Is it jus me or is everyone ignoring the fact that the US economy is going to shit?

  1. The world is that meme with the dog sitting at the table as everything around him is on fire saying, “this is fine”

  2. Haha....I have literally had that meme playing in my head as I read through the comments on this post then here you are. Lol.

  3. Some people are in the denial mode hard. I asked my cousin what she thinks / does about rising price of food etc. She said “just use door dash”.

  4. Yeah, it's a total bullshit system , the city , county and state charge property owners exorbitant taxes to pay for everyone's salary and retirement. Like ,we're paying people $300,000 a year to stay home and watch Oprah.

  5. I sold my house November 2019. I relocated for a job. The guy I sold it to just sold it for $140k more. My rent went up $800 a month. I make $150k and my gf makes $65k. Even we have been hit hard. I can’t imagine making less. It’s going to get worse August / November.

  6. Probably for the best, I suppose. I don't know what your job is, but I assume the industry you work in is also seeing a rise in profits. Just like every other industry seems to be right now. So they should be able to give you a little more for your time. Sounds like they didn't see you as an important asset. Fuck 'em.

  7. I think it's quiet desperation. I think everyone knows it's going down and there's not a damn thing we as individuals can do about it. Just have to accept it and hope we survive.

  8. Literally no one i talk to even acknowledges the shit when i bring it up. I don't get it. Like it's fucking bad, i'm making more money than i ever have before and i'm barely scraping by, and i don't see it getting any better

  9. They’ll ignore it until regular, responsible Americans lose everything. Then our Government will proceed to bail out corporations responsible for causing the crash in the first place. It’s happened 3 times in the last 15 years

  10. They want the ones who aren't the rich elite and the poor, relying on government handouts, to start needing government.

  11. they were already too high. and charging extra for sauce. Who doesn't dip a chicken finger in sauce?? it's a racket. I go to chic fil a now because when I tell them to fill the bag with (free) sace they tell me how much pleasure they get in doing so.

  12. Stock subs are all over the economic turmoil updates but any person who just works a job and gets a paycheck seems to be oblivious

  13. Legacy media is definitely 'in on it'. Which is why they downplay what's happening, or yammer on endlessly about Ukraine (which nobody in the US cares about).

  14. Told people this a year or so ago and got called a conspiracy. So what did I do? Needless to say I’m very well prepared and it’s going to be a lot of fun making those people eat their words. 😂

  15. I've been wondering how the hell "regular people" afford my city as well. Rents and house prices are through the roof. I keep thinking we've hit the limit, and the limit gets smashed. How do people do it? Even if someone can afford $3000 for a studio, why would anyone choose to do that?

  16. I make a modest income. I used to be able to save about 400-500 a month. I no longer can save anything, and sometimes I pull a couple hundred from my savings to compensate. I could work more but I’m just fucking exhausted from being a slave for the entirety of my adult life

  17. I trade daily so I've noticed the impact since January. However, I do agree that a lot of people seem to not understand there is much more going on then just higher gas prices.

  18. I was doing fine financially 2 years ago. Wages and mortgage the same. Now I'm living off credit. Got about 2 months left. I'm just whatever anymore. 2 cards maxed out and one to go. Been just paying the important stuff first and whatever falls through the cracks, just oh well.

  19. The only explanation for it is credit. Goods are priced by how much people can afford. If everything gets more expensive then the only way the demand is sustained is if people are using savings or borrowing. I think we have 6 months left until demand destruction.

  20. Na I’m watching. Take a look at the monthly trends…DOW Jones et al are about to eat absolute doo doo this summer. I expect a sub 10k Bitcoin.

  21. I've been prepping (light- because I can't stand wasting stuff) for at least 10 years. We eat lots of rice and more canned goods than I'd like because of it. I keep a stocked deep freeze with meat and stuff my kids eat all the time, in addition to our large refrigerator.

  22. I have no kids. I have no spouse. I am currently saving a ton more than I’m spending. Live on enough land to farm also. I am lucky but the world is crashing and something must be done. This is what certain people wanted and now they have to sleep with it.

  23. I look at all these ugly apartment complexes that are being built all over and I think, "Who in the Hell can afford this rent?" Studio apartments of 350 square feet are starting at $1400 and up. INSANE

  24. I had to buy a house because of rent. It’s 2k a month for a 2 bedroom apartment or I can pay 2.1k a month for a 3 bed 2 bath home. the rates are killing people now these days.

  25. I tried warning everyone so badly over a year ago. They actually leaked the economic blueprint for what was going to happen back in August of 2019. It all came from a meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming with former FED/now Blackrock employees. They've checked off every box from that plan line by line, including Covid conveniently showing up as a way to hand money straight to businesses in the form of PPP loans. Hedge funds got hundreds of billions in bailout money March 2020 and not one big media place talked or wrote about it. They've had us arguing and fighting every possible cultural war to prevent a class war. The worst is still to come sadly. I can copy and paste what I wrote if you're interested.

  26. I can’t afford to pay $100 a tank of gas. I pretty much stopped all my luxury spending and am currently trying to save as much as possible when not needed, including biking to work for 30 minutes. I’m lucky I’m so close to be able to do so. Multiple coworkers of mine have also begun doing so as they simply can’t afford the gas either.

  27. Lol I'm an EMT in motherfucking NYC and I make just a few dollars more than that. It's criminal. 12 hour shifts make hitting OT super easy, but god damn it if the job isn't physically/emotionally/spiritually draining.

  28. It's gonna drop worse sadly. It's just starting. Probably be a quick 10% recovery followed by a massive drop. Not financial advice, but just the reality with what they did with the economy starting in 2019. If it isn't obvious yet this whole thing was planned, I can share tons of evidence proving it was and what's coming next if you are interested. Best of luck tho

  29. If it helps, it’s not just the USA. The UK is currently going through the same shite, cost of living through the roof and looks like a summer of industrial action ahead. One extended heatwave and we’ll be seeing riots on the streets again

  30. I think people notice and don't say anything because collectively we know there's no saving us or stopping it so just enjoy as little normal as is left for as long as possible.

  31. The real question for me, is why we wait to revolt? Why aren't we regurgitating this bullshit right back into the faces that fed us?

  32. Two companies own and operate our economy: Black Rock owns the public shares. Vanguard owns the private(this includes your birth certificate bond, social security bond, etc) Black Rock drives prices up to make profits and own everything so you can't.

  33. The us economy has been going down the shitter for 50 years. A blue collar worker, working a shit job used to be able to afford a house and kids. You save lives and deal with bullshit, you make the same I made at Starbucks as a teenager in the 90's, slinging coffee.

  34. Nope, we’re all pretty bummed out about it, all while the Russians who’s economy we “destroyed” with sanctions are fucking fine.. You don’t need to apologize for being ok. I’m a technology consultant and I don’t like to brag, but I’m doing medium, and I wonder how families with small kids are doing it? Eggs are getting to $5 a carton here in South Carolina, where we make eggs..

  35. Take a trip to Costco and get about 2 years of provisions. Do it now, use a credit card if you have to. They're not gonna let you know there's a recession/depression until it's way too late. Once a recession is announced the market will tank.

  36. You got paid $15.75/hr 2 years ago. Now you're getting paid quite a bit less due to inflation. And tomorrow you'll get paid even less.

  37. This is what frustrates me the most. If you’re not getting 20% raise every year (none of us are) you’re fucking behind in this slave race to the finish which is your fucking funeral. Oh yeah don’t forget to pay the worthless IRS

  38. no one is ignoring it, they're being told it isnt a problem and programmed to believe it. Whether or not you believe in that idea is yours to do whatever you would like with, but people are far to concerned with abortion and guns to care how much gas costs, because they are told to be.

  39. Its not that people are ignoring it. Its that they are powerless to change it so they do their best to go on with their life however possible.

  40. Could be that too. I know that's how I feel... powerless. Sure I can prep for the worst, but WTF are people supposed to do to change our corrupt ass government and those outside of it that are running shit in to the ground on purpose?

  41. We’re talking about it and complaining. Not much we can do. So stressing about it just makes it worse. What are we gonna do? Not eat? No! The companies know that so they can keep raising those prices past the inflation rate. It’s all one get even richer scheme while every working class person is down. I already cut off a lot of snacks cuz they went up a lot. I’m gonna be shredded if this keeps up.

  42. Here's the thing of folks can get together in the streets for abortions and sexuality preferences and raise concerns then that should be the next step

  43. You're supposed to ignore the fact that the globalist criminals are deliberately destroying the US. They even bought the MSM to help you ignore it.

  44. In my experience, EMTs are more knowledgeable than most nurses and doctors who are popping pills all day. Thank you for your service.

  45. By the time it really hits it’ll be too late. Americans are much too passive - instead of storming the Fed they posted FB memes and complained on telegram.

  46. Most people are distracted so much to the point that they don't realize how bad it is until they are up to their eyeballs in debt due to the rising price of EVERYTHING. The gas pump is the only thing that actually jumps out at them. For people who actually prepare and have cash set aside this is a golden opportunity to accumulate hard assets on the cheap

  47. Hey stop that, rn we are suppose to be talking about January 6th. We can talk about how bad the economy is when the mid term elections start. (Sarcasm)

  48. We make good money..But we have four kids at home. We still aren’t “making it”. Today I went to my local Safeway.. $9 for organic milk, $7 for peanut butter that wasn’t part of the Smucker company (wing buy because of recalls), $20 for something that used to sell for $12 aka a veggie lasagna for the family dinner. I saw strawberry’s for $8.99...

  49. That’s a lot more than I’m paying in Canada. Prices have gone up a bit here but I just have to vigilant about looking for sales but I’ve always done that anyway.

  50. We pull in over $150k/yr and it's not enough for the NY burbs. Aside from eating out, I don't splurge on anything. It got bad honestly pretty much when Joe got in. It got worse over the past few months. Oh, and our property taxes went up quite a bit during all of this. These fuckers have no shame....$80 for a fill up today.

  51. Been going to shit since the lockdown. And prior. I suspect a housing bubble first then the house of cards.

  52. left ems because the pay was so shit. i’m making 25% more now and i don’t have to deal with all the bullshit that is ems. fuck it never going back.

  53. Wow you make me feel like a wuss. I make 23 an hr plus bonuses and I complain all the time about how broke I am. You are a champ for doin what you do, and making as much as you do for it. It's a damn crime that they get away with paying you so little.

  54. That seems to be the trend these days. Low hourly rates everywhere. Forcing people to work long hours so they don’t have time to think of anything else.

  55. Don’t worry, the Feds will bail out big businesses and cater to oil companies and various health agencies in no time. Looking forward to how the little guy gets to be responsible for this mess again.

  56. I think the strategy here is to avoid officially announcing that we're in a recession because once that happens it will immediately make things a lot worse. The economy is like a jenga tower, and we've been moving all the blocks (money) from the bottom to the top for the past 30-50 years. The top 25% of the tower is glued together and held up by an invisible hand thanks to a lot of lobbying and terrible policy and they're gonna keep extracting blocks from the bottom while they can, but us down here at the bottom 75% of the tower are in grave danger of toppling due to lack of blocks. Announcing a recession will be the death blow to what we have left. At that point, it's guillotine time methinks.

  57. No, lots of suicides have already started my parent included some of us have been screaming I can’t do this again at the top of lungs to anyone who will listen for years and some just won’t do it again I’m scared to see my grown friends reactions, the ones who don’t really remember the past 25 years like I remember I wish more ppl would be honest and vulnerable and so we could find some solid solutions as communities

  58. problem is that you need to make it into jerky and put in vacuum bags if you want to have it usable when the electricity is cut and your freezer goes warm.

  59. On a fixed retirement income about 50 grand a year and I thank God my home is paid for. But ,man it’s fucking tough, not at all what I thought retirement was gonna be like, not eating cat food …yet

  60. I’m poor I have no income,I’m sick with severe liver disease,diabetes!I get a voucher for my rent but I gotta pay electric an everything else.I survive with my food stamps,if not then I’d have no food!I was homeless for about 3 years after I divorced but that was about 4 years ago.Things are bad for me know just as when I was homeless.I lose my apartment if the electric gets turned off then I’ll be homeless again but this time I’m very I’ll.I’m scared of what’s gonna happen soon!!!

  61. Thats rough, man. Just stay focused on the bright side of things especially for the sake of your health. You still got a roof over your head and food. Things can always turn around.

  62. I was doing really well a couple of years back but now I’m really struggling. All costs have gone up and my salary doesn’t match the increase. It’s quite difficult right now.

  63. This is all a plan to fuck us financially and it doesn't matter who you vote in, the amount of lobbying dollars walking into their office dismantles any representation you have.

  64. Holy fuck, EMT's only make $15 an hour. OP I'm not knocking you but, goddamn I wouldn't even climb out of bed for that let alone save people.

  65. Sucks having to live in a world where people suffer their own consequences when the information is accessible but willfully ignored. I stopped arguing with people about how they vote but I've never felt more self-affirmed that I made the right choice instead of the following the herd. In my head I hear "I told you so but you called me conspiracy theorist".

  66. I think about this a lot. Its a reason why I've hopped off Instagram. Everything show in most social media feels so irrelevant to the madness going on lately. It started feeling like you were mixed in a party with obnoxious people who don't see the tornado about to strike the house.

  67. Many sane people know, but once they speak up, the leftist crazily attack them to silent them. I say a post elsewhere talking about inflation, the "liberals" just evade all the points and make pages of personal attack to that guy.

  68. Half the population thinks the fed can just print more money and everything will be back to normal… Unfortunately it’s going to take a serious recession for people to wake up and realize what’s going on.

  69. Thanks to social media and 24hr news coverage of the bad orange man, people are distracted enough to not notice inflation. By the next 2 Fed rate increases, people will start to panic because they’re too dumb to notice it happening right under their noses at this very moment.

  70. What??? Literally everyone has been screaming about it for months. Not to mention nonnstop news coverage from every conceivable media outlet. No one is ignoring it. It's the number 1 topic and everyone is feeling it.

  71. There could be a comet crashing and people would make dank memes and masterbate as always- yes it is, people wont change until its too late, do your best to prepare and survive- good luck

  72. There's a few subs talking about the upcoming crash and a certain game stock. The bad bet that short hedge funds have made did not end in Jan 21. It was only the beginning...

  73. I make around 42k a year here, I'm lucky that I'm in the contract I'm in with a rent to own agreement so my rent price was locked in very low. Utilities are rocketing though with gas. As well as shelf prices. Eggs here are almost 4$ for 18 eggs with milk pushing 4$ for whole milk.

  74. i’m not ignoring it, just trying to act like it isn’t happening. i’m very aware it’s going on and i am entirely stressed about it but i’d like to think if i act like it’s not happening it’ll stop. will it? no, but it’s how i’m coping with it.

  75. Dude that is absolutely insane I’m just a carpenters apprentice with no schooling and make 23 an hour and you’re a full blown EMT. That doesn’t make sense to me you should at least be making my wage. The economy is complete shit. Even I struggle with my basic costs of living and I try my best to be financially responsible.

  76. Oh, it's 100% being driven into the ground. The Global Elitist Cabal wants everything and they're more than happy to sacrifice your well being and lifestyle to attain it. We mean nothing to these people; in fact they fucking loathe us and would happily see us enslaved or dead.

  77. Honestly, I am numb to the economy news. I grew up poor. Missing meals, no dishwasher or laundry machines in home, wearing shoes till the soles wore out, going without medical care unless it was literally life threatening poor. Now as a adult I somehow made it to a good life, considered middle class. But freaking out about losing my 401k, or layoff from my job, just makes me feel meh. In my mind I've been there, done that , I survived once I will survive again. Life goes on.

  78. MSM and politicians want to pretend that paying Americans trillions to stay home hasn't caused the economic disaster we're about to experience.

  79. I know many who are talking about not being able to bring their kids to ball practice. Its taken its toll. But Biden and his buddies will still live the good life.

  80. The people being laid off, the people who aren't getting hired, the cost of gas, the cost of food, the cost of housing, etc... literally everyone is talking about it.

  81. What exactly are we supposed to do? What good does complaining do? It’s kind of impossible to ignore, but there’s no use is moping about it. Just keep working, save money when possible, always be looking for a better job.

  82. Inflation cuts the work force, which means workers will then be in greater competition for fewer jobs which, in turn, means lower wages, and less leverage for workers. Among many other things. And I think the economy is a big story everywhere in the US of A.

  83. Depends on where you live. NYC? Yes, you will struggle. But there are plenty of cities and towns where you can have a middle class life on that income. Lower housing, utility and grocery costs make a huge difference. Although inflation is changing that rapidly everywhere.

  84. I'm "lucky" and my job is a party from outsiders looking in. But regardless it is work and *did* pay the bills, because I'm really good at what I do. I make bigass concerts happen, mix bands that matter, etc.. , and even those who pay us act like it's a luxury to be doing what we do, pre-inflation skyrocket bullshit we made good money, but now no one I know in this industry does. I'm not "lucky" about my job but I am lucky my landlord hasn't raised my rent. My promoters can't pay me more now, and no one is paying more to see a live show now. And that's not the general publics fault.. However it sucks being the best at what I do and barely able to survive monetarily. Shit's weird, but at least money is just becoming a figure on a digital screen.

  85. The system's greatest victims are often it's most passionate supporters. No one will ever do anything, they will always get away with it.

  86. Same as here in NZ. Most people are like ooo covid is over let's "get back to normal" er...mate...we're screwed!

  87. and on top of that profits are soaring. this is the capitalist hellscape that people have warned of. If only a handful of companies own everything they can just manually inflate their prices and their profits and there is fuck all we can do about it. Maybe regulation on monopolies arent a bad thing? Just my thoughts.

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