My Anecdote of How I Lost Trust in Doctors

  1. Your average GP is not an expert in anything. They are the baristas of science. No disrespect meant in this statement, it is impossible for anyone to know everything about everything. This is in every field.

  2. Doctors go by what they are taught and indoctrinated to believe. Some of the misinformation they're taught causes so much more harm than they can ever imagine. Their ego and "education " makes them right about everything.

  3. Doctors were also told Oxys are not habit forming and Cipro has no dangerous side effects so you can prescribe it for colds... Big pharma is out of control and allowed to self regulate. They have sales reps who have no background in or knowledge of medicine aggressively hawking their snake oil. Fast tracking this vaccine to market will be regarded as a public health disaster by future generations I'd wager. The efficacy isn't even that great. What really pisses me off is that this was essentially just a global SARS outbreak. Something they've known was coming since 2002-2003. No preparation at all for this almost certain eventuality...

  4. Your doctor, listening to your input, looking it up for herself, and acknowledging her error, has more integrity than many doctors, who would just let your claim go in one ear and out the other and write you off as an anti-vaxxer.

  5. Not sure where you are from, but in the U.S. it was called a viral vector vaccine, and they explained it just like you did right now. I was waiting for an attenuated or subunit vaccine, but I guess that’s never happening.

  6. SS: my personal story of the medical establishment outright lying to my face and how disinformation is being spread via DRs involuntarily based on confusing messaging from a (in my opinion) malicious media/pharmaceutical enterprise.

  7. I found it interesting that my GP would not do covid testing in his office, vaccines, and see covid patients in his office. So he pretty much outsourced all that to others and we see how that played out. He's going to come out clean in this.

  8. Interestingly, most Doctors here in the Us were not given access to Covid vaccines or tests. I remember it being explained as a storage issue. Somehow those pop up vaccine tents had better storage capability than a medical facility? That doesn’t make sense to me. Also, it’s weird we entrusted pharmacy techs to administer a novel vaccine with sensitive temperature needs to the masses, especially once we saw the amount of allergic reactions happening post shot.

  9. I think most medical professionals trust that those in positions above them are telling them the truth. They don't do their own research. They have their trusted resources and whatever those resources say is what they follow.

  10. Do you mind asking your husband if the amount of formaldehyde produced by aspartame in an average cup of coffee using artificial sweetener is something the average body can safely metabolize?

  11. In response to your first section of text, what other option do they have? There is no way they could perform trials of every drug for every illness, or try alternate methods of help. Their job is literally to trust their resources and give diagnosis and suggest treatment based on those resources. I dont think we can blame them for that

  12. Great story. I'm convinced doctors are just like any other profession. There's a few that are amazing critical thinkers who will test their own hypothesis (~10%). Most just do whatever they were taught or told (~70%). Then some just regurgitate whatever sounds bites they have heard along the way (~20%).

  13. I went to a dermatologist a few months ago, she looked at a pimple on the back of my neck, and just immediately perscribed cream and said “from now on you can just call if that doesn’t work”… no asking about diet, exercise, how much i sweat. No questions like that at all. Just a prescription and on the way. I was honestly baffled

  14. I lost trust in docs a while back, even before covid. I was suspecting that I was infected with a fluke from having unprotected sex and I asked if she wanted to order HydroxyChloroquine and she almost sent me straight to a mental institute and sinds that day the deworm pils, which used to be lying in the shelves, were taken out of the shelves…. Wormspiracy is real! She said there is no way worms can spread through sex and asked about my drug use 🤣

  15. Wormspiracy certainly is real. One of the most life changing rabbit holes i have ever gone down. Being infected with a parasite is way beyond more common than most people could ever understand and once you get to that understanding you realize doctors are not informed enough to help treat all the common issues so many people are having.

  16. i know more about my body than my doctor because im living it. The only time i would ever trust doctors is to do surgeries, but not to diagnose things like when i feel like throwing up or coughing

  17. For the most part, FP doctors and hospitalists are going to have to answer for their crime of not looking at the science, just completely going with the CDC no early treatment and use of Remdesevir. My doctor told me I would kill old people if I didn’t get the jab, even though he knew I already had Covid.

  18. I had a doctor prescribe me Sertraline for sleeping issues. Not only was I not depressed, but Sertraline actually causes sleeping issues.

  19. Almost anyone who can plod through 12 years of primary school, 4 years of university, 4 years of medical school and then however many years of internship is just that, a plodder. They follow the beaten path putting one step in front of the other the whole way. Nothing wrong with that, but dont expect more of them than what they have been told by whomever they hold as an authority. If you find one that can think on his own you better buy a lottery ticket.

  20. I thought you are in the photoshop industry for 21 years? Did you just forget the storys from your other comments or did you forget to switch accounts? Either way, not only is you statement false in the text above about the Adenovirus based vaccines, you are also a lier about your own storys.

  21. I was obviously joking. I even mentioned in that comment “I can make things up too” meaning I’m lying. Weird how you try to character assassinate like that, did I hit a nerve or something? This is a true story and I appreciate everyone who read it.

  22. I’m slightly confused by this, the mRNA vaccines do not affect DNA in any way. No DNA code is implanted into the cell. mRNA cannot combine with DNA and alter the cell. I don’t really know why DNA is mentioned at all when it’s not really relevant, seems like a scare tactic and a bit of a trigger word for people who are not scientifically literate. If you could expand on your point that would be awesome. Have a degree in biochemistry if that has any relevance so I am also scientifically literate.

  23. Who gives a fuck dumb ass. Dude it’s been checked by an insane amount of people it would be impossible for someone to keep this conspiracy under wraps if the vaccine was actually bad.

  24. there wereat last 200 million deaths by a medical mafia over last 60 years. And some folks (well over 70% ) still trust them?

  25. That seems a pretty immature response, to broadly generalize all GP’s as untrustworthy, based upon your described experience. There are plenty of physicians on the right side of the argument, even if she isn’t. Same for the people that claim that physicians are only concerned with money, or any profession for that matter. Character is not defined by profession. To make such broad generalizations is indicative of the naive and childish.

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