When everyone is looking up. Keep your eyes in the ground. Just a reminder: Pfizer documents the FDA wanted sealed until 2097, are being released today.

  1. I work with SAS, but as others have said it's not really useful to see the code unless you know what library it's referencing.

  2. Found on a post by a pharmacist/medical writer: "All companies use the MeDRA coding dictionary. If they picked high-level terms, that will pull all sub-terms from the coding dictionary."

  3. In the UK the media has conveniently forgotten about the fact that our prime minister is currently under police investigation for breaking rules that he put in place.

  4. Tbf, what Johnson did was actually a good thing. Next time no one will follow the rules, since the ones that make the rules don't follow them either.

  5. Might be heavily redacted, or missing important pages… don’t get too excited about what they actually release. They know every loophole in the book, and definitely invented many of them

  6. Yeah. If we can't get the names of every pedophile who went to that island. We sure as hell aren't gonna get the full story of this.

  7. Sorry a bit out of the loop here... what's the point of the documents if they can just redact most of it? Why are they redacted and what allows them to do that?

  8. Further to that: Doctors have been refusing to acknowledge/report adverse events. Why would Pfizer have reliable and complete information on the matter?

  9. Pfizer's reported net income for 2019 was $16.2 billion, up 46% year-over-year ... yeah...almost bankrupt...sure....

  10. Lifelong health professionals urge and explain the importance of vaccines yet thousands continue to say “well some random internet strangers on Reddit told me it’s going to kill me!”

  11. Does Pfizer get to redact information from these documents? Also, do they get to choose which documents get released when over these next few months?

  12. It's too bad there are so many useless comments here. Drowning out anything someone has to say that is actually insightful...

  13. 👏🏻👏🏻 you are right. Where can we find the Pfizer documents when they’re released??? Let’s stay on this

  14. To sum it up, Freeland was caught holding a nazi banner, government is trying to pass bill S-233 (UBI) and Bill C-11 (Internet Censorship).

  15. Something interesting I noted was this document from January 31, 2022. What the hell does this mean? I thought it had been, Fully approved by the FDA for children 12 and older.” This document quite clearly states the EUA will be extended.

  16. Yes, Putin started a war to help an American company cover up their mess. This definitely makes sense. You are very smart.

  17. I think it's more about the fact that they will just ignore this entirely and just focus on Russia instead. Same thing when they didn't focus on Snowden at all or what he revealed, whenever it was brought up it was just like he's a traitor or he's running off to Russia. Obviously they can't have a well-rounded series of news, that would just be absurd and make too much sense!

  18. Curious that so many people who are mad that the Ukraine invasion is dominating the headlines are not mad at the guy who is doing the invading….

  19. Yeah none is saying Covid is done, most Health Institutions keep sending Covid data and working, so offensive to people actually working on Covid still

  20. Real question for the people here: what happens if you're proven wrong? What if these documents show a perfectly safe and (reasonably) effective vaccine just like the data coming in from health authorities around the world? I'm genuinely curious if anyone is even open to have their minds changed, or if this entire sub is a lost cause.

  21. Definitely the first option. If this sub has taught me anything, it's that conspiracy theorists are a reasonable bunch.

  22. I really don't hink we can know for sure WHAT Mrna delivery is going to do for the next 5 years at least.....there have been no long term studies, those who got the shot ARE the studies....I mean, that's science right there....long term does in fact mean something, many drugs have been taken off the market after approval for use due to side effects that were not known...

  23. Why warn Pfizer investors about "unfavorable pre-clinical, clinical or safety data" if it's safe and effective? You don't do that unless you expect the stock to drop.

  24. So far they do NoT have listed ALL the side effects that the test subjects claimed in a senate hearing. They said they were only given a selection no where to put other. It’s as if they did not want to include any other side effects.

  25. Watch “Wag the dog” with Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman if you want to see what’s going down right now.

  26. It truly doesn't matter. There is still such a massive faction of society that can't even figure out that covid 19 came from a lab in Wuhan. They couldn't possibly understand this without CNN to tell them its a nothing burger anyways.

  27. The world is bigger than the USA, I think thats what the problem is. People are too thick to think past what is directly around them.

  28. The numbers get real interesting when you take into the fact the 91% of england is vaxed. Why wouldn't this article take that number in to account when they're displaying their data?

  29. IN THIS THREAD: people crying “huh huh guess covid is over.” Why? Because they are so terminally self-absorbed, they assume if they personally go a couple days without reading any covid news, then it means all media outlets must have stopped covering the story. SEE ALSO: people who don’t read newspapers

  30. It’s a part of the human psychology it seems. It’s so easy to forget what you stand for when you’re clouded by your own biases etc

  31. The FDA didn't want them sealed until 2097. Yhats a mischaracterosation of sworn legal testimony. They said their FOIA department had 10 staff and it would take until 2097, with monthly releases all along the way, to release all 450,000 documents requested.

  32. Germany is all about Ukraine this and that but has conveniently forgotten to give us back the rights they stripped from us. I guess we are supposed to just forget about that?

  33. The conversation I had with my mother solidified my assumption that something isn’t right about the whole Russian invasion. She has been VERY adamant about following the science and listening to the experts like Fauci. She is also very vocal about gun control and thinks the US needs even more regulations. Yesterday she actually told me that she “doesn’t give a shit about Covid because there are bigger things to focus on” and that she thinks it’s “badass the Ukrainians are armed with AK-47s to protect themselves” .... I told her how hypocritical she sounded; she didn’t really have anything to say besides “no, I never said that” 🤷‍♀️ ok whatever, keep letting the news tell you how to feel

  34. It baffles me that people who claim to know the real truth are actually so far removed from reality. How has putin eradicated covid? Plenty of people are still sick and dying from it every single day. And do you honestly think that a Russian dictator who has been looking to invade Ukraine for years has been secretly doing it just to help an American pharmaceutical company? Or just that he’s decided to hold off on plans he until it would benefit them?

  35. Living in their own world, it seems. Lack of critical thinking, being so fixated on the one idea they have, that anything steering away from their point of view is "wrong". And that's just the way humanity works.

  36. Although the whole post was pretty dumb, that was the sentence that made me distrust OP completely. Obviously just pushing an agenda, zero nuance. It's not like we can't be concerned about the war and Pfizer.

  37. Didn't you read the post? The exact second Putin decided to invade Ukraine DUH. That's how cures work dude, open your mind a little brahhh

  38. You blithering buffoons don't realize covid hospitalizations/deaths have been treading downward for months, huh? Shocking that a nuclear power invading another country is a bigger story, though. Totally.

  39. The sudden war at almost precise moment this was due to occur is akin to WTC7 falling along with the wealth of paperwork inside that conveniently was destroyed with it.

  40. Am I missing something with this FDA thing? they did thousands trails and most of it is publicly available, certainly all the trial data in my country is published, what is different about this data?

  41. are you fucking insane, you think two countries are going to war just so a third country can release documents about a vaccine without anyone noticing?

  42. The war isn’t happening BECAUSE of the release of documents, but the release of documents could be happening during the war so that they nobody notices.

  43. Lol this is absolutely something they would do if they needed to cover up a global lie that is a human rights violation. They would get slaughtered.

  44. Cdc recommends men wait 8 weeks instead of 3 between initial two shots to reduce the rate of myocarditis adverse events.

  45. Every one knows putin is secretly working for pfizer and fighting against the new world order. It's sooooo blatantly obvious.

  46. I saw a video this morning about a Pfizer whistleblower that hasn’t had much of any LEGACY media coverage yet. I’ll try to link back to it when I have a moment.

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