70k upvotes for Russian Protesters on Front Page now. I guess Reddit loves protesters again? "Breathtaking bravery"

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  1. Yeah the protestors who are protesting Russia. You know, the country Reddit has been programmed to hate relentlessly for the last 6 years in the biggest circlejerk to ever exist anywhere. Of course they love those protestors.

  2. Almost like it is not about the general concept of protests but about what people are protesting for. Just because someone supports one protest doesn’t mean they support every single protest there is.

  3. There was a lot of people complaining about how Canada handled the free convoy on left leaning subs. Let’s not pretend that everyone went anti protest for it. Some did of course, but most were saying that they should be allowed to protest but it was disappointing that the one thing they’d stand for is vaccine mandates

  4. This is legitimately how this sub thinks some times. People here genuinely believe that the left wants all antivax people to die. In reality the left usually calls those people crazy too

  5. Protesting a military invasion where civilians are being targeted is a far cry from protesting pandemic mandates that were scheduled to be lifted in a month or two anyways. Also protesting in a country where it is illegal to do so is absolutely noteworthy of attention.

  6. No we must’ve just missed the footage of riot police descending on the truckers day one and arresting hundreds/thousands of them. That’s why this is the same.

  7. OP is too smoothbrained to consider that people support protestors or not based on what they're protesting for/against

  8. It’s not against the west, meets the narrative, covers up the covid bs. It would only be ok if they assumed there were nukes? It would only be ok if they assumed a terrorist they framed for an inside job was there? Russia just didn’t think of a false flag like the US always does before they go to war with a country for 20 years

  9. It's not "legal" to assemble and protest in front of Parliament in Ottawa, so that Trudeau can be photographed walking across the street.

  10. Yes because protesting being murdered by police, protesting an unprovoked war and protesting because you don't want to get a shot or wear a mask are EXACTLY the same thing. All three of those causes are exactly equal weight.

  11. I'm so sick of bipartisan bullshit from BOTH sides.. Would you prefer if that protest be suppressed as well?!

  12. BLM protests were about police brutality, not about overthrowing the government. The Russian protesters are anti war, they are against Russia invading Ukraine.

  13. A perfect example of TVs effect on the mind of a poor unassuming victim. Doesn't even know the reason why a protest was happening, and mindlessly agrees with whatever narrative they are given regardless of the truth.

  14. So because one group of people has their freedoms, the ones who don't shouldn't matter? You don't even realize the hypocrisy in your own statement. Largest protest in Canadian history. That's saying something, whether you and the media want to admit it or not. The only reason any of this was even possible for Trudeau was $600 million to the CBC and the repeal of Canadian Law 181 against spreading false news. Repealed by the Trudeau govt in 2019. How convenient. So what are your thoughts on the isolation camps they are building in the Yukon? Or BC admitting to over counting covid cases? How about the avg age of death in Canada from Covid is 83, but the avg age of death pre covid was 76?

  15. Please don't speak for Canadians again. We can use our own voices. Most Canadains want all restrictions dropped. Every time their was a poll with like 80,000 respondants in favor of this protest and barely any against the media would delete them. I dunno what social media you use where you somehow didn't see the support. You must have created a bubble for yourself. The actions taken against the protesters even less favorable.

  16. It's almost like one group is fighting bravely for their country and freedom from opression, and the other is a bunch of rednecks that voted for Trump twice.

  17. Only difference is the Russians are protesting a war, and the fact they’re protesting can get them arrested or killed while in canada they went on for 3 weeks blocking international borders and occupying our capital. It was a peaceful protest and the cops just chilled with the protestors (at the ambassador bridge, from what I personally saw.) those people were not brave at all compared to what the Russians are protesting.

  18. That’s why the black face prime minister had to end his emergencies dictator act…. If two protest were going on at the same time for almost the exact reason … invasion of land and invasion of personal choice (Ukraine is definitely more dangerous take nothing away from them and Russia protestors) black face ended his so he isn’t seen so eerily close to how the dictator treats his protests…. And then people start to connect the dots … *Canadians waking up to Russia protest : so sad what’s happening in Russia they can’t even say no war without being locked up .. shame if you have a different view of the govt they throw you in jail *lightbulb moment…. Waiiiitttt a minute…

  19. People support causes not "protestors". No one said people shouldn't protest. But There is a huge difference between "we don't want to send our kids to a war we don't support" and "whatever vaccine bullshit you want to insert here".

  20. I dont think you really grasp the concept here. Even Canadian government with nazi descendants and all is not as messed up as ruskis. They (protesters) ARE really brave to do so in Russia. People dissapear in there. Trip up and fall out of windows (google that...what a plage that is recently). They don't just freeze your accounts... they outright make you dissapear. I wonder if they harvest organs like the other bastion of communism does...

  21. I read 1984 like a couple of month ago, and everyday that passes on, i could really see how they got to that point.

  22. I'm interested to see how Putin handles the protesters. Does he freeze their bank accounts and forbid them from ever working again? Do they get trampled with horses? Does he refer to them as terrorists? Stayed tuned.

  23. It helps not being on the wrong side of history. Y’all really act dense but it’s pretty simple. If you protest things that are worth protesting, you’ll have a lot more support.

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