍♂️. The who blew it up and why they didn’t release the whole video is interesting though.

  47. I can get that exact machine dropped off at my house for around 1000 pound for a whole week . I could tear them down in 5 mins too . That part isn’t that dramatic

  48. It was probs the county works office. You can’t have those massive fuckers teetering or unstable. I imagine it was taken down w/ the argument “some dumb fucker gonna get killed & we gonna get sued.”. That being said tho, open the fucking time capsule!

  49. So the theory is: evil-doers built a monument to "hide" evidence of their evil-doing in plain sight. And now, choosing to demolish it, 40 years later, confirms they must be trying to cover up their evil doing.

  50. the county or city has access to that kind of equipment and probably had no choice but to tear it down since the structure was critically damaged

  51. Although it's worth researching, generally cities employee about 1/3-1/2 of all of the construction sites on any given basis. So.... in theory they could simply talk to a site and get a vehicle moved there in less than a few hours. Especially if something like this ( a weird tourist site) became a safety hazard on city grounds.

  52. Isn’t it a mystery where they even came from? Who paid to build them? Maybe the overlord lizard people are ever watching and immediately jumped on this to rebuild with new regulations on their current feeding habits.

  53. The Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind cause he was way behind & he was willing to make a deal..

  54. The Georgia guide stones are signed RC: for Rosicrucian. They are an esoteric order founded in Bavaria in 18th century. Napoleon considered them agent provocateurs. They seek a new world order guided by the principles of fairness, peace, and balance. They still exist today in two orders: one called Amorc which anyone can join and the other, which has continued since the original inception, is an optional and alternative degree/order only available within freemasonry. It’s members have three ranks. They refer to themselves as fraters - brothers. Although they were once infiltrated by another esoteric sect back in the 19th century called the Eastern order which in itself was infiltrated by a religious sect (ex Jewish) known as the Frankist, followers of Jacob Franks. These groups all aligned as part of the illuminati. However, it is alleged that the freemasonry Rosicrucian order has long since rooted out the external sects/groups from within and now exists as a continuous benevolent order seeking to guide humanity into a new spiritual age that has to survive through another cataclysmic Armageddon caused by war and self destruction. Survivors will emerge to build a utopian world if they adhere to the principles laid out in the guidestones.

  55. “Erase prior evidence” lmao do you listen to yourself? There’s evidence of it all over the internet. If they wanted to “hide evidence” why would they demolish it in such a public way?

  56. I'm 63 years old. I was born in this country as were 6 generations before me. My question being; What form of paranoia/inbreeding does it take to produce this kind of response to total utopia?(realizing you have ZERO idea of what that could possibly be.)

  57. Why was it leveled before they finished the investigation? No way they finished that quickly? Who leveled it. We wait and see if they go in for the capsule.

  58. The whole “erasing the evidence” theory doesn’t make sense to me. First of all, just because the people at the top would want to depopulate doesn’t mean that these stones are going to lead back to them in anyway. After all, it’s just a conspiracy right?

  59. I still want to know why theres no video of the explosives being planted. Idc who did it, i just want to see the CCTV of the dude planting it but of course the cameras allegedly werent working at the time…

  60. You should look into that production company, as I wouldn’t believe a thing that is said in their documentaries. The naming of Kersten came from a random return address on an envelope. They then talked to some third-hand sources and pieced together their own weird conspiracy about how the stones are being used by the new world order to genocide everyone with climate change as the excuse. It’s a bizarre doc and I’m surprised John Oliver actually gave it any credibility.

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