RANT: Dear Leftists, the situation in Ukraine DOESN'T mean that Canadians protesting Vaccine Passports are whiney ingrates who should "shut up and go home". Stop using this war to de-legitimize protests against the tyranny happening RIGHT NOW in your own backyard.

  1. But this right wing echo chamber doesn’t care about your facts. They just want to push their agenda. Also, FUCK PUTIN. Too many of you red pilled jabronies like that power hungry little bitch.

  2. That’s what I thought too. It’s like they are creating something to be mad about. This post is just a guy arguing with himself lol

  3. It’s unfortunate that the loud majority of people speaking out are far left’s. But you are right we (as in everyone on

  4. "Dear leftists". This right here is the reason most people think these "protesters" are crayon eaters. You guys have turned this into some kind of political issue. If you're basing a medical decision off of a political ideology you're part of the problem.

  5. I seriously don’t get people who think like that. Like does it really need to get to the point of Ukraine or Nazi Germany for it to be alright for people to start voicing their concern? Isn’t the point of historical context to learn from it and preemptively snuff out any tendencies toward tyranny before it’s too late? I always assumed “never again” meant you stop authoritarianism in its tracks anytime it starts flares up - no matter how much it’s perceived as small steps.

  6. The problem is some people don’t even realize it’s authoritarianism blossoming. They just see party politics and cheer for their “team”

  7. The problem is people voted for the Nazis. Many people today agree with authoritarianism and would love to see the unvaxxed loose their jobs and be thrown into concentration camps. There are people in the world right now especially online it seems salivating at the thought of it.

  8. Small brains can only think about one issue at a time. I'm sorry alot of people moved on to the next big thing but keep fighting my friend. Maybe they will thank you one day.

  9. Yea I’m sick of President Zelensky getting all the publicity for “courage”. All he’s doing is standing on the front lines of all out war should to shoulder with his people. Meh!

  10. Yeah that's not what's going on here. People have basically forgotten about everything except Ukraine because society is so dumbed down by social media they need the dopamine boost. This sub is either shilling for Putin or shilling for war, pathetic.

  11. Dude... I have pretty much given up trying to have a rational conversation with people, especially those online. People just hide behind their screens, scream derogatory names at anyone they disagree with and then claim that they're right, you're wrong, and that's the end of it.

  12. If it's anything like the past they'll say, it wasn't like THAT, it wasn't THAT BAD, Ineber believed /said that.

  13. you have to be severely damaged to compare Russia invading and bombing Ukraine to Canada stopping the protests. these are two completely different situations. and comparing anti-vaxxers having to deal with consequences for not taking the vaccine (in terms of not being able to do certain things) that you were warned about before with people being oppressed and killed by an authoritarian government is pretty absurd aswell.

  14. It’s kinda disappointing to se the seething condescending view this post and it’s comments has on people with a different view than them. I understand the frustration, I check a lot of different news sources to get a somewhat wide picture of what’s going on. But guys, all this name calling, talking like you have a doctorate in politics and an inside view to the evil groups behind this. Take a second, breathe, think. If you want to change the world for the better, what’s happening with posts like this is self sabotage. You are confirming to those skeptical that we are all uninformed angry outsiders. Crazy even. I’ve seen people ruin their lives like this. If you want to win, you have to be better than. Not rant with name calling and mostly no reference to proven facts. Just personal perception. Do something good to change the world. Give it some time, and I bet you can come up with a plan to do something good to change the world, instead of spewing hateful anger an discrimination. Brainless. Sheep. Ext. come on, you can do better. Do not be drawn into the dark side young padawan. Rise above. Be better than them. Hope y’all safe in this crazy world. Love.

  15. This thread is full of raw, seething hatred. This sub went from having good conspiracy content to non-stop extreme right narratives over night it seems like. This post isn't even about a conspiracy it's just OP being a seething cunt who fully and ignorantly bought into the tribalism being pushed by political parties. Sheep are the only people who hate their countrymen because the TV told them to. Mentally strong people know who actually deserves the hatred in this thread, and it's not this mystical giant enemy that OP has living in his head.

  16. "This isn't a right wing ideology movement, this is about constitutional rights!" next sentence: " these leftist ..."

  17. No doubt its a mostly right wing movement, we just get annoyed when they try to refer to the protestors as neo nazis, white supremacists and all that ridiculous bullshit

  18. It also has a lot of right wing partisans who clearly participate in echo chambers where they share everything with a slant against our current administration and get to the point where the self proclaimed “patriots” sound less about America first and more about fuck my fellow country man who may have a different point of view because they don’t see things they way I do.

  19. It's hilarious the hypocrisy of whattaboutism. Some people are totally cool doing it if it's making a comparison that puts their pet-issues on a pedestal. You're basically not allowed to talk about Bad Thing if Worse Thing is happening.

  20. Exactly! It's like saying sexual assault victims shouldn't complain cause Ukrainians are having missiles launched into their homes and citizens are being slaughtered.

  21. Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom while the crybaby republican truckers are crying about having to wear a mask.

  22. They arent even republicans because they are Canadians. And they don’t even represent real trucking because most Canadian trucking associations are against the protests, most are actually out there hauling goods and most are actually vaccinated so I guess the real conspiracy is why are these “truckers” violating the peace, stopping commerce and if they don’t represent truckers who are they.

  23. Tyranny is Ukraine: a dictator violently taking over your land, blowing up your home and using actual force to make you submit

  24. You keep ranting on and on but just giving in to the demands of a group is just more tyranny lol. How is it any different? They are enforcing something you agree with.

  25. If you don’t want to be painted with the same brush as the Russian invaders, then don’t side with Putin. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t equate your reservations agains covid measures with actual violence and oppression.

  26. It’s almost like the same operation feeding vaccine disinformation is also interested in making Putin look good. I wonder if there is some sort of connection there. Hmmmmm 🤔

  27. I've listened to libs call firebombing a federal courthouse a mostly peaceful demonstration and walking unarmed through the capitol building an attempted insurgency by terrorists. The left supportes protesting as long as it's their ideals they are protesting for. As I'm an independent I'm not saying the right is blameless, just pointing to the narrow minded view political parties take in supporting causes like protesting.

  28. “It’s like Putin started this war to make us forget about the Canadian truckers!” No it’s just minuscule and insignificant compared to what is going on in the world. I care about Ukraine fighting the biggest tyrant in the world, not truckers upset because they have to get a vaccine.

  29. Lol @ mask and vaccine mandates being called tyranny when an actual tyrant is invading a free, democratic country to take it over. GTFO!

  30. It’s the same argument as “black people in North America have it better than any black in the whole world, so stop complaining”.

  31. Canadian here, not a leftist, there is no tyranny in Canada, the large majority of illegal protestors were whiny babies. However I fully welcome people to go out and march and protest without illegally occupying cities/bridges. Just don’t try and block hospitals.

  32. Man they literally froze peoples accounts and arrested protestors. Our petty leader used emergency powers to get it done. That’s right out of a tyrannical leaders playbook. But that’s okay let’s let our government decide what people can or can’t use their money for and it’s totally not tyranny guys.

  33. If you say there’s no tyranny in Canada, I guess I don’t understand what you actually do consider tyranny. Like, does someone need to come on drop bombs on you before you can see that your rights and your freedoms are being taken away from you?

  34. Well, if you take the same position against indigenous people blocking rail lines or pipe lines, or black people in BLM riots, or Sri Lankans blocking Toronto roads with their protests about bad treatment in Sri Lanka (about ten(?) years ago), then that's fine. But if you give all those other groups a pass, then the hell with you.

  35. Canadian here. ^ this is a complete lie. We absolutely have tyranny here. Just to many people to dumb to know what there looking at.

  36. They just don’t understand that the people don’t just “want our freedumbs back” or “muh freedom” as if these people are uneducated . are trying to tell everyone what is going to happen with this digital ID that is being rolled out and what effects that is going to have on your freedom.

  37. Reddit is a bot filled echo chamber for whatever governments want you to talk about. This Ukraine wank fest is classic misdirection that people are falling for AGAIN

  38. I’m getting downvoted to oblivion or banned on the Canadian main subs just for expressing a difference of opinion than the paid for World Economic Forum narrative.

  39. Creating a fake emergency order to suspend the charter or rights and freedoms is exactly the kind of action that leads you to a tyrannical government.

  40. How brainless and brainwashed must you be to actually still think, in the face of 2 years of evidence and statistics, that the vaccines actually work & "protect" people to a notable degree? Or that they did fuck all for slowing or stopping the pandemic?

  41. OP is a literal cringe edgelord. His every word drips with the same self pitying 'I'm a victim' that more or less every alt right snowflake magatard exhibits.

  42. The protests against the vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the us-can border has been de-legitimized by people like you. The message is unclear since words like tyranny etc are being used. That have nothing to do with the original protest. If you want to send a clear message, go home, make sure the boundary between the old protest and the new protest is clear enough. And start a new protest.

  43. TLDR: People dying in Putin's senseless war but nothing to see there, the real issue is being asked to wear a mask? Buddy, better call a waaaambulance

  44. I’m all for hearing differing opinions, but this is a bit out of touch. There is a time and a place for vaccine mandate protests. I have friends who are trying to seek refuge for family in Ukraine, and people still have the audacity to act as if right now, the attention needs to be on people protesting things that are already in action? Alberta is practically removing all mandates as of March 1st, no reason whatsoever to continue the rally’s while the world is on the verge of WW3

  45. OP , your a whiner in a country whos "tyranny" far pales in comparison to what the word truly means. One day, spend one day protesting mandates or anything you don't agree with for that matter in a country under a tyrannical regime and see how quick your definition of the meaning changes.

  46. What they don’t realise is that things go from bad to worse one small step at a time. Your freedoms and rights get stripped away one by one.

  47. They need to fall in line with what their peers are entertaining otherwise they’d get casted out. Most of them are just children in adult bodies who are still stuck in the high school/college mindset. They’ll never give up the mental shackles as long they can maintain a life of false purpose.

  48. The hypocrisy was calling the protest an “occupation” and “terrorism” meanwhile we’re watching in real time what an actual “occupation” with violence looks like.

  49. You say all they had to do was end fed mandates and passport systems. They didn’t and still got the people off the street. The protesters failed it seems since they are gone and nothing changed

  50. The irony of using a parent trying to teach their child the importance of health in your metaphor for the US mandates is lost upon you.

  51. Dear rightist, you picking a side is stupid. You're furthering the divide. There's no difference between people as all human needs are basic and can be related to that. You're giving into tyranny by picking a side. Dear op be better

  52. This sub is trash now. Mostly braindead conservatives. Can’t believe I have to see a thread bitching about masks in a pandemic on a conspiracy board. Fuck all of you crybabies lmao. Fucking victim complex. Snowflakes.

  53. Also, the Prime Minister is still intent on enshrining mandatory vaccinations into the Canada Labour Code. That would mean everyone who works for a federally regulated company (ex. banks, telecoms, airlines, etc.) would be required to take a vaccine to keep their job.

  54. I have a question, do people who agree with this also use the argument that women in the west aren't oppressed because women elsewhere are more oppressed?

  55. I am a woman in the west. There are some legal systems that are sometimes biased for women (custody laws are an area I have seen injustice) just as there are occasions where systems are biased for men. I don’t think there are LAWS that oppress women here. I think there are women oppressed by LAW in other areas.

  56. Most modern media zombies will worry about what their mainstream news sources will tell them to worry about. That's Ukraine now.

  57. Thank you, leftist assholes here in Australia were giving us the same bullshit when we were protesting against our totalitatian lockdowns last year around the same time when the situation in Afghanistan was unfolding and they were using that to delegitimise our protests against tyranny.

  58. Why is there so much Ukraine propaganda everywhere? Can't use any of my social apps including ones intended for memes without seeing a litany of pro-Ukraine propaganda.

  59. That's the very reason they push all this Russia / Ukraine propaganda. What better way to shut down the protestors and quietly implement the digital ID system? How dare they protesting for their freedom when thousands of miles away there's a "war" nobody knows about but the MSM and Klaus' puppets who are trying hard make everyone believe that all of this is happening right now, without even hiding it anymore (footage from years ago, crisis actors...) that they're not giving up control, let alone stopping their evil agenda. Cognitive dissonance just way too far spread at this point.

  60. The events in Ukraine have nothing to do with the whiney ingrates protesting in Canada, they still are that either way.

  61. This post is hidden under Bill C11. This post is illegal under Bill C36 and you will be fined up to 70k. Both will be passed by liberal/ndp coalition very soon. Call it whatever you want, but we have to fight fir our freedom right now or lose it In Canada

  62. Even tho this rant may not reach its intended audience… it feels damn good to have my frustrations articulated so well

  63. Hot take: you are set in your deluded opinions about what freedom means and no matter what anyone tries to tell you, you are going to find a way to either rationalize your viewpoint and use "leftists" as a scapegoat for why you have a sad/angry internal dialogue and struggle being happy.

  64. If the Russians allied with Canada in order to place strategic nuclear weapons on our border, less than five hundred miles from our Capitol, would you US feel that an invasion of Canada was justified?

  65. Ummmm, we don’t have nukes in Ukraine though? US was part of not letting Ukraine join NATO to avoid conflict with Putin. So, what’s your made up stories point?

  66. Any chance someone could make a political conspiracy sub. This left/hate non conspiracy nonsense is/has fucking ruined the spirit of the sub. It’s been ‘brigades’ and has turned the majority of posts into right wing fictitious talking point laden non-conspiracy GARBAGE???

  67. They knew this whole time that it was disgusting authoritarianism and when the tide started turning against them they were just prying for something like this to happen to turn the focus. Fucking disgusting evil pieces of shit.

  68. leftist are self-righteous jackasses who think they have the moral high ground because the media told them to feel "passionately" about something that week- they actually don't feel or care too much about anything in general, and because they are lost, they are usually angry.

  69. Why aren't freedoms important then? And why is Canada so obsessed with locking everyone down still when the rest of the world is realising the latest variant of covid is a huge nothing-burger?

  70. Everybody wished yall would stfu starting about 2 years ago, nobody cares what you have to say that's why the mandates have been in place so long. In fact if you'd stfu about it maybe they'd go away but no you guys gotta be crybaby snowflakes and let everyone know how you feel so now they're just using it to fuck with you people and its affecting all of us. Thats why anyone who isn't alt right fucking hate you people.

  71. Well written. Its amazing to me that people have questioned the msm regarding covid response over the last two years and suddenly those same people beleive the official story about ukraine.

  72. It's interesting the trucker narrative was dropped just in time for the invasion. Makes you wonder about the real agenda of the truckers, which was to provide cover in the news of putin's preparation for invading Ukraine

  73. When posts like these make it to the top it only reconfirms my thoughts that this place is overrun by TD outcasts with partisan motives.

  74. Show me the adverse effects of the dangerous vaccine. Billions of ppl worldwide have taken it safely. Weren’t people supposed to start dying? What happened with that? Maybe explore outside of your echo chamber a tiny bit and you wouldn’t be scared of free healthcare you stupid fucks.

  75. Um you can travel across Canada, just get vaccinated. Or a car. You can’t go to America because they don’t want you because you don’t abide by their vaccine mandates. I have friends that just got back from the Dominican lol, stop spreading bullshit.

  76. It's not tyranny. There have always been compromises between personal freedom and public health; that's why you're not allowed to take a massive dump on the counter at Maccas.

  77. This post a absolutely correct, fuck anyone harassing people critical of the vaccine but still supportive of the rebellion against Russia. It goes hand in hand. It’s the forced authoritative commands and f anyone trying to take away anyone right to choose without unjust punishment.

  78. The war doesn't have anything to do with it, y'all we're whiney ingrates before this started. Nothings changed

  79. Was, is and always will be a right wing man baby parade, and this is a perfect example. And you sure sound like your pro Russia, which fits into your narrative rather nicely. Let me guess, your a big fan Trump!

  80. Oh now you're mad because the majority of people are done laughing and are now focusing on a real issue? Honestly, I'm glad we were done talking about misinformed anti-vaxxers.

  81. Hey so I hear Ukraine has conscription, when many nations have said they will accept refugees. An unwilfull soldier doesn't seem very effective to me. Conscription seems tyrannical to me but that's just my opinion.

  82. quite the oppisite, in Ukraine they would fight to the death over what Canada's government just did to the truckers - that's exactly what happened in 2015 in Ukraine.

  83. Well said. Too many people just follow and repeat what everyone else is doing, automatically pick a side with little context or just out of hate of the other. They act like they’re helping but really most of these people are just posting, reposting, commenting and hating on people they don’t agree with most people are literally providing nothing to help any of these situations, just causing fights, some spread propaganda without even realizing it.

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