Why isn't the Media calling for Joe Bidens head?

  1. Because he’s nothing but a figurehead who absorbs most of the fallout caused by a shitty system full of corrupt politicians. Get rid of him then what, President Kamala? Why aren’t people calling for the heads of all the people cashing in with their media empires that make it nearly impossible for people to learn what’s actually happening in the world instead of spewing the same cherry picked divisive fear porn nonsense every day?

  2. Congress is supposed to do most of the lawmaking that gets passed to his desk to sign. The culture war bullshit has divided the 2 parties so much that they cannot have productive discourse with each other. Nothing helpful for American citizens ever gets passed but we get news pages filled with culture war bullshit that typically has zero impact on our day to day life. I don't want a president that uses a bunch of executive orders.

  3. It’s not cherry picked, this shit is his fault and no one cares no one is making nearly a big enough deal over this at least compared to if trump was in office then as soon as a democrat is office everyone wants to be like oh but he’s a figure head and has no real power, yes it’s obvious Biden has no real control but this country needs someone to blame right now it’s too easy for them to be like Biden has no control so there’s nothing anyone can do about it

  4. I think the only thing we should be blaming is the human species for being a parasite and consuming everything until we all die 👀👀👀👀

  5. My guess is Congress members own a bunch of oil stocks . Therefore they don’t see anything wrong. Just like public school shooting. Keyword “ Public”. They kids gotto Private school. Since I’m ranting we pay the congress travel and entertainment, how can they possibly know about inflation on food and gas? & Don’t get me started in healthcare because … we pay for it too 🥹

  6. ... and here in Canada. Went up to 1.98/ltr here in Winnipeg a couple of days ago. Many of the anti- Trudeau people are blaming him for it. I'm anti-Trudeau but this isn't one of the reasons.

  7. You guy's don't have oil like US does. But to make matters worse he convinced yall to sanction your majority of oil. Now you only get from the arabs.

  8. Who is quarter backing the sanctions against Russia? Which U.S. administration reversed the U.S. role of being a net oil exporter to being an oil importer? There are many causes for the increase in energy costs but this U.S. admin IS the principle cause.

  9. In california there is a "gas tax" that adds about 50cents to the gallon... That's just a state goverment thing, but it is one way politicians could bring the cost down... may be other ways if they put their heads together

  10. Also Trump literally threatened Saudi Arabia into cutting production because he thought gas was too cheap, and they're not increasing production because they're still abiding by the agreement Trump forced them into.

  11. Oil companies just posted all time record profits for the first quarter of this year. This isn't Biden near as much as it is corporate greed.

  12. For real - just downvote and move on, this is sub is so silly sometimes. (I’m also here commenting so, king hypocrite.)

  13. Because Biden has nothing to do with gas prices. Just wait until those companies post record profits...again, just like the last time they did this.

  14. They already are! And Republicans blocked legislation to stop price gouging. NY just did a tax cut on gas and it did almost nothing (went down like ten cents a gallon) because they just raised the prices again.

  15. Are you familiar with the mob that runs foreign oil? OPEC runs crude from Saudi to Russia. They don’t control demand (we do that) but oh boy can they stop sending us oil (driving up prices) This is nothing compared to the 70s

  16. Because it’s part of the design. They’re the later that makes it seem normal by gaslighting the starved and bankrupt normies.

  17. You want a free market? This is a free market, well controlled by a cartel (a group of entities that form essentially a monopoly).

  18. Has this turned into an anti American pro China sub? I see a ton of people who are getting upvoted for being anti American and defending China against any criticism. Seems iffy for a conspiracy sub to be a okay with genocide and government crackdowns.

  19. Probably because the president has almost 0 effect on gas prices....Congress not passing that bill to limit oil companies price gouging on the other hand will ensure that prices stay as high as they are now or higher.

  20. This has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Biden. One man does not set the price of gas for privately owned businesses that are currently posting record profits. People pulling this Biden did this shit are children. And I didn’t vote for the dude either.

  21. He is not hiding the fact that he is actively hurting the oil and gas companies. His policies have had a direct effect on prices of gasoline in the name of saving the environment. You're repeating talking points and not just seeing for yourself or listening to the words coming out of his mouth in public forums....or you are and I'm trying to convince a bot / paid shill/ smooth brain blue baby

  22. No youre right BUT a lot of time, one party strikes down a bill because of what we call "pork". It's where one party stuffs the bill with unrelated shit that'll pass under the guise of, in this case "fixing gas prices". Now I'm going to be honest and say I don't know that is the case on THIS BILL but both parties have vetoed bills in the past due to the opposite party packing the bill with pork.

  23. The same way the last guy didn't have monopolistic control over COVID right? But the media still blamed him. What planet are you on?

  24. How do people still think it's a left/right issue? The media does anything to keep us divided. Liberal/conservative black/white gay/straight...you get the idea. Politicians are merely pawns, just like everyone in Hollywood. Right scream at the left for gas prices. Left screams at the right for gun control.

  25. As a trumper it must be truamatizing to wake up everyday and realize Trump lost , get over it already 😭😭😭😭

  26. Why aren't we complaining about soaring Gas Companies profits. Where is the personal injury attorney to take this case...

  27. This is how civil war starts you dumbass. Don't call for the head and instead be pissed with the engine makers for with holding more energy efficient engines. Toyota just recently released their dynamic force engine with 40% thermal efficiency. We have the tech to push a vehicle to hit 70mpg or higher. Hell there is already a car that exiated with this efficiency but due to it being not great in am accident it was not really purchased and lead to it being discontinued. America loves gas guzzleing big ass pick up trucks. Which one do you want. Pulling power with low mpg or less pulling power and more mpg efficiency? Your choice. The bad fuel efficiency in trucks is specifically why Eruope doesn't adopt pick up trucks besides the much more narrow roads in certain areas.

  28. See, smart people saw the last gas crunch when everyone sold off their trucks and hummers and didn’t go and buy a gas guzzler.

  29. Because high gas prices are the goal. It will push us onto buses and trains since most people can’t afford a Tesla.

  30. Comments on this post are toxic shit, and you’ve got your head under a rock if you think this is any presidents fault. Decisions were made before Biden was president which set this in motion. It is a result of missteps by the federal reserve during covid, and a refusal by OPEC to increase production to lower the price.

  31. Oh this one is easy. Because he isn’t the reason gas is high and they aren’t fucking stupid looking to scapegoat random people. If we blame Biden then why don’t we blame your mom? Or mine? Or Clint Eastwood? Or fucking aliens?!

  32. Man. When the economy and supply chain finally reacts to all the nonsense going on right now it's going to be an unprecedented collapse. The mass printing of money, inflation, food facilities burning down, gas prices, etc. The deaths from that will make Covid/vaccine look like child's play.

  33. Because the president doesn't control worldwide gas prices or even gas prices in the US. Anyone who understands basic economics would understand that we'd have these prices regardless of who was president.

  34. He makes no calls… none of them do. Military and Wall St do. It doesn’t matter whose in the engine, the train just runs and smashes and grinds. Nations are corporations and we are all expendable employees.

  35. Because the president doesn’t control the gas prices… some of y’all don’t know how the govt actually works lmaoo

  36. Because the president doesn't control gas prices. Oil companies are trying to screw Biden by gouging because they want no holds barred planetary destruction as long as it works for the shareholders.

  37. Joe Biden told you this was his plan. Donald Trump even said this was going to happen if Joe was elected. If you don’t know that then you are lying to yourself, uninformed, or have a mental defect. He blames Russia because it’s convenient. He doesn’t think you’re stupid - he doesn’t care what you think. He’s not concerned with you.

  38. The oil companies are price gauging their consumers, rather than do something the republicans will bitch and moan, when Democrats get a bill to the floor, Republicans will all vote against it, then blame Democrats, more news at 10.

  39. There are many factors that determine the price of gas at the pumps. Presidential politics is not one of them. This is a worldwide problem. How is Joe Biden responsible for the price of petrol in the UK or Germany?

  40. Because I work from home and have a hybrid. I could live with higher gas prices if it means the Russian government suffers more.

  41. Gas at record levels (this gas station is around the corner from my place. Not at all Beverly hills or anything)

  42. So what you're saying is every world leader should be fired and replaced with new world leaders that will still have no power over oil companies.

  43. Guys, this is all because of people volunteering into using counterfeit currency disguised as money which is actually based on the credit of the people. Credibility which is quickly dissolving.

  44. Shit is crazy. Saw a guy put over $160 in his truck the other day. Fuckin wild driving a truck right now.

  45. I know the answer! - Because the President of the United States (regardless on party) does not, in fact, control the price of fuel. The cost of fuel is dependent on many factors, however, and you would do well to educate yourself on the subject before you lay blame at the feet of one person:

  46. You know you got a good post when the bots start posting: ORANGE MAN BAD! Imagine thinking 3 years after an election, and a bunch of sanctions later, ORANGE MAN IS SOOOO BAD he can cause your gas prices to skyrocket. Imagine if Orange Man was in office, if the media would stay silent. Don't forget, you need to sacrifice a little more at the pump so Ukrainians can go die trying to oppress the ethnic Russians in their country.

  47. I don’t understand why Biden or others haven’t tried to pressure OPEC to pump more gas. Saudi isn’t the best country but there are reasons to have a good relationship with them.

  48. I seriously have yet to see a single democrat, ONE single democrat say this is bad. Even the poor leftists who can’t make rent seem to think this is good for the country.

  49. When Trump sends Biden packing in 2024 the MSM will from day one play up inflation an high gas prices and say he's doing nothing to lower them.

  50. Damn you sleepy Brandon! The entire planet is drowning in high gas prices! Why would he do this to everyone🤔 /s

  51. Well why would they be? This is trumps fault, of course. He was Putin‘s puppet, and enabled Russia to invade Ukraine. Hence the current gasoline situation. It always, always goes back to Trump. And always will.. when he’s dead and gone, it will still be his fault

  52. Why did first day biden cut the pipeline all the jobs why did he kill all the oil leases on federal land why did we go from exporting fuel to relying on a country we are fueding with over a country no one in America has shit to do with besides the swamp creatures that are visiting an active war zone for photo shoots and God knows what else. Why right after Biden got into office and wanted to undo all trumps doings .....for what because you hate trump or you hate America as we knew when people could afford to work and afford food.gas prices dont matter to swamp creatures they make double triple quadrupole their salaries bc they're all crooked money hungry. JUST REMEMBER before the depression hit it started with extreme homelessness tent cities popping up all over......idk if y'all looked around but we are not far so regardless trump or Biden ....regardless dem or rep. Something needs done before we are out of time and all us normal folks are fucked. They wont suffer we will.

  53. It is a conspiracy if they don't ridicule and blame this president the way they would have the last president if the same shit was going down on his watch.

  54. The media forced their brain-dead libtard cronies to hate republicans so much they put a dementia patient in the White House. Now they can watch as the economy collapses, and shift blame.

  55. It doesn't and shouldnt take the media to do that. Maybe one day Americans will wake up and realize there are more of us then them!

  56. All the Biden dick riders saying he doesn’t control prices bc the rest of the world is experiencing inflated fuel costs. The Biden administration shut down multiple drilling contracts across the US mostly in Alaska & Texas. Now we have to buy oil via foreign export which means less for you.

  57. These current gas prices are fucking insane. Just reached over $5 a gallon where I'm at for the first time in the history of gasoline. Can't say I didn't see it coming since the moment MSM announced Beijing Biden as the winner of the election but it doesn't make it any easier to accept. Heads deserve to roll for this entire mess.

  58. Lol I’ve asked that question when an entire class of little kids got murdered, but yeah man, gas prices. But what do I know, I’m not American (thank god)

  59. Fuck big oil too. Biden didn't take away any leases they had 2 years ago. They can produce more with what they have. This is a financial/political strategy for them. It is fucked up if you think about how much power they have. Oil is the lifeblood of the economy and our way of life.

  60. I am convinced that nothing major will ever change unless you disrupt the status quo. As long as most still have a job, a roof over their heads, and still receive the government checks/allowances, things will remain the same. It's been interesting that the mandate for vaccines weren't attached to government payments. I mean, that should get the disabled/poor/granny to get the shot!

  61. You haven’t figured out he’s a puppet of the globalist cabal yet???!!! Who the fck do you think is running your country ? Research WEF… wake the fck up!!!!!

  62. Because its happening in every country in the world, here in the UK its more per gallon than you lot, and it's corporations once again profiteering of us, one isn't responsible for it, just like under trump he wasn't responsible for everything that went on

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